Most Common Myth About Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Most Common Myth About Laser Hair Removal Treatment

by Neha | Jan 25, 2023 | Laser Hair Removal Treatment.

Monthly appointments at the salon for grooming and the results do not even stay intact for two days? Aren’t you tired of spending so much time and money to get rid of your hair that annoys or embarrasses you at times?

Guess what? Laser hair removal treatment is the ultimate solution to all your unwanted hair related worries. Laser hair removal has been changing people’s lives who do not feel about the hair on their bodies. Did you just say laser hair removal? Well, Yes!

The vast industry has been constructed in the cosmetic treatment as laser hair removal and is widely influential in permanently reducing hair growth. Though the laser hair reduction treatment was introduced years ago, it is taking a newer upper chart in recent years. However, significant misconceptions are floating around the treatment.

Are you one of them who have considered laser hair removal but get puzzled and eventually drop out of the idea because of the myths surfacing over the internet? We got you. Here are the most common myths about laser hair removal treatment.

Top 10 Most Common Myth About Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser Hair Removal Treatment is Painful and Leads to Skin Burn
Laser hair removal, the word laser, makes it a bit scary, but it’s nothing near to it. People do experience different sensations based on their pain thresholds and the ability to bear the senses. It is nowhere near to painful as waxing. It isn’t painful as the skin isn’t pulled and does not cause bleeding. In comparison to waxing, the laser hair removal treatment is safer and quicker.

People describe it as having some sensations differing from individual to individual, and the therapist makes sure to keep options open to make the treatment painless. Some formulated lotions, fantastic air fans, and some advanced laser settings are altered.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Does Not Work on Dark Skin
With the advancements in science and development, laser hair removal works on darker skin shades. The treatment is adaptable to all kinds of skin tones. There has been the introduction of smart lasers and particular types of tools that cover the treatment for a wide range of skin tones.

The individual must ensure the fact that the practitioner uses the most advanced tools and is not expired. The aesthetic clinics would have innovative lasers and devices to treat people regardless of their skin tone. Also, the individual must note the number of sessions to be done concerning their skin tone.

Laser Hair Removal Takes Just One Sitting
The myth sounds so unreal? Our body follows a hair growth cycle, and to chase against the process, it’s mandatory to take 6 to 8 treatment sessions before an individual can see some good results. The actively growing hairs are eliminated whilst the new hairs must be kept in check with forthcoming sessions to smooth, hair-free skin.

The popping factors of hormones, genetics, etc., can keep interfering and lead to hair growth. However, the laser hair removal treatment is eventually effective to reduce hairs. And a regular visit must subsequently result in flawless skin.

Treatment Costs a Fortune
Laser hair removal is an advanced scientific technology, and people assume it to be expensive. However, with the recent popularity and the urge to gain flawless skin, the laser treatment has come at a reasonable price. If you compare with your regular waxing sessions for your whole life, a good amount of money must be saved after your full body laser hair removal cost.

Each session costs different and is variable with the area being covered, as the cost of upper lips laser hair removal will be lesser than that of the legs. The consultant will give you a quote for the sessions and their repetition, estimating a budget price. The laser hair removal is far more cost-effective than the regular sessions at a parlour or the money spent on razors.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Exposes You to Radiation Causing Skin Cancer
The laser system tools and equipment are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved, guaranteeing the non-emission of harmful radiations. The heat aimed through the laser destroys hair follicles, eliminating hair growth. The laser treatment can be done on every part of the body, and the cost varies for each of them; the face laser hair removal cost will be effectively lower than the back.

As approved by the FDA, the laser is harmless, non-ionizing, that targets the hair follicle beneath the skin. In fact, medical laser devices play a role in treating skin cancer by targeting specifically the particular cell.

Laser Hair Removal makes Hair Grow Thicker and Frequent.
Laser hair removal does not allow hair to grow thicker and more frequently; in fact, it makes the hair thin and helps in reducing the hair growth cycle. The laser hair removal treatment shows you a reduction in hair density and allows you to see the results in frequent sessions.

There are significant reductions in the hair follicles that pop up your skin, and the ones that make it to the surface are eventually finer, which is unnoticeable. The areas of dense and frequent hair growth can be controlled to a level of no longer a problem or embarrassment for you.

Laser Hair Removal Works Same for All Hair Types
It is essential to take a consultation to determine the hair type and go for a suitable laser hair removal depending on that. The results do not work the same for every hair type, and it differs with individual factors of hair colour, skin tone, genetic factors, and hormones of individuals.

The doctor’s assessment and their experience will show how a laser hair removal treatment will help you with hair and its effect.

Laser Hair Removal Offer Same Result to Every Cost Range
It’s simple; you get what you pay. The aesthetic laser clinic will have set prices and the results with the type of treatments you choose. Whilst some laser clinics will simply have a specific range, and if it feels it’s too good to be for real, I suggest you back out. They may be putting into backward machines that won’t show a considerable amount of results and be a failure.

Hence, you must get your research done and find the real deal in the market. Do not just look out for the cost of laser hair removal, but their experience and hold in the industry, with testimonials that can grab you the accurate answers. Find an affordable service laser clinic that fits your pocket as well as gives you satisfactory results at the same time.

Laser Hair Removal Is Not For Men
People believe that laser hair reduction is only for women and so is carried by society. But is it true? Absolutely, No! It is perfectly fine for men to opt for laser hair removal treatment. While women prefer to opt for hair laser reduction treatments, it is an ideal fit for men.

In fact, in recent years, there has been wide traction of men opting for the method of laser hair removal. The industry has been shaping itself, and cosmetic technology has gotten sharp with inventing specific laser tools for laser hair removal for men.

Laser Hair Removal Causes Scarring and Ingrown Hair
Scarring is the most realistic concern when you opt for laser hair removal treatment and is yet the least possible factor in the process. An experienced practitioner must do the treatment with proper tools and a smart laser, and there are no chances of risk for scarring. Hence, choosing your laser hair removal practitioner is to be done keenly.

Ingrown hairs are a noticeable annoyance with shaving and waxing practices. With laser hair removal, they are good as gone. The laser hair removal significantly reduces the growth of ingrown hairs and destroys hair follicles within.Many more myths prevail in the air around you when you opt for laser hair removal treatment. Hence, you must make sure to even clear your most minor worries with your dermatologist and the practitioner before you begin the process. The best practitioners give you a clear idea of your hair type and the treatment quote.

We at Metamorphosis believe in personalised laser hair removal treatment with taking the best care of your hair and skin by assisting you with suitable treatment methods. The doctors make a keen check up on your skin and decide the laser type and settings to be used for a particular session.

We use an ice cooling laser that allows your skin to stay cool and not absorb heat between the sessions. After the session, your skin is given a close look again, cleaned, and applied with the complimenting lotions and post-procedure creams.

We understand the responsibility and believe in providing you with high-quality services at reasonable budget costs. We believe in providing you with a welcoming gesture, know your specifics and relieve you of your concerns. With our full body laser hair removal cost at budget prices, you can grab the treatment with our expert practitioners.