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What Is The Facial/Dermal Filler Treatment?

Skin loses its natural plumpness and springiness as it ages. As a result, your skin may appear flat, tired, and lifeless. Dont worry; there are several efficient ways to combat this, one of which is using dermal fillers to rejuvenate your facial skin.

Dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid gels to smooth out wrinkles, folds, and scars, giving you a plumped appearance and leaving your skin looking fuller and younger. It can be injected into the face to improve lips, straighten the nose, or give you a cheek lift.

US FDA-approved dermal fillers are used at Metamorphosis to reduce volume loss and restore face structural support, addressing various concerns you may experience on different face sections.

What to expect during the consultation?

Your doctor will understand your treatment goals and assess you for all dynamic and static lines. Photographs will be taken. Details about filler products will be explained, and the number of ml best suited for your desired appearance will be suggested.

Treatment Protocol at Metamorphosis

You cannot have the filler treatment if you have any severe allergies, pregnant or breastfeeding. You must stop all blood thinning medications one week before the procedure. The complete list of cautions will be explained to you at the time of your consultation, and the post-care instructions too.

Benefits and Results


Youthful glow Softens wrinkles
Restore volume to your face Minimal downtime
Extraordinary natural-looking results Plumps up lips; Augments your cheeks, chin
Immediate and long-lasting results It can be combined with anti-wrinkle injections in the same session

Youthful glow
Restore volume to your face
Extraordinary natural-looking results
Softens wrinkles
Plumps up lips; Augments your cheeks, chin
Immediate and long-lasting results
It can be combined with anti-wrinkle injections in the same session
Minimal downtime

Results: The effects endure for 9 to 18 months and can vary due to intense exercise, the ageing process, and smoking.

Treatment Procedure

Numbing cream application after a detailed consultation with the doctor

Marking of the area to see where all filler has to be delivered

Injecting the hyaluronic filler into the desired area

Cold compression and antibiotic cream application

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Synopsis of treatment

Procedure time-30 minutes approx


Longetivity of results-9-12 months

Male or female - Both

Full recovery-72 hours

Risks & complications-bruising, swelling, asymmetry, injection site reaction, tenderness, lumps/bumps

Back to work-immediate-24 hours(depending upon area treated)

Results -immediately visible

Duration of results-3 sessions required for results to last for 6 months



Treatment FAQ’s

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are hyaluronic gels that are injected beneath the skin’s surface. They smoothen the wrinkles, enhance the facial features, add volume, and augment and contour the area treated.

What Areas Can Be Targeted for This?

Dermal fillers help to reduce volume loss and restore the structural support of our faces. Thus they solve different concerns patients have on all parts of the face.

Is the Procedure Painful?

Our doctors are well trained and follow proper procedures, which lead to minimal pain when injecting the fillers. The process takes 15-30 minutes, and you can return to work afterwards.

Is the Procedure Safe?

Yes, as long as a certified medical professional does it. The hyaluronic gel is an entirely natural product. Over time the filler dissolves in itself, causing no harm to you.

What Is the Difference Between Dermal Fillers and Anti-wrinkle Injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections relax muscle movements while the dermal filler plumps up and smoothens the wrinkles. These treatments can also be combined in the same session for synergistic effects.

Which Dermal Filler Do You Use at Metamorphosis Clinic and Why?

We use Juvederm Fillers and Juvederm Voluma at Metamorphosis Clinic. The filler gives a very natural-looking appearance. The results are more long-lasting than other fillers. It is safe for all skin types and colours. There is minimal pain, bruising and downtime.

How Fast Do the Results Appear, and How Long Will They Last?

Results are seen instantly and flourish after 2-4 weeks. The results typically last between 9-18 months, and regular treatments maintain the look.

Do Dermal Fillers Have Any Side Effects?

Side effects are infrequent due to the advanced product used. They could include redness, swelling and bruising at the injection site. Sometimes pain/tenderness as well.

Can I Do a Facial After the Procedure?

You can get a facial done three weeks after the procedure.

What Should I Avoid Immediately After the Procedure?

Within the first 24 hours, avoid any strenuous exercise, extensive heat exposure, and alcoholic beverages.

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