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What Is The Beard
Transplant Treatment?

Most men consider facial hair to be the pinnacle of masculinity. Losing facial hair due to natural causes or a traumatic experience distressing men. Advances in medical methods have given men various options for restoring their facial hair in this day and age.

Beard transplant surgery is becoming increasingly popular due to its effectiveness and low cost. To reconstruct a new beard or enhance an existing beard are beard transplants, where scalp hair transplantation to the facial area is done to restore healthy hair.

What to expect during the consultation?

Beard transplantation is a non-invasive process that leaves no scars or scars on the body. We have highly qualified doctors who specialise in this technique at Metamorphosis. Once you’ve scheduled an appointment with us, we’ll sit down with you for a consultation to map out the areas of your face that need to be addressed.

With our services for beard transplant treatment, you will get the Fuller, thicker beard and moustache at affordable prices.

Treatment Protocol at Metamorphosis

We mainly use Metamorphosis’s follicular unit extraction (FUE) method for facial hair restoration. A single hair follicle is taken from a donor site. Usually, the occipital region (back and lower portions of the head) is transplanted onto the receptor site, generally where beard thinning occurs. The follicular implant produces new hair, giving your beard a luscious, thick appearance. It is a non-painful procedure. The surgery takes about 3-5 hours and is done under local anaesthesia.

Benefits and Results
Fuller, thicker beard and moustache Facial hair imply strength,security and confidence
Minimally invasive Permanent solution
Fast recovery period Natural looking results
You can shave and style your new beard as normal No scar formation

Fuller, thicker beard and moustache
Facial hair imply strength,security and confidence
Minimally invasive
Permanent solution
Fast recovery period
Natural looking results
You can shave and style your new beard as normal
No scar formation

Results: Typically, one beard transplant session is sufficient to achieve the desired results. After three months, you’ll notice a difference in the thickness of your facial hair. In 7-10 months, you’ll see the best results.

Treatment Procedure

Marking of the area to be implanted

Local anaesthesia given to minimize discomfort

Harvesting grafts from the donor area(occipital region)

Implanting the grafts into the beard/mustache (recipient area)

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Synopsis of treatment

Procedure time-3-5 hours approx


Full recovery-48 hours


Longetivity of results-permanent

Risks & complications-bruising, swelling, increased sensitivity, redness

Back to work-24 hours

Results -8 to 10 months for complete results

Suitable for -anyone who wants a dense beard/mustache



Treatment FAQ’s

Which Methods Are Used for Beard Transplantation?

At Metamorphosis, we use the FUE technique with micro units for beard transplantation.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for This Procedure?

Any man who lacks proper hair growth or thickness on the face in areas of beard or moustache caused due to genetic disorders, autoimmune disorders, burns, accidents, injury or surgery can go for the procedure.

How Long Does a Beard Transplant Procedure Take?

The procedure takes 3 to 5 hours, depending on the number of grafts required.

Is the Procedure Painful?

The procedure is done under local anaesthesia, so you will not feel any pain or discomfort.

What Are the Causes of Loss of Facial Hair?

1)Medications like chemotherapeutics
2)Autoimmune disorders like Alopecia Areata
3)Trauma to the area-accidental scar
4)Prolonged stress
5)Previously taken grafts for a scalp transplant.

What Is the Recovery/Healing Time After the Treatment?

After one week, the transplanted area will look very natural. Recovery of the donor area is also speedy. In 2 weeks, it goes back to looking the same as before the procedure. From the 3rd month itself, you see visible results. However, in 10 to 12 months, you see an intense natural-looking growth.

What Is the Success of Beard Transplantation?

The success of beard transplants is very high. New follicles that are implanted are permanent. It means you will be able to enjoy your facial hair for many years to come.

What Are the Risks Involved in Beard Transplantation?

Mild bruising, swelling, increased sensitivity, and redness.

What Are the Advantages of a Beard Transplant?

Enhances self-confidence—natural-looking results. Younger-looking you.

What Is the Difference Between the Beard Hair and Scalp Hair?

The density of beard hair is lesser than scalp hair. Beard hair has an elliptical shape, while scalp hair has an oval shape.

When Can I Shave After the Procedure?

You can begin to shave two weeks after the procedure.

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