Guide To Glow Like The Sun This Season: Summer Skin

Guide To Glow Like The Sun This Season: Summer Skin

by Neha | Apr 21, 2023 | Skin Treatment

With the summer months approaching  people are scared to get out in the sun. They are always afraid of tanning their skin, which is why so many sunscreens are already in the market with SPF as high as 70! However, checking in with the best dermatologist near me from our side at Metamorphosis Clinic will actually help you to come across some glowing-looking skin, this summer. Thanks to some of the probable steps, now you can actually take care of your skin and let it shine like nothing else!

More to know:

Even though it is true as per a skin care doctor near me that during warmer months, SPF is crucial. However, it is not just the only thing that your skin needs to complete the hydrating, glow-inducing, and protective arsenal.  Whether you are trying to plan your annual summer vacation with your friends or now have to visit the office for work daily after a yearly dose of WFH, it is vital to keep your skin all prepped up to have the best summer skin yet. There are certain points, mentioned by our best dermatologist near me from Metamorphosis Clinic, which will help you to attend the result you have been waiting for.

The purposeful use of sunscreen more than usual:

People love spending time at the beach during the summer months. Well, keeping your skin unprotected will result in numbing sunburn. You will not just get the unwanted tan but your skin will burn like fire as well. So, according to our skin care doctor near me from Metamorphosis Clinic, applying sunscreen before stepping out in the sun is a necessity these days.
  • Our dermatologists have repeatedly stressed the importance of broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher, right on the exposed skin.
  • Do not avoid your feet, hands, lips, and ears while applying sunscreen as it should cover every part of your body.
  • Applying just a light layer of sunscreen won’t do any good. In fact, lathering your neck and face with a good amount of sunscreen is the ultimate need of the hour, especially when global warming is on the rise.

The value of moisturizing on a daily basis:

Most people make this unwanted mistake of skipping the moisturizing part because of excess oil production by the skin. Well, this can prove to be a deadly mistake, according to our well-trained skin specialists.
  • Whenever you are not applying moisturizer, you are making your skin dry, which results in faster tanning.
  • There is no need to opt for the heavy moisturizer that you use during the winter months. But, there are lighter versions available to help keep your skin hydrated.
  • Always go for moisturizers, which will get absorbed within the skin instantly while also keeping it completely hydrated.
  • Anything with Hyaluronic acid within will work wonder for your skin, no matter what the type is. 
  • If the moisturizer has its fair share of SPF, it will act as an added plus. 
  • But, we will recommend you use a separate sunscreen on top of the moisturizer for that full-blown protection now.

Makeup needs to be pretty light:

Makeup plays a major role in how your skin will look. So, it is important to switch out your makeup routine as well and opt for something summer-friendly, which means light on the skin. People have different skin textures. When you apply various layers of makeup products, it can make the matter worse for your skin.
  • There is no need to skip the makeup routine altogether. You just make a conscious choice.
  • Avoid the full-coverage foundation and swap it with light-tinted cream or moisturizers and a lightweight concealer.
  • The mineral makeup works great for all skin types, as per our expert doctors from Metamorphosis Clinic.
  • Invest in powder products instead of the cream base.
  • In place of using blushes and lipstick, use tints, which are light in weight.
  • Matte lipsticks can also work well. To keep distracted from skin texture, try using bright colors for the summer months.

Exfoliate your skin on a regular basis:

Exfoliation is not just reserved for winter months. People believe in false advertisements and generally ignore this precious step while focusing on their skincare routine during summer.
  • Chances are high that you will sweat a lot during the summer months. It will dull your skin. 
  • With exfoliation on a regular basis, you will help unclog the pores and minimize the level of blemishes.
  • However, be careful to not overdo this step. Instead, stick to the routine of exfoliating your skin once or twice every week.
  • You can opt for a physical or chemical exfoliator, depending on your preferences.
  • In case you are planning for a physical exfoliator, then opt for something that has beads in it. 
  • Be sure to moisturize your skin afterward and also wear sunscreen all day long for complete protection.

Focusing on the art of self-tanning:

Everyone knows that sitting under the sun will give your skin a glowy golden color. It helps in achieving that bronze color. You’ll do more harm than good by doing so.
  • Sun can always provide you with a tan, but that can lead to some other skin problems like premature aging, pigmentation, dry skin, and more.
  • Nothing is called a healthy tan, even when you lather your skin with SPF.
  • It is important to opt for self-tanning products instead.
  • You can choose anyone from the counter, depending on your longevity, budget, and color preferences. 

Do not opt for excessive face wash:

People have this feeling to wash their skin all the time with cleanser during the summer months because they tend to sweat a lot. But, our best dermatologist near me from Metamorphosis Clinic will advise you to keep your skin fresh and healthy by washing it once a day and not more than that.
  • Washing your face constantly will strip your skin of its natural moisturizers, which will make your skin look dehydrated.
  • Always opt for a gentle cleanser or soap. Once you are done washing your face, moisturize it with cream right after!
  • In case you are willing for a little refresher throughout the day, you can always use blotting tissues and a face mist, to help you feel hydrated and refreshed.

Manage your skin from within:

Just putting on too many skincare products won’t do your skin any good if you are not eating properly. What you eat will show on your skin. 
  • So, in order to be in safe hands, we will always recommend you maintain a balanced and proper diet plan. 
  • If you are into eating oily and spicy food, it isn’t good for your skin because you might break into pimples and acne.
  • Instead, you can include lots of fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily routine and drink loads of water throughout the day to help keep your skin hydrated and look fresh.
  • Limit your intake of caffeine, oil, processed food, and unnatural sugar, as much as you can. It will help you to see how your skin transforms for betterment.
  • Most people have this misconception that what they eat has nothing to do with their skin. But, you cannot change the look and texture of your skin if you don’t change your diet plan.

Using makeup products with SPF in them:

It is true that no one wants to apply sunscreen after every part of makeup. It won’t look good and won’t let your makeup stay up for a long time. However, if you have to attend an outdoor event, you cannot miss out on that extra protection later. 
  • Well, tinted moisturizers with SPF in them can work wonderfully for your skin and give rise to that healthy glow from within. 
  • Opt for makeup products with SPF in them. That means you can get the skin coverage you want, and also add that extra layer of protection while doing so.
  • In order to go for those touch-ups once in a while, opt for sunscreen powders as well.
  • There are travel-friendly and easily applicable sunscreen powders available with an ultra matte finish to them. 
All these makeup products with SPF in them will work wonderfully for your skin when you are trying to put on some during the summer months. But, don’t forget to put a base layer of sunscreen before applying any of these items. 

The ultimate help you need:

Overall, it is not hard to state that you need to maintain your diet and your skin together to achieve that summer glow. Nothing works overnight and it will take some time. But, check in with our skin care doctor near me from the Metamorphosis Clinic to get some details on the products you should use on your skin. To know more about the summer skincare routine, visit Metamorphosis Clinic now. You can give us a call at +91-77383 66708 or email your needs at now!