10 Easy Hair Care Techniques for Silky Hair

10 Easy Hair Care Techniques for Silky Hair

by Neha | Feb 16, 2024 | Hair Treatment

The rising level of pollution and unhealthy lifestyle is leading to quick hair damage. Whenever you see someone with long and silky tresses, you must be wondering how they are possibly maintaining such good hair quality. 

A consultation with an eminent hair specialist in Mumbai will help you to understand the causes of hair damage. Therefore, if you want to have silky and smooth hair, you need to maintain good health of strands.

Salon treatment is not the only solution for silky and shiny hair. There is a certain healthcare regime that will help you to have frizz-free and luscious locks at home without a visit to the hair salon. 

The hair specialists can share expert tips for hair care to get silky and strong hair in weeks. These tricks and tips will help you to foster good health of the strands along with long-term silkiness. 

Tip 1: Right Timing Of Combing And Brushing

It is necessary to look for gentler ways to detangle the hair. You can use the comb for the hair when it is wet. And brush the hair when dry. If you are not delicate while brushing your hair, you will ruin your tresses. 

The noise of detangling that you can hear while combing your hair is the actual sound of ripping the hair. When you brush your wet hair, this noise implies that you are causing further damage to the hair, so, the brushing will not smoothen the hair but will continue damaging the outside layer.

Hence, the best way to detangle the frizzy hair is to work through the tangles and knots slowly from the ends and move towards the middle and, consequently the root. If you try to work from the roots to the ends, it can worsen the condition. 

Moreover, you should start using a wide-tooth comb made from wood along with a boar bristle brush. The wide tooth wooden combs always help to detangle the hair as it prevents hair damage and static issues. After detangling, you have to use the boar bristle brush for pulling down the oil particles from the roots.

This process will provide proper nourishment to the hair and protect the strands. 

Tip 2: Regular Shampooing Helps

Using shampoo, you can clean the dirt that accumulates in the hair strands. It is important to get rid of the dust, grime, and remnants of various hair styling products like hair gels. You will promote the growth of silky hair if you can keep the scalp clean. 

But you should also keep in mind that all shampoos are not of equally good quality. Each shampoo has an individual formulation for specific types of hair. 

  • For dry air, a shampoo with essential oils will be apt. 
  • If you have oily hair, then it is better to use a shampoo having all the clarifying properties. such shampoos will eliminate all the excessive oil from the scalp as well as the hair strands. 

You should consult the nearest hair specialist doctor if you have hair colours. In that case, you may need some balancing shampoos that will fortify your coloured strands. 

Tip 3: Consider the Condition of Your Hair

If you really want to maintain soft and silky hair, you have to follow up the shampooing session with an equally good quality conditioner. All the top-quality conditioners will contain elements that will smoothen the cuticles so that they don’t get dry. Moreover, conditioning offers many other benefits. 

  • Conditioners have detangling properties. 
  • If your hair has split ends or hair breakage, the conditioner can help.
  • The conditioners offer extra bounce and shine that enhances the appearance of your silky hair. 

Look for conditioners containing keratin extracts that promote hair growth. 

Tip 4: Enjoy Regular Hair Spa

Your hair needs some extra care. Why don’t you pamper the strands at frequent intervals? A hair spa is highly beneficial when you want soft and silky hair. The hair spa is a routine hair treatment process where the expert professionals will massage the scalp, apply steam and shampoo the hair with conditioning. 

To attain the extra shine and bounce of the hair, it is necessary to provide extra nourishment with regular hair spas. The effect of the treatment will last for at least 15 to 20 days. If you want a long-lasting result, you have to undergo a spa treatment at least twice a month. 

Tip 5: Maintain a Balanced Diet

The nourishment that you provide to the hair will appear on the external surface. So, if you desire a silky and soft appearance of the tresses, nutrition can be the key factor. Healthy hair will grow only when you eat healthily. 

A discussion with the hair specialist in Mumbai will help to find out how a balanced diet can go a long way in maintaining shiny strands. If your hair is suffering from malnutrition from the inside, it will show up outside. 

Tip 6: Use Cotton Fabric Instead of a Towel

Many of you try to dry the hair very roughly using 

the towel that is very stiff. What you don’t know is that the rough drying process initiates friction that will fluff up the cuticles, which is the outer layer of the hair. If the cuticles fluff up, these will catch upon one another and cause knots or breakages. 

If you want to avoid frizz, you have to avoid open cuticles. If the cuticles are tighter, these will be resistant to easy opening. Once the cuticles show resistance to easy opening, the hair will get smoother. 

So, it’s time to swap your towel with a cotton fabric cloth that you can use for drying your hair. You can wrap a cotton T-shirt at the ends and squeeze all the water out of the strands. Blot drying is better than rough rubbing of the hair which will prevent frizz and breakage. 

Tip 7: Don’t Use Hot Water for Washing Hair

You should be strict about using only cold water for washing your hair. Although it’s hard to maintain the process, the result will be worth the effort. If you use hot water to wash your hair it will again open up all the hair cuticles. 

But when you use cold water for washing the hair, it will seal the cuticles and encourage the stands to stay silky and flat. Again, don’t overdo washing your hair. According to the best hair doctor in Mumbai, you can damage the hair by washing it more than thrice a week. It will unnecessarily strip off the natural oils that will turn the hair dull and lifeless. 

Tip 8: Avoid Applying Artificial Heat

If you are using a blow dryer or an electric straightener to fix the hair, you are actually making it weaker. The devices that emit artificial heat like curlers and straighteners can wreak havoc on the hair strands. That is why you have to stay away from the regular use of dryers and similar other stuff. 

There is no need to absorb the natural moisture from the hairs by applying artificial heat. Also, avoid vigorous rubbing of the hair to dry it up. Use some cotton cloth to softly absorb the dripping water. And allow natural drying. 

Tip 9: Hot Oil Massage Helps

At least once a week, pamper the hair with hot oil massage and use the natural oils to add extra shine to the tresses. If you are looking forward to minimising hair fall and maximising hair growth, you have to rely on the hot oil massage technique to a large extent for nourishing the tresses.

Also, the massage prevents damage to hair arising from hair colouring, especially when the colour contains considerable levels of ammonia. After applying the hot oil and massaging the scalp, it’s best to keep it overnight. 

Cleanse your hair in the morning and get soft hair adding a few curry leaves to the oil while heating makes the oil more impactful. 

Tip 10: Regular Trimming

Most of you maintaining a garden know well that the trees grow well only when you trim them at regular intervals to accelerate growth. But only a few of you know that the same rule applies to your hair too. If you want to maintain the shin length of your hair, you have to trim the hair regularly. 

It will aid in preventing damages as split ends from moving upward towards the root. 

Maintain the Attractive Hair Appearance

If you feel envious to see someone flaunting very smooth and silky hair, it’s time to transform your hair into the same texture. With the help of the most reputed hair specialist Mumbai, you can now flaunt your long and silky tresses. 

Hair enhances the overall appearance of a person. So, it’s time to convert the dull strands into attractive and shiny hair strands that will draw the attention of anyone meeting you or passing by.

Pair it up with some cool hair colours and see how your hair appears smooth and shiny with thick growth. 

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