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What Is The Inch
Loss Treatment?

Everyone’s body shape differs, but the goal remains the same. Achieving the ideal body shape is possible. Women’s most common body problems are excess fat, stubborn fat, water retention, and stretch marks. Men commonly face the problem of excess fat around the abdomen. Metamorphosis helps you find the proper method to suit your personality, body type, needs and lifestyle. Professional counselling and thorough body analysis by our health physicians are the first steps to achieving your ideal weight. Caring for your body is an essential step towards becoming body-confident. We have effectively provided inch-loss solutions to obesity-related ailments in women and men of all ages. Our inch loss solutions go hand in glove with fat reduction as they also lead to weight loss. The procedure entails applying 2 to 3 devices to your body one after the other. One is for fat mobilisation, and the other is for inch loss and lymphatic drainage. Our inch-loss treatments target areas with excessive fat and break down the fat in the subcutaneous layer, increasing metabolism. Inch loss is medically essential, especially if you have a high waist circumference (over 90cm for males; over 80cm for females), meaning you have high belly fat. Fat accumulation in this area can affect your heart, put other organs at risk and also put you at risk for and also put you at risk for type 2 diabetes

Consultation begins by doing a physical assessment. An individualised treatment plan is devised, which consists of the number of sessions required. Your doctor will explain that you’ll have to undergo multiple sessions to see desired results. Usually, we plan sessions once a week. You will be shown before and after images, and the procedure will be explained in depth. Please disclose any underlying medical conditions or medicine usage to your doctor. Your doctor will ask you to avoid aspirin before the treatment as it increases your chances of bruising. The treatment can target fat cells in any area and lead to a good inch loss, giving you a slimmer appearance. Eg-abdomen, thighs, arms, love handles, hips and back are commonly treated.

Treatment Protocol At Metamopshosis

We take your inches and weight before the procedure. The fat mobiliser is used to initiate the breakdown of fatty deposits, and the cavitation technology is a non-surgical technique for breaking fat cells. The EMS is applied for muscle contraction to strengthen the muscles and create a better tone.

Benefits and Results


Non-invasive & non-surgical No side effects and crash diets to follow
Multiple areas can be treated in a single session Get back to your routine activities immediately
Affordable treatment Restores appearance and confidence.

Non-invasive & non-surgical
No side-effects and crash diets to follow
Multiple areas can be treated in a single session
Get back to your routine activities immediately
Affordable treatment
Restores appearance and confidence

Results: 2 inches loss is visible after 8 sessions

Treatment Procedure

Measurement of inches and weight before procedure.

Fat mobiliser is used to initiate breakdown of fatty deposits.

Cavitation technology used which is a non surgical technique to break fat cells.

EMS applied for muscle contraction to strengthen the muscles and create better tone.

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Synopsis of treatment

Procedure time- 45-60 minutes


Duration of results-long lasting

Number of treatments - 6 to 8 sessions

Full recovery-immediate

Risks and complications - bruising

Back to work-immediate

Results-noticeably visible after 2nd session

Sensitivity period - none



Treatment FAQ’s

What Is an Inch-Loss Treatment?

Inch loss treatment is a non-surgical procedure aimed at fat reduction with the help of cavitation, mobilisers and laser lipo technology. It helps eliminate excess fat deposits in terms of the body’s circumference (or inches), not kilos. It is an effective treatment for shedding stubborn fat storage from areas such as the waist, tummy, arms and thighs without weight loss, dietary regimes or any Strenuous physical activity.

What Does an Inch Loss Treatment Involve?

After a consultation with a weight loss specialist, a 3-device procedure will be followed. The first device is a mobiliser which tends to mobilise the involved area. The second device uses cavitation treatment to target the fat cells. The third device involves a muscle stimulator or a laser lipo.

What Are the Physical Signs of Inch Loss?

After following our methods to lose inches, many people will notice physical signs in one to two weeks. You will feel energetic, and your clothes will become a little loose.

How Can I Lose My Inches Fast?

At Metamorphosis, we use a holistic approach and a combination of 3 different machines to help you lose inches fast. Our inch loss program is an appliance-based method.

What Will I Feel During the Treatment?

Since we use a combination of 3 appliances, in the first one, you feel a sensation of vibration massage; in the second machine, you will feel a comfortable, warm sensation. Lastly, you will feel pulses of a tingling sensation as your muscles contract and relax.

How Does the Body Burn Fat?

Fat loss starts when the body burns stubborn fat and converts it into usable energy. It, in turn, causes fat cells or adipocytes to shrink. The lymphatic system helps dispose of Destroyed fat cell membranes as the fat gets discharged between the cells. With the help of some Biochemical steps and enzymes, the fat converts into protein. It further converts into free glycerol and fatty acids before it completely breaks down to a single triglyceride molecule for metabolism in the liver and eventual excretion from the body after decay.

Are There Any Side Effects of Inch Loss Treatment?

Possible bruising can occur, although rarely post-procedure.

What Are the Benefits of Inch Loss Treatment?

It helps eliminate unwanted fat cells from any area of the body, primarily from the abdomen, thighs, upper arms, bra bulge, flanks and waist.

It is a non-surgical body reshaping and contouring procedure that delivers sustainable results.

It has no downtime or side effects.

The treatment is safe and painless and does not involve any significant discomfort.

How Soon Can I Get In Good Shape?

In about 6 to 8 sessions, you can drop one to two sizes. Each session is done at a weekly interval.

Where Can I Get Effective Inch-Loss Treatment?

A holistic approach is highly vital for sustained inch and weight loss. We adopt a multidimensional approach to treating obesity and losing those extra inches. Apart from designing a diet plan to lose weight and inches fast, We focus on changing the lifestyle and related factors of people affected by increased inches.

We thoroughly assess the individuals, their medical history, lifestyle, personality, and current life scenarios.

Based on the Assessment, We chart out a holistic treatment plan with an implementation calendar to yield tangible results and bring about a sustainable transformation. If you are looking for obesity treatment or inch loss programs in Mumbai & Delhi, you must consider booking an appointment at Metamorphosis clinic.

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