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What Is The Lip
Lightening Treatment?

The lips are the most delicate body part that needs conscious love and care. Discoloured lips can affect the overall facial appeal and make you feel conscious of yourself. Our lip colour gets darkened over time due to sun exposure, smoking, temperature changes, dehydration, allergies or medical conditions. Metamorphosis’s advanced Lip lightening treatments can make your lips healthier again. The treatment targets these damages and helps lighten your lips. With our exclusive lip treatment plans, you can expect even-toned, soft and attractive lips! The lip-lightening treatment plan is effective for all types of lip discolouration. To rectify these unusual lip discolouration that becomes quite bothersome, treatments like Metamorphosis Lip Laser(Safe, US-FDA approved), peels, and sometimes, GlutaBeautydrip for skin lightening may also help.

What to expect during consult?

The treatment process always begins with a thorough consultation by our doctor involving an examination of your lips and an underlying understanding cause, after which a picture of your lips is taken before starting the treatment process. Depending on skin type and patients’ expectations, the doctor decides the parameters of laser and peel concentration.

A pre-care check-up is done before the treatment to rule out the chances of any undesirable reactions.

Our doctor will decide the required number of sessions and the time gap between each treatment with a proper treatment plan based on expected results, skin type, skin tolerance etc.

After the treatment, you will be given post-treatment instructions to follow up, which will help retain the acquired results for a long time, along with how to take care further to avoid the recurrence of the problem.

Treatment Protocol at Metamorphosis

The lip lightening treatment is a lunchtime procedure, and the treatment time is approximately 15 minutes.

The Treatment process is as follows: Cleansing lips with a gentle cleanser. Before applying peel on the lips, the doctor will first give a patch test on a small body area to determine any adverse reaction. If there is no adverse reaction, a good amount of our gel peel is transferred into a small beaker. Then the gel peel is applied to the lips with the help of a thin brush all across the lips and kept on for 5 to 10 mins. The peel is then cleaned and neutralised to avoid deep penetration. Adequate sunscreen is applied after pat drying, and you can leave the clinic.

Benefits and Results


Softer and suppler lips Quick Results
Improved moisture and lip nourishment No Downtime
Safe And Effective Treatment Neutralising Lip Discolouration

Softer and suppler lips
Improved moisture and lip nourishment
Safe And Effective Treatment
Quick Results
No Downtime
Neutralising Lip Discolouration

Results: The results are seen from the second session. A Series of treatments are needed at a gap of 20 days for 3-5 consecutive months, followed by the post-treatment maintenance session at least twice or thrice a year with home care.
Treatment Procedure

Cleaning of the lip area

Lip laser treatment for lightening

Lip peel lightening treatment

Cleaning and applying post procedure cream

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Synopsis of treatment

Procedure time-20 minutes

Anesthesia-topical or none

Duration of results-long lasting

Male or female - Both

Full recovery estimated-within 48 hours

Risks & complications-redness, bruising.

Back to work-immediate

Results-visible after 2 sessions

Suitable for - Dark and dehydrated lips



Treatment FAQ’s

How Do Pigment Develop?

Pigments generally develop due to excessive amounts of melanin ( dark pigment ) found in some body cells, called “Melanocytes”,. When these cells get damaged or unhealthy, they start affecting melanin production. Your body may make more melanin, thereby giving it a darker colour. In some cases, lips also get affected.

What Cause Lip Pigmentation?

Many factors can contribute to lip darkening, the most common being excessive sun exposure, tobacco chewing or smoking, excessive caffeine consumption, dry, dehydrated lips, hormonal imbalances, heredity factors, certain medications or medical illnesses like anemia.

When skin is excessively exposed to the sun, it may produce excessive melanin production in the body to absorb the ultraviolet rays. The skin’s defence mechanism protects against any damage to the body that the rays may create. But as a byproduct, your body or parts of the body tan and develops pigments.

“Nicotine” in tobacco causes melanin production, which may darken lip area.

Certain fruits such as oranges, mangoes, and pineapple and vegetables like onion, garlic, parsley, celery, and ginger have a substance called Psoralen. Photosensitive reactions occur when this substance comes in contact with UV radiation. The stimulation of cells generates an increase in the pigment.

Hormonal imbalances, especially during pregnancy, can cause pigment in some regions of the body, including lips, but once the hormones get normal, the usual colour returns after pregnancy.

Certain medications such as antibiotics, anti-malarial, antifungals, diuretics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, tetracycline and psychotropic drugs can cause melanin production. Some medical illnesses, such as anemia and Addison’s disease, could also be one of the causes of pigment.

How Does Laser Works On Lip Pigments?

The laser delivers an intense beam of light targeting specifically melanin. This light is absorbed and converted into heat, which may either destroy the skin cells that carry pigment molecules or by dispersing the melanin cells.

How Does Peels Work On Lip Pigments ?

Peels are rigorous exfoliants that break up the strong cluster of melanin that produces dark spots. Peels remove the top layer of the lip skin and allow fresh baby skin to form, free of any pigment. The newly formed skin is evenly pigmented.

Which Of The Above Treatment Works Best ?

Both treatments work on pigments equally. Both work on exfoliating skin. A peel can work on lighter to moderate pigment, whereas a laser goes one step more from lighter to deeper pigments.

After a skin examination, the doctor would generally decide if you need only peel sessions, lasers, or both to give desired results. The treatment protocol depends on skin type and the current condition.

It has been observed that the combination of both works wonderfully in the majority of cases due to their different treatment styles. One is a chemical solution, and the other is a light beam.

Are These Treatment Painful ?

No they are not except for minor discomfort.

What Result Should I Expect?

With proper completion of the suggested treatment course by your doctor you can expect around 70 to 80 per cent lip-lightening results.

Are The Results Permanent ?

If the skin is pigmented deeper, treatment may not cover it completely. The lesser the depth of pigment, the lighter the results comparatively.

How many treatments would be required ?

Ideally, there should be around 5 to 6 sessions, but the exact requirement would be only after a skin examination. The deeper pigment would demand more sessions.

How much time will Treatment take ?

Peel treatment would take around 15 to 20 mins.

Laser treatment around 30 mins.

A gap of 15 to 20 is kept between each treatment session.

What are the side effects ?

Minor redness, increased skin sensitivity or tenderness only for some time.

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