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What Is The Eyebrow Shaping Treatment?

The Eyebrow Shaping Treatment is a painless procedure where light pulses from the laser remove unwanted hair around the eyebrows. During the procedure, the focussed laser destroys unwanted hair follicles, thereby preventing hair growth and offering the desired eyebrow shape. The laser light only targets the dark melanin in the hair, not the skin. Multiple sessions are needed for the invasive process as hair grows in three different stages. The hair growth must be in the growth phase for the treatment to be effective.

During the consultation, our skilled dermatologist will discuss your treatment goals, medical conditions and if you are taking any other medications.

Our dermatologist will check your hair (density/ingrown hair) and discuss all likely outcomes of eyebrow laser hair removal and any risks or complications, along with the shape and outcome of your eyebrow laser hair removal, in-depth with you.

Whether you have a unibrow, your eyebrows quickly lose shape, you feel your eyebrows are too thick, or you break out often around your eyebrows area. Also, you will be asked to avoid any recent sun tan as it can increase pigmentation in the area to be treated. All post-procedure instructions will also be discussed in detail with you so that you can schedule the right time for your first session. We encourage you to try our free patch test before starting the laser sessions.

We will inform you before and avoid waxing four weeks before your first session, as the laser has to be able to identify the hair follicle; in that case, shaving is okay. Our staff will advise you on everything from precautions to post-care of the eyebrow-shaping treatment

Our expert laser technicians perform this non-invasive treatment. Laser hair removal for eyebrows uses a focused laser light, which is directed onto the eyebrows after creating the desired shape by removing excess hair. The laser light is set at a wavelength that targets the dark melanin in hair but not the skin. This focused laser destroys the hair follicles and prevents hair growth. The laser tip for eyebrows is like a bird beak, which is excellent for smaller areas and midbrow. We rigorously follow all the treatment protocols to ensure that you get your desired eyebrow shape and are more than satisfied with the results.

Benefits and Results


Pain-free procedure Affordable
Soft and Smooth Skin Permanent Results
Eliminates the risk of scarring that waxing/threading can cause Popular Unibrow Removal Treatment
Waxing and Threading are not required anymore Hassle-free

Pain-free procedure

Soft and Smooth Skin

Eliminates the risk of scarring that waxing/threading can cause
Waxing and Threading are not required anymore
Permanent Results
Popular Unibrow Removal Treatment

Results: The sessions are performed every 4-6 weeks for 6-10 sessions.

Treatment Procedure

Threading or shaving the desired area 24 hours prior

Taping the eyebrow hair which are not to be removed.

Application of gel and start to deliver laser shots

Cleaning the area and application of post procedure cream

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Synopsis of treatment

Procedure Time - 15 Minutes

Anesthesia - None Required

Duration of Results - Long Term

Male or female - Both

Full Recovery - Immediate

Risks & Complications-redness, Irritation

Back to work-immediate

Results 4 to 6 Sessions

Suitable for - all skin types



Treatment FAQ’s

How Do I Give Perfect, Permanent Definition To My Eyebrow?

Now, laser eyebrow hair removal is quicker and less repetitive. Unlike waxing and plucking, it takes about 5 minutes to take care of an area around your eyebrows. It only takes a few treatments to remove unwanted eyebrow hair permanently.

How Many Eyebrow Hair Removal Will I Need?

Hair removal on the eyebrows will require a few treatments, depending on your hair type and skin colour. Sessions are performed every 4-6 weeks for 6-10 sessions.

How Does Laser Eyebrow Hair Removal Works?

Eyebrow hair removal works using Photothermolysis, or light converted into heat, which harms the hair follicle, eventually rendering it sterile. It means no more waxing, plucking, wax burns or ingrown hairs, permanently!

Will Laser Eyebrow Hair Removal work On Me?

Laser hair removal works on almost everyone, regardless of sex or skin type. But you will need at least a few sessions and one or two touch-up sessions annually to keep that stubborn hair at bay.

Will Eyebrow Hair Removal Hurt?

Our Laser technology is equipped with Dynamic Cooling, which removes laser hair practically without pain. Afterwards, you may feel mildly red and sunburned, but this goes away quickly.

How Do I take Care Of My Eyebrows Afterward?

You must ensure you do not pluck or wax your regrowth after your eyebrow hair removal treatments. But you can shave if you need to. But remember, waiting until the eyebrow hair reappears to have your next session is unnecessary.

Why Choose Metamorphosis?

We are known for our permanent hair removal on the eyebrows because we are honest with you. We will not give you unrealistic expectations or promise anything we can’t 100% deliver. To find out all about permanent eyebrow hair removal. Contact us now!

What Are The Risk factors Of Eyebrow Shaping?

The risks include redness of the skin and skin irritation.

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