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What Is The Clear
Skin Treatment ?

Everyone dreams about clear skin and gets annoyed with unwanted pimples and their remaining scars. Acne-prone skin can be excessively oily, congested, thick, and inflamed. Clear skin is an effective & unique treatment for acne-prone skin that use Er: Glass 1540 laser, which has both vacuum and cooling. This laser treatment gives a long-term solution to all forms of acne vulgaris and treats acne scars and breakouts, thereby giving you smoother, healthier and cleaner skin. The good part is that this treatment is suited for all skin types and is the quickest method to treat active acne. The laser is non-ablative because it only heats it and does not destroy the skin tissue. It works in 3 ways: on the dermal layer beneath your skin, cellular renewal, and improving blood circulation. The skin heals faster, and the affected areas regenerate.

What to expect
during consult?
During your clear skin consultation, be prepared to discuss your treatment goals.
Your doctor will customize a treatment protocol for you.
We will discuss any underlying medical conditions, drug allergies and medical treatments.
Current medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements usage.
Previous cosmetic treatments
Your physician will also:
Examine your face
Take photographs
Discuss likely outcomes of clear skin and any risks or potential complications.
There are many misconceptions related to erbium glass laser(clearskin), so we must make our patients understand our vision for their treatments. At this time, you will also be explained all the post-procedure instructions.
Treatment Protocol
At Metamorphosis

It is also a lunchtime procedure wherein there is zero downtime, and topical anesthesia application is not required. During the process, the skin is thoroughly cleansed to get rid of dirt or makeup so that the laser light gets absorbed effectively. The patient does not feel pain at all. The treatment time may vary from 15 mins up to 30 mins depending upon the size of the area. The treatment is intended to free your skin from excess sebum, clogged pores and bacteria. It also helps to reduce pore size drastically after completing the treatment on your routine chores. The treatment may be combined with a few sessions of peels, dermapen and clean-ups.

Benefits and Results


Reduces the appearance of active acne quickly and effectively Clearer looking skin
Smooth and soft complexion Resurfacing and skin tightening
Reduction in acne scars and superficial scars More effective for darker skin tones
Minimal downtime Long lasting results

Reduces the appearance of active acne quickly and effectively
Clearer looking skin
Smooth and soft complexion
Resurfacing and skin tightening
Reduction in acne scars and superficial scars
More effective for darker skin tones
Minimal downtime
Long lasting results

Results: With the clear skin treatment, visible outcomes can be observed from the first session which continues to improve with regular sessions for few months. Ideally, the sessions should vary from 3 to 6 up to 8 sessions depending on the severity of the acne. 
Treatment Procedure

Cleansing of the face, removing all impurities

Scrubbing of the face to remove dead skin cells

Clearskin laser is used(the most advanced anti acne and pore minimizing laser)

Post procedure cream is applied

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Synopsis of treatment

Procedure time-15-30 minutes


Number of Treatments-6-8 sessions

Sensitivity Period-48 hours

Full Recovery-immediate estimated

Risks & Complications-Soreness, irritation, swelling

Back to work-immediate

Duration of Results-long lasting

Time between session-4 to 6 weeks



Treatment FAQ’s

What Causes Acne?

Causes can be inflammatory issues, hormonal and or bacterial. An overactive oil gland, blockage of pores, bacteria intruding on the skin causing inflammation.

Right Candidate for Treatment?

All forms of acne vulgaris and associated symptoms include open pores, blackheads, acne scars, lesions that generally reside on the face, chest, and back, scarring skin, and uneven textured skin.

It is an excellent option for Topical temporary treatments.

How Does It Work?

The non-ablative erbium glass fibre penetrates the skin, thereby killing the bacteria which cause acne, reduces sebum through thermal damage to the oil secretion sebaceous glands, and gently extracts the sebum.

The laser heats the water in the skin without causing its evaporation. It leaves the skin intact and helps stimulate collagen renewal, which further results in the reduction and smoothing of scars.

Is the Procedure Painful?

No, not at all

What Is the Outcome?

Clear-looking skin, Smooth and soft complexion, reduced appearance of scars, treats acne from within, boosts skin’s health and lasting result.

How Much Time Does It Take To Heal?

As the laser is working from inside the skin, there is no recovery time. Only very mild redness and you are set to go to work.

Precautions Whilst Undergoing This Treatment?
  1. To avoid any skin exfoliating treatment 7 days prior treatment as it may irritate your skin.
  2. Try and avoid sun exposure especially at peak hours.
  3. Don’t forget to use sunscreen and use it deliberately on your skin minimum 3 times a day even if you are indoors to avoid tanning. Use broad spectrum gel based sunscreen with SPF 50 plus.
  4. Don’t use any products without consulting your doctor as it may hamper with the ongoing treatment.
  5. Avoid scratching and scrubbing skin and always pat dry.
  6. Apply cool packs for relief.
  7. Aloe gel to keep the area moist or a medicated moisturizer suggested by your doctor.
  8. To follow doctors instructions religiously to enjoy desired and lasting results.

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