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Skin & Hair Specialist - Metamorphosis Clinic at Bandra

At Metamorphosis, we believe in allowing everyone to feel good about themselves while bringing out the best in their appearance. Whether you are suffering from hair loss and all possible remedies have failed, or you intend to get that glowing skin where fairness creams make a fake promise, we can help you with your dreams. With a team of experts working together to help you look good, there is nothing that could disappoint you.

Here is a quick at our services  

  1. Hair Treatments-

Stress as well as multiple hair styling techniques damage the condition of your hair resulting in hair loss. That is where we come to your rescue where we offer you a diet plan, as well as products to use that, would encourage hair growth as a part of the hair loss treatment. Depending on the rate of hair loss, the sessions are decided upon. We also offer hair transplant treatment. As a part of it, using the follicular unit extraction (FUE), hair follicles from the back of your head are planted on the front of your head, allows it to grow naturally.  

  1. Skin Treatments-

Depending on your skin type, our experts would analyze the type of scar and other problems only then are the pimple scar removal treatment &  Skin whitening treatment is recommended. For this, we make use of techniques as laser resurfacing, chemical peeling, Microdermabrasion, IPL intense light therapy, etc.  

  1. Stretch mark removal treatment

To help you get rid of the stretch marks on your body, we help with stretch marks removal treatment such as derma roller therapy, Microdermabrasion, pulsed dye laser therapy, and fractional laser. 

  1. Laser treatments – 

Tattoo Removal– We use the Q-switch laser tattoo removal treatment to dissolve the tattoo pigments on your skin while allowing the cells to dissolve it with time. 

Hair Removal– Also, our Specialized doctors would help you with laser hair removal treatments where your hair follicles are attacked at the base to prevent re-growth.

Pimple Treatment

Pigmentation Treatment

skin whitening treatment

Weight loss Treatment

Hair Transplant Treatment

Laser Hair Removal
We are trusted by one and all

You will only have the most encouraging testimonials to fall back on when you are researching us! 

And what is it that we attribute our success to? There clearly are three very potent factors at play:

  • Highly skilled professionals
  • Access to advanced machinery
  • Friendly behavior of our staff

Thanks to our astounding success with all our treatment solutions, around 85% of our clients rebook our services, while 90% of them recommend us to others. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Regardless of whether you’re looking for weight loss or pimple or stretch mark removal treatment, you can actually reach out to us with all your problems.

What People Say

Our satisfied clients are our best spokespeople. Below, you can read testimonials written by current and former patients of Metamorphosis who have experienced the difference we can make in their lives. If you would like to submit a testimonial of your own about your experience with Metamorphosis, please contact us today.

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