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Summer Tips to Keep your Skin and Hair Healthy

Beware! Summer is coming! Do you know what that means? Holiday. Playing beach volleyball. Chilling on the pool side… but have you stopped to wonder what effects the sun may have on your skin. Think of a damaged scalp from the exposure to harsh sunlight – Think. Think of it. There is no secret that excessive exposure of the sun’s rays on your body will burn your skin. Think of your hair getting some strange coloring. These are the havocs of the sun. How do you however make sure that your skin and hair stays healthy even as you enjoy your summer days? Below are some of the best summer tips to keep your skin and hair healthy. Always.

1. Take skin treatment therapies

When summer comes, your skin may dry and crack from both the heat and the dehydrating effects of the sun. To stay happy with a revitalized skin, free from dry cracks and a drying effect, hop into Metamorphosis clinic for an advanced skin treatment which should revitalize your skin beyond what mere lotions can do. However so, you may not be a victim of cracking skin or badly dried skin. But you still want to look good over the holidays. Worry not. There is a treatment option for you too. Contact a skin specialist in Mulund. Say you want skin polishing – skin polishing is a controlled pain free procedure exfoliating dead skin to make the skin glow brighter than the sun. Polishing doesn’t stop with scraping dead skin. You can also have pimples removed with the same process

2. Update your Looks – put on a hat

As much as it will be fun experiencing new looks, you will be protecting your scalp form direct sun heat. You will be helping to create a shade to your hair for a cooler scalp and a happier hair day. On the moderation side, you should consider going gentle on shampoo because you don’t want to have your scalp parched either; by sulfate or sulfate free shampoos. Remember, it is summer. Everything should be bright. The best of all advice is however to seek the advice or services of a skin or hair therapist for absolute treatment options.

3. Take Hair treatment Therapies

Hair treatment therapy is the only guaranteed way to keep your hair easier to style and let it loose. After all, it is summer, isn’t it? And in summer you want that hair which you would braid; you want to enhance your hair for faster growth and you want to accessorize afterwards. For goodness’s sake, take Metamorphosis’s keratin hair spa treatment option. This medicated SPA will repair fissures present in your hair. Remember, hair nourishment is the most effective and recommended treatment for hair loss. Is it cure you want or is it prevention? SPA medication beats the odds by naturally smoothing the cuticles to allow your hair adjust to its moisture levels.

Well, the above are the best tips to keep your skin and hair healthy. Longer. You can contact Metamorphosis clinics for dermatologists in Powai for more skin treatment options.

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Hair Transplant
07 Sep 2018 Reply

This is good techniques to save our skin and hair healthy. Thanks for giving informative information. I understand the how's protect the hair.

28 Sep 2018 Reply

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Hair Transplant
28 Sep 2018 Reply

Nice Content Published, that would help everyone who wants best take care of hair in summer. Thank you sharing.

Hair transplant in Hyderabad
30 Oct 2018 Reply

These summer tips are so fantastic to protect our hair. Thanks for write an article.

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