Things You Need to Know About Hair Transplant

Things You Need to Know About Hair Transplant

by Neha | Dec 23, 2023 | Hair Transplant, Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Hair transplant surgery has gained wide acceptance like never before. It can be said that not a single person out there is unaware of the term and it is a fact that hair transplant is an effective solution to hair loss. But it is as simple and as easy as social media or gossip projects.  The process might be easy to a professional, but for many people, it is real surgery.

Like in case of any other surgical process, it is always good to do your research before going for a hair transplant in Mumbai. That will fetch your data with side effects and will also let you know whether you are the right candidate to start with.

So, here are some key facts that you need to know before going for a hair transplant in Mumbai. 

  • Is the transplanted hair permanent? 

Put in simple words, yes, it is. The hairs once transplanted will grow permanently. It will not fall off or become thin post-transplantation. No matter whether you choose an FUE or FUT method, in both cases, grafts of hair are taken from the donor area. The most effective technique that can be used in hair transplant is the Advanced FUE technique.

  • Will the transplanted hair grow?

It is a known fact that the area from where hairs are extracted is called the right donor area. That is situated mainly at the back of the ears and the head and is not affected by pattern hair loss. So, if the hair of the donor area continues to grow, the transplanted hair will also increase. 

To ensure that the transplanted hair is permanent- 

  1. Make sure that during the transplant process, hair is collected only from the donor area
  2. Go for hair transplant from a reliable clinic and an expert surgeon
  3. Follow post-surgical advises and take medicines as prescribed
  • Will medications continue after the transplant?

It is not necessary to continue any medication for a lifetime after the surgery. That is because transplanted hair is permanent. However, you need to understand that a hair transplant is done to cover the bald area. You may still face hair fall in other areas of the scalp. So, to maintain the overall health of the hair, the doctor might prescribe some lifestyle changes or some medications to cure an underlying problem resulting in hair fall. 

  • Is it a painful process?

You need to understand that hair transplant is, after all, a surgical process, and a certain level of discomfort is expected. Steps are taken by the surgeon to lower the level of discomfort and to bring about a speedy recovery. To ensure your pain is minimized, it is good to go with a reliable clinic with the skilled surgeons. Surgeons working with the Advanced  FUE  method ensure that you are back to your healthy life within three days of transplant. Also, make sure that the operating room is hygienic and sterilized instruments are used during the process. Learn about the cleanroom protocols that are followed to ensure hygiene.

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  • When will the final results start showing?

New hair follicles will start growing after 2-3 months of the surgery. You can expect to see the final results after 10-12 months approximately. 

  1. Are you the right candidate?
  2. Once you are medically fit, there is no age barrier for the procedure. However, if you are going for a hair transplant and you are below 18 years, you need guardian consent, as per the Indian law. 
  3. Smokers are prohibited from going through surgery. They need to quit smoking entirely for two weeks before the transplant. 

This information must have undoubtedly helped you to clear all your doubts and worries regarding a Hair Transplant In Mumbai. If you think it is the right solution for you, look for a reliable clinic in your locality and start making preparations for the process.

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