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What Is The Eye Miracle Treatment

Dark circles, also known as periorbital circles, hyperpigmentation or periorbital melanosis, are dark blemishes around the eyes. The dark circle treatment targets the dark blemishes around the eye and aims to lighten these blemishes for a more youthful and vibrant appearance. The treatment is entirely non-surgical.

What to expect during consult?

During your undereye consultation, be prepared to discuss your treatment goals. Your treating doctor will customize a treatment protocol for you, keeping your lifestyle in mind. The doctor will discuss any underlying medical conditions, drug allergies and treatments, current medications, vitamins, herbal supplements usage, and any previous cosmetic treatments. Furthermore, your doctor will also examine your eyes and face, take photographs and will, show you some before and after results and discuss likely outcomes of our EyeMiracle treatment and any risks or potential complications.

Treatment Protocol at Metamorphosis

A thin layer of topical anaesthesia is applied for 20 minutes. The EyeMiracle serum is applied and absorbed by needling with a specialized eye roller instrument. After this, an eye peptide gel patch is applied around your eyes to supply moisture, deliver active substances and cause a calming effect on your skin. Finally, the treatment is sealed with our eye contour cream.

Benefits and Results


Less tired appearance Improves overall skin texture
   Dark circles and fine lines appear much lesser
Firmer skin around the eyes
Reduces the appearance of puffy eyes
Safe and effective treatment

Less tired appearance

Dark circles and fine lines appear much lesser

Reduces the appearance of puffy eyes

Improves overall skin texture

Firmer skin around the eyes

Safe and effective treatment

Results: A Series of 4-8 sessions required every 2 weeks followed by maintenance session once a month for 4 months.

Treatment Procedure

Application of topical anaesthesia

Eyemiracle serum is applied

Specialized eye roller instrument used

Eye peptide gel patch applied

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Synopsis of treatment

Procedure time-45 minutes


Results-long lasting with maintenance treatment

Male or female - Both

Full recovery-immediate expected

Risks-redness, swelling

Back to work-immediate

Number of treatments-4-8 sessions

Sensitivity period-24 hours



Treatment FAQ’s

Why Should I opt For An Eye miracle Treatment?

If dark circles, puffy eyes are spoiling the charm of your face, you can opt for our eye miracle treatment.

When Should I Be More Concerned?
If you have dull, purplish looking skin, dark tissue and blood vessels showing beneath your skin, puffiness and bags under your eyes, is when you should see your aesthetic physician.
Can Dark Circles Be A Symptom Of A Greater Disease?
Yes, sometimes dark circles can be an indicator to a more serious underlying condition like an iron or a vitamin deficiency.
How Long Does A Eye miracle Treatment Take?
The treatment takes about 45 minutes.
How Many Sessions Are Required To See Best Results?

The Eye Miracle Treatment requires 4 to 8 sessions, depending upon the skin’s concern. During consultation our doctors will recommend the best course of treatment required for you.

Is The Eye miracle Treatment Safe?

Yes it is a perfectly safe, non-invasive procedure done under the guidance of a doctor.

Can I Return To My Usual Routine After The Treatment?
Yes, you can resume your normal activities immediately. Post care instructions like not vigorously rubbing your eyes, wearing a sunscreen around your eyes as well, gently cleansing the treated area and avoiding heavy makeup is what you have to keep in mind for the next 3-4 days.
Are The Results Permanent?

Results will be long lasting, but will require care and maintenance as aging and atmospheric damage is an ongoing process.

How Can I Prevent Dark Circles By Myself?
Dark circles can be prevented by adopting a healthier lifestyle, keeping yourself hydrated, proper sleep and using the necessary topical creams including a sunscreen around the eye area.

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