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What are Medifacials?

Medifacials are the newest trend. They are more popular than regular salon facials as they are clinically proven and tailor-made.

Medifacials are medical-grade facial treatments that aim to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the skin. This treatment will effectively help improve the skin condition, such as if you are prone to developing acne, pigmentation, dull skin, or need an instant glow. With a series of special serums and cleansers, this treatment aims to give you calm & clean skin. Mild exfoliation, deep cleansing, indication-based mask and medicated serums are given to patients to improve the present skin condition quickly. After the treatment, acne/pigmentation/dullness will improve. This treatment is suggested once every month for six sessions, followed by once every two months for four sessions and then maintenance sessions as and when the doctor advises. This treatment is effective for other skin conditions such as large pores, oil control, and skin lightening.

Once you try our medifacials, you can’t help but get addicted!

What to expect during consult?

Understanding the skin’s nature is essential, so skin analysis is necessary.

We want to live up to each one of your expectations.

Keeping transparency and making you understand our treatment, and being thoughtful of your concerns is our priority.

Consulting with us will give you a chance to analyze your skin type in a more detailed way and what wonders you can achieve with the same.

Treatment Protocol at Metamorphosis

Medifacials are customized treatments for all skin types. As skin types and concerns differ, we use products and machines accordingly.

Basic steps involve cleansing with relaxing lymphatic draining massage, deep exfoliation, steam extraction, and application of brightening gel, infusion of pure oxygen with Vit-C or other booster serums, followed by a soothing massage with oil, gel or cream depending upon the skin type, and in the end, you can choose from a wide variety of brightening, hydrating, anti-acne, and anti-aging masks.

Benefits and Results


Customised as per your skin type Sets back aging signs
Calms and soothes the skin Improved skin health and hydration
Increased circulation and blood flow Deep cleansing of pores
Improved skin texture, tone, and appearance Works on a cellular level
   Brighter and healthier skin  

Customised as per your skin type
Sets back aging signs
Calms and soothes the skin
Improved skin health and hydration
Increased circulation and blood flow
Deep cleansing of pores
Improved skin texture, tone, and appearance
Works on a cellular level
Brighter and healthier skin

Results: Brighter and healthier skin. Treatment needs to be performed once every month for six sessions followed by once every two months for every four sessions and as and when advised by the dermatologist.

Treatment Procedure

Cleansing of face along with harmonization

Scrubbing of face and removal of all impurities

Medi Facial machine used on face

Application of a brightening medi facepack

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Synopsis of treatment

Procedure time-45-90 mins depending upon the medi-facial


Results-last for 2 to 4 weeks

Male or female - Both

Full Recovery-immediate

Risks & Complications-redness, irritation.

Back to work-immediate

Number of sessions - can be repeated monthly

Suitable for - all skin types

Treatment FAQ’s

What Is the Difference Between a Basic Facial and a Medi-Facial at Metamorphosis?

Basic facials are primarily for routine skin care. Our medi-facials are more targeted, addressing your skin’s requirement as an individual. We customize a facial as per your skin’s needs.

Is There a Downtime After the Medi-Facial?

All our medi-facials are customized to specific skin needs, and the intensity of the medi-facial varies from client to client. The skin can have redness if extractions are performed or when active ingredients are used. The redness subsides within a few hours. Generally, you leave with glowing skin. Your practitioner will always take into account your lifestyle and customize it accordingly.

How Much Time Does a Medi-Facial Take?

Our medi-facial treatments range from 45mins-90mins.

How Will I Know Which Medi-Facial Is Right for Me?

We offer you a complimentary consultation before your medi-facial, where after proper skin analysis, we will guide you for the best-suited treatment as per your skin concern.

Will My Skin Look Red After the Medi-Facial?

Your skin will look radiant and healthy. However, if you have sensitive skin, you may experience redness for up to 24 hours. We recommend doing the medi-facial two days before any upcoming occasion.

Can I Wear Makeup After Having a Medi-Facial?

You can wear makeup after your medi-facial. However, we do encourage you to avoid wearing makeup until the next day if you can so your skin receives maximum benefits from the medi-facial.

How Frequently Should Someone Have a Medi-Facial?

This treatment is suggested once every month for six sessions, followed by once every two months for four sessions and then maintenance sessions as and when the doctor advises. It is a very relaxing treatment and can be done more frequently for relaxation.

What Are the Long-Term Benefits of Getting Regular Medi-Facials?

A healthier and better-looking skin. It is like watering a plant to make it bloom in the long term. They also work great as a preventive treatment.

Can Medi-Facials Be Done for Men as Well?

Yes, all our medic treatments work equally well for men. We have an equal medi-facial booking ratio for both men and women. We recommend you come clean-shaven for your medi-facial. Medi-facials help you from skin sensitivity by shaving, hydrating, and nourishing your skin.

Can You Combine Medi Facials With Other Treatments?

You can do Medi facials before your facial fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, and anti-aging HIFU treatments.

What Are the Post-treatment Instructions?

Stay hydrated; Gently Clean your face; Use ample sun protection; Don’t indulge in steam/sauna.

What Are the Different Medi Facials at Metamorphosis?

1)Clean -ups- the quick procedure to remove blackheads, whiteheads, and dead skin cells.
2)Aqua facial- it is an excellent cooling, soothing, nourishing facial for dull, dehydrated skin.
3)Acne-defense facial focuses on the extraction of comedones. The laser used reduces the build-up of oil and dirt.
4) Anti-aging facial- we recommend anti-aging facials to those above 30 who wish to reduce wrinkles, lines and aging signs.
5)Oml facial- oxy, microcurrent, led facial – microcurrent uses low voltage electricity to stimulate muscles; It tightens the muscles in the face by working at the cellular level to boost collagen.Led therapy has a very calming effect, and the colour of light can be decided as per the individual’s concern.
6)Jade roller facial- a soothing facial that releases puffiness and jaw tension and increases lymphatic drainage, leading to a bright complexion.
7)Carbon facial- carbon facial targets deep layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production and remove any tanning. The skin feels tighter and glowy.
8)Red carpet facial – a glamorous facial guarantees to make your skin look luminous and sharp. The intensive mask used in the end is Rich in Marine ingredients leading to immediate brightness.
9)Omega 3 facial- Omega 3 benefits the skin by regulating oil production to boost hydration and prevent acne. It also delays the skin’s aging process to stave off wrinkles
10)Skin tightening facial- this is ideal for those who want tighter facial skin. Radiofrequency is targeted to heat the skin beneath, breaking down the depleted collagen and creating a firmer, tighter look.
11)Laser combo facial- this is best suited for pigmented, uneven skin tone and a patchy complexion. 12)Fire and ice facial- true to its Name, it uses heat and cold in the same treatment. It promotes cell renewal and resurfaces and rejuvenates your skin.
13)Nano needling facial(Nnf)- it lifts, sculpts and tightens your pores. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
14)Meta signature facial- our signature treatment involves using five different modalities to offer the most dramatic results. It is ideal before your wedding, anniversary or a big occasion. It is perfect for those who wish to have the wow factor.

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