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Skin Treatments

The Metamorphosis clinic offers the best skin treatment in India. The skin treatment procedures we perform not only refresh and rejuvenate a person’s appearance, but can treat various skin maladies. We provide customized treatment to suit the skin care needs of different people. Our well trained staff is able to create customized treatment packages for every client.

Many people suffer from dry skin. Although it is possible to prevent dry skin by applying lotions and creams, extreme dry skin treatment requires more than just creams and lotions. Apart from treating dry skin, we also offer skin whitening and skin lightening treatments. Skin lightening treatments can get rid of age spots, freckles, skin pigmentation and acne marks. They can also enhance your overall skin color.

Another skin treatment procedure that we perform is skin polishing. This is a controlled, pain free procedure where tiny crystals flow through an instrument that exfoliates dead skin and gives it the desired effect. At the metamorphosis clinic, we can also assist you to achieve skin fairness. Our skin whitening and skin bleaching procedures can lighten your skin tone by reducing the melanin concentration in your skin. Our skin treatments are also effective in pimple removal.

Our skin clinic offer several types of chemical peels such as the Jessner Peel and the Cosmelan Peel. These anti aging skin treatments address various issues and they can be tailored to suit your skin type. They involve the application of a chemical solution to the face or a few minutes. Over a period of a few days, the old layers of the skin begin peeling off to reveal fresh unblemished skin cells.

If you are searching for the best cosmetic clinic in Mumbai or Delhi, we can meet your needs. Our clinic has a specialised team of skin specialists, surgeons, dietitians and therapists. They have in depth knowledge about skin care and can therefore enable you to enhance your appearance.