Skin Lightening Treatment and Remedies

Skin Lightening Treatment and Remedies

by Neha | Feb 16, 2024 | Skin Treatment

When it comes to skin whitening remedies one of the best things that you can do is to get a skin whitening treatment at a reputed clinic. The first name that needs to be mentioned in this case is that of honey and orange. Eating an orange is definitely very good for your health but making a paste from the same would be an excellent step to take for the benefit of your skin. You can always make a paste from the orange peel and mix it with honey. After that, apply it all over your face. If your skin is prone to acne and is oily such a mixture would work well.

Papaya and oatmeal

As far as skin whitening treatment at home is concerned papaya is the best option because nothing else whitens your skin as it does. You can always eat it on a regular basis for a healthy stomach. However, a mask made from papaya and oatmeal would enrich your skin unlike anything else. When you use such a mixture to your skin it lightens your complexion and makes your skin glow. It would also do away with the dark circles under your eye that can look so nasty.


It is at night that our skin loses more water than what happens during the day. This is why it would make sense to rejuvenate, restore, and replenish the water levels in your body during the evening. The best option that you have in this regard is that of lemon. It is great for skin whitening treatment. It can solve all your beauty issues within a very short span of time as well as in a highly effective manner. Everything in a lemon – from its juice to peel – has high nutritional worth. It is rich in Vitamin C.

Yogurt, turmeric, and gram flour

If you are looking for a traditional skin whitening treatment this is your best option for the same. This method is natural as well. In fact, in Indian families, this is the most commonly used one among all such methods. The best part of this is perhaps that it does not use any chemicals as such. Turmeric is capable of whitening your skin and can provide necessary nutrients to your skin as well. It can also cleanse your skin. Only after a few applications, it can make your skin look lighter and healthier. This is the reason why it is used so much on wedding days.

Pumpkin and rice flour

Pumpkin and rice flour are also great options as a skin whitening treatment. Pumpkin has lots and lots of anti-oxidizing agents as well as exfoliating acids. It also has many vitamins ranging from A to C. Along with, it has beta carotene. All these elements play a vital role in brightening and lightening your skin. Rice flour too lightens your skin and fends off blackheads. It can remove extra oil quite efficiently as well.

Apart from these Fuller’s earth and sandalwood oil are great options in this regard as well.

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