Chemical Peels: The Perfect Summer Skin Treatment for a Sun-Kissed Glow

Chemical Peels: The Perfect Summer Skin Treatment for a Sun-Kissed Glow

by Neha | Mar 10, 2023 | Chemical Peel Treatment

There are some solid reasons behind the growing demand for skin peeling treatment these days. Our team at Metamorphosis Clinic has already undergone so many such treatment plans and would like to provide you with the best and needful help when asked for. A light chemical peel solution helps in improving your skin texture and tone. It lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well. The results are always subtle but will increase with some repeated treatment plans from our side.  In case you are planning for a medium chemical peel, then you will be able to treat your skin and enjoy a smoother experience later on. With the help of a deep chemical peel, chances are high that you will see a dramatic improvement in the feel and look of the treated areas. However, the results are not permanent. With time, new sun and age damage will lead to skin color changes and new wrinkle lines. So, it is always mandatory to opt for our chemical peel solutions from time to time. With all the peels, the new skin might be a bit sensitive to the sun temporarily. Have a chat with our doctors to see how long you need to protect your skin from the sun after going through the chemical peel process.

More on chemical skin peeling treatment:

Chemical peeling is a skin resurfacing procedure. It is used for improving the overall appearance of the skin. The treatment involves the damaged layers of the skin, resulting in rejuvenated and glowing skin. This treatment is best suited for removing acne, acne scars, pigmentation, freckles, fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, xanthelasma, and skin discoloration. We are here to offer the best chemical peel treatments for various dermatic issues. Our process involves the usage of safe acid solutions, designed to remove the scarred outer layers of your skin.  To make this process promising, we will be combining different chemical peels like TCA and glycolic acid, which are applied based on the skin condition of the individual. We hire certified and best-experienced dermatologists to perform the treatment plan. They work hard to create a customized chemical peel plan, which will match your skin type, requirements, and goals perfectly. 

What to expect from our side during the consultation?

While focusing on chemical peel consultation, our team from Metamorphosis Clinic under Dr. Aparna will discuss the treatment goals with you to let you know what to expect as a result. Our skilled doctors are here to customize a treatment protocol for you.  After further examining the current skin condition, we will offer the right solution. We will examine you for any underlying medical conditions, current meds you are in, drug allergies and treatments, herbal supplement use, vitamins, and any other previous cosmetic treatments you have gone through. Later, our treatment doctor will examine the face before proceeding further with the right kind of chemical peels for the face. We will take detailed photographs of your skin and discuss some of the likely outcomes of our chemical peel procedure. We will further discuss some of the risks and potential complications that might arise while undergoing the process. There are different misconceptions related to the chemical peel procedure and we are here to resolve those queries. We ensure that our patients are able to understand the vision thoroughly when it comes to chemical peel treatments. They will understand the beneficial aspects revolving around it. We are always known to remain transparent regarding our peel products so that you don’t have any questions in mind. Make sure to book a consultation with our team beforehand because we are always open to new patients and covering their needs. Logging online will help you with the booking process, right from the comfort of your home.

The treatment protocol we follow:

There are some value-added steps we follow at Metamorphosis Clinic to provide the best chemical peel treatment to our needful patients. Let’s focus on the points to understand the details well.  First, we will clean your face from its core with the help of a medicated cleanser. The main goal over here is to remove the oil and sebaceous secretions from your skin. After that, we will apply Vaseline to cover all the sensitive areas like the corner of your eyes, nose, and lips for ultimate protection. After that, with the help of a soft brush, we will apply an even coat of the chemical solution, prepared solely for your skin type. We will start with the less sensitive areas like the chin, cheeks, and forehead. The applied solution will then be left on your skin for a certain time. It will harden with the passing of time. After that, as the next step, we will remove the chemical peel from your skin. As the last step, we will neutralize the skin with the help of a medicated neutralizing solution. 

The results from our side:

Once you have chosen to procure skin peeling treatment from our side, you will be bombarded with the best solution as asked for. Through our procedure, you will get the opportunity to improve your skin’s color, tone, and texture. You can also improve skin hydration by reducing your skin’s water loss. We will reduce the signs of sun damage through our chemical peel procedure. This is why chemical peeling is considered to be a thoughtful summer procedure to follow, from time to time. Our chemical peeling procedure will peel away all skin imperfections along with superficial scars. It helps in clearing the skin of acne marks and prevents skin pimples from arising again. Our procedure will also remove the dead skin layer, also known as stratum carenum from the skin. That helps deeper penetration of the skincare products you are planning to use later on. Our chemical peel process helps in removing tan lines, which are easier to grow during the summer months. Furthermore, the procedure is designed in such a manner that it helps in stimulating collagen, resulting in healthy and glowing skin. You can see the fast results right from the first session. For an effective result, it is recommended to opt for 6 sessions in total. However, this number varies from one patient to another, depending on the current skin condition. Book an appointment with Dr. Aparna’s team to learn more.

The basic treatment procedure:

There are different steps to follow while focusing on chemical peels for the face now. It starts with facial cleansing with the help of an alcohol swab. Then we will apply the customized chemical peels, by mixing different chemicals in safe proportions. Then, it is time for cleaning the peels and then icing the treated area. Lastly, we will apply sunscreen to provide ultimate protection from the source.

A synopsis of the treatment plan:

Our process takes a total of 15 to 30 minutes per session. There is no need to use anesthesia as nothing painful will be done throughout the process. As has been mentioned already, it is mandatory to follow a course of 6 peels for checking out the best results. Our chemical peel process is suitable for both men and women. So, anything suffering from tan lines, wrinkles, and aging issues can opt for our chemical peel procedure at Metamorphosis Clinic. You will enjoy full recovery at the end of our process. The superficial peels will show immediate results. Our medium-depth peels will take 3 to 4 days to show some signs and our deep peel will take 7 to 10 days to recover completely. There are certain risks and complications associated with our chemical peel process, just like any skincare treatment. You might face redness, skin irritation, scarring, or soreness after the process. However, these complications are temporary and will ward off within a few days. The best part about our chemical peel treatment is that you can get back to work immediately after a session. So, there is no need to take a day off just because you are opting for our treatment plan. You will see visible results right after the first peel. Another interesting point associated with our chemical peel treatment is that it is suitable for all skin types.

Who should not opt for the treatment plan?

Even though our chemical peel session from Metamorphosis Clinic is suitable for all skin types, as mentioned above, there are instances when it is better to avoid this process completely. In case you have a darker skin tone, then it is preferred not to opt for this treatment plan.  On the other hand, if you are pregnant, suffering from cold sores, severe wrinkles, or sagging skin, it is better to try other solutions from our side at Metamorphosis Clinic rather than opting for a chemical peel treatment.  In order to know more about the treatment plan and the process we follow, visit our official website now. You can call us at +91-77383 66708 or just email us your queries at and we will head back to your needs, as soon as we can.