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What Is The Clear
Lift Treatment?

Clear Lift Treatment is a non-ablative skin resurfacing laser treatment to cause Skin Resurfacing by delivering a controlled dermal wound deep beneath the skin to a depth of 3mm. The skin’s outer layer is unaffected. The treatment employs ground-breaking q switch 1064nm technology, stimulating the skin’s collagen production while also helping clear the uneven skin tone with no pain or downtime. It is safe to use on delicate areas across the face, including lower eyelids, nasal folds, marionette lines, the neck and even hands, as it has spacers with different penetration depths. It is suitable for treating age-related skin imperfections, fine lines, photodamage & mild skin laxity.

What to expect
during consult?

During your clear lift consultation, be prepared to discuss your treatment goals.
Your doctor will customize a treatment protocol for you; We will discuss any underlying medical conditions, drug allergies and medical treatments. Current medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements usage.
Previous cosmetic treatments.

Your physician will also:

1. Examine your face
2. Take photographs
3. Discuss likely outcomes of clear lift and any risks or potential complications
4. There are many misconceptions related to q-switch lasers (clear lift), so we must make our patients understand our vision for their treatments. At this time, we will also explain all the post-procedure instructions.

Treatment Protocol
At Metamorphosis

A Lunchtime procedure. Topical anesthesia is not required as there is no pain.

Our procedure includes the following:
Cleansing the face and removing all impurities.
Scrubbing the face removes dead skin cells.
The doctor will choose and maintain the proper depth for treatment based on the skin’s condition & area being treated.
Post-procedure cream is applied. Depending on the skin condition, the treatment can be combined with other treatments such as peels and dermapen.

Benefits: There are so many endless benefits
of  Clearlift Skin Resurfacing:


Evens out the Skin Tone Removes melasma, freckles, and brown spots
Improves oil control Eliminates blemishes
Reduces the appearance of vascular lesions Safe and effective treatment
Minimal downtime

Evens out the Skin Tone
Removes melasma, freckles, and brown spots
Improves oil control
Eliminates blemishes
Reduces the appearance of vascular lesions
Safe and effective treatment
Minimal downtime

Results: Desired results are seen after 5 to 6 sessions.
Treatment Procedure

Cleansing of the face, removing all impurities

Scrubbing of the face to remove dead skin cells

Clearlift laser is used(the most advanced skin pigmentation laser)

Post procedure cream is applied

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Synopsis of treatment

Procedure time- 20 minutes

Anesthesia-not required

Number of treatments-4-6 sessions

Male or female - Both

Full recovery-immediate expected

Risks-redness, swelling, heat allergy

Back to work-immediately estimated

Results-upto 3 months after last treatment

Suitable for - all skin types

Treatment FAQ’s

What Kind of Skin Problems Can Be Treated?

Freckle, Fine lines, Sunspots, Dark spots, Melasma, Fine lines, Under dark eye circles.

How Does It Work?

It works by heating the dermis layer just below the skin. By creating heat in this region, intentional minor wounds are created. ‘The wounding’ process stimulates the body to start the healing.

In doing so, new collagen is laid down in the treatment area. The new collagen firms the skin, softens and plumps wrinkles.

It is for anti ageing. In the case of any pigment, it breaks up the unusual color particles of the skin.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

Most people need between 4 to 6 treatments to control pigmentation problems.

The treatment session for the anti ageing patient could vary from 6 to 8 or up to 12 months. The frequency of treatment could be strongly affected by smoking and the amount of sun exposure.

Is It Permanent?

Ageing is an ongoing problem. We lose collagen every day, and our skin is damaged as we travel; therefore, we are constantly exposed to UV, Pollutants etc. Hence ongoing maintenance would be needed.

In the case of Pigments, many factors may affect the reoccurrence of sun exposure, hormonal changes, bad eating and sleeping habits, and poor personal care, such as sunscreen usage.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Side effects are very rare. In most patients, a mild redness lasts up to a few hours.

If the eye region is treated, one may experience some puffiness early morning only for a few days.

What Skin Type Can Be Treated With This Treatment?

This treatment can be done for all skin types(Fitzpatrick I-VI).

What Is Recovery Time?

As the skin is remodelling from within, there is no recovery time. You can return to everyday chores immediately.

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