Here Are 5 Things Do Do After Hair Transplant

Here Are 5 Things Do Do After Hair Transplant

by Neha | Jan 22, 2023 | Hair Transplant, Hair Transplant in Mumbai, Hair Treatment

So finally if you have decided to get your hair transplant done, you are on a right track. Make it sure that you get your hair transplant surgery done from an eminent hair transplant clinic. The hair transplant done by specialised hair transplant surgeon will offer you a permanent way of regaining your lost hair.

However specialized your doctor may be, there is a certain amount of scarring after undergoing a hair transplant. You should keep in touch with your transplant specialist and take care to take prescribed medications that will reduce the swelling and irritation. After the transplant, you should be very cautious not to touch your scalp under any circumstances.

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Here Are 5 Things Do Do After Hair Transplant

Following your hair transplant surgery, you should take care of the following 5 things to make your hair transplant completely successful.

1. Keeping your head raised

To avoid swelling, it is advised to keep your head raised. While sleeping, you should keep your head on two or more pillows to keep your head elevated. Following a hair transplant, a reclining chair is the perfect option to sleep in.

2. Avoid physical stress

You should avoid going in sun, post a hair transplant surgery. Avoid stressful physical activities to avoid sweat as it increases the risk of infection. Steam and Sauna should be completely avoid following a hair transplant.

3. Eat healthy Food

As Indians, we have habit of eating spicy food. Following a hair transplant, we should avoid eating junk food, drinking alcohol or smoking. These things are not considered good for hair health as they prevent blood flow to the head and so delay the healing process. Healthy food habits will give you the nourishment required and help to recover your hair health very soon.

4. Cleanliness

Keeping your hair and area around your scalp clean is very important for restoring your hair health. Hygiene and cleanliness will help you to recover your hair health soon. If you don’t keep your hair and scalp clean, it can also lead to infection following the surgery, so you should be extra cautious for keeping cleanliness.

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5. Pay Regular visit to your health clinic

Following a hair transplant surgery, you may sometimes feel tenderness and pain at the place of incision. Self-treatment is no recommendation. You should immediately visit your hair specialist and take regular medicines as advised by your hair transplant surgeon. It takes some time to recover so be patient and keep yourself in touch with the hair clinic and the hair transplant surgeon to avoid any complication and to get your hair revival smoothly.

The above things will allow you to get the best out of your hair transplant operation.
With the Best Trichologist In Mumbai from a reputed clinic and taking care of your hair following the treatment, you will get ready to flaunt off with your new and healthy hair in no time.