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What Is The Autologous
Platelet Gel Therapy ?

Hair Growth Therapy with “Autologous Platelet Gel” is a highly effective, clinically proven medical treatment for robust, safe and natural hair growth. For therapy, we only utilise US FDA-approved kits. We have professional experts with extensive experience in effective plasma therapy to perform the procedure. With our services, hair loss and baldness are halted or reversed with this treatment, resulting in good hair volume and increased hair shaft size.

What to expect during the consultation?

Hair-related problems can vary, so consultation plays a key factor. Hair plays a vital role in a person’s life, especially regarding your social life and inner confidence. So our doctor at Metamorphosis understands a patient’s needs and concerns accordingly.

Autologous Platelet Gel treatment is beneficial for both men and women. Assessing the amount of hair fall and loss is significant for a doctor to suggest the proper treatment. Results seen are gradual and over some time, so consultation becomes a key factor.

At Metamorphosis, our doctor takes your medical history, family history, nutritional history, medication history, surgical history and current hair care regime. A physical examination is done to evaluate the scalp for signs of hair loss.

Treatment Protocol at Metamorphosis

Once a detailed consultation is done, the patient is made to sit comfortably after taking the consent. The scalp is appropriately cleaned, and topical anaesthesia cream is applied for half an hour for maximum patient comfort. Meanwhile, blood is withdrawn and spun in a centrifuge machine to extract highly rich concentrated plasma. This plasma is injected all over the scalp, especially around most hair-thinning areas, after properly cleaning and sterilizing the scalp.

For some patients who may be afraid of injections, we use a derma roller to infuse plasma into their scalp. Proper cold compression during and after the procedure makes the patient more comfortable. The area is adequately cleaned, and antiseptic is applied to avoid infection.

There could be a heaviness a patient can feel, which becomes better in a few hours. It’s a highly result-oriented treatment. It needs to be done monthly for a minimum of 3-6 sessions, depending on the hair condition.

Benefits and Results


Non-invasive procedure Activates and maintains the hair growth phase
Safe, effective and convenient therapy Decreases hair loss quickly and effectively
Minimal discomfort Helps improve graft strength post-transplantation
Excellent results in hair thinning by increasing the hair shaft size Improves appearance and self-confidence
Increases blood supply to the follicles    Ideal for both men and women

Non-invasive procedure
Safe, effective, and convenient therapy
Minimal discomfort
Excellent results in hair thinning by increasing the hair shaft size
Increases blood supply to the follicles
Activates and maintains the hair growth phase
Decreases hair loss quickly and effectively
Helps improve graft strength post-transplantation
Improves appearance and self-confidence
Ideal for both men and women

Results: With this treatment, you will notice a decrease in hair shedding, followed by hair regrowth and increased hair volume. Treatment is required once a month for 3 to 6 months on average to stimulate the hair follicles.

Treatment Procedure

Collection of 8 ml of blood

Centrifuging in a temperature controlled environment

Process and collect the platelets

Injecting the prepared plasma onto the scalp

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Synopsis of treatment

Procedure time-45 minutes


Full recovery-immediate

Male or female - Both

Duration of results- long lasting

Risks and complications-pain at injection site, tenderness, swelling, headache.

Back to work-immediate

Results-3 to 6 sessions needed for best results

Suitable for- hair thinning/post hair transplant



Treatment FAQ’s

What Is This Method of Hair Regrowth?

It is called an Autologous Platelet Gel therapy procedure.
Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy is a new form of regenerative medicine wherein the patient’s blood is utilised, and the concentrate helps in hair regrowth.

What Does the Autologous Gel Therapy Do?

The treatment is used to halt or reverse miniaturisation, which leads to hair fall and baldness.

What Are the Common Causes of Hair Loss in Men?

Hereditary and hormone-triggered (dihydrotestosterone) stress are the most common causes.

What Are the Common Causes of Hair Loss in Women?

Hereditary, nutritional, stress, pregnancy, thyroid, and PCOS are common causes of hair loss in women.

How Does Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy Work?

The concentrated platelets in plasma contain a tremendous amount of bioactive proteins, which include growth factors. These growth factors initiate tissue repair and positively affect hair loss.

Is Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy New?

The technology has been used for years in surgical applications and wound repair. The use of skin and hair has been widely researched, and the procedure has excellent results.

What Are the Conditions for Which Autologous Gel Therapy Can Be Used?

Frontal hair thinning.
Areata Hair loss
Common baldness

What Are the Side Effects of Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy?

Plasma therapy is relatively painless and could have minor side effects like mild pain, temporary headache, redness, swelling and possible bruising. These minor side effects resolve quickly. The treatment has no risk of allergy or side effects, as your blood and blood products are used.

Can I Have the Treatment at the Time of the Consultation?

If you are the right candidate, our doctor can perform the procedure at consultation time.

When Can I Start Expecting Results?

Optimum results require approximately 3-6 sessions performed four weeks apart. Combining autologous platelet gel therapy with our hair regrowth program will optimise your hair growth results.

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