Types of latest treatments for Hair Loss

Types of latest treatments for Hair Loss

by Neha | Jan 15, 2024 | Hair Treatment

Hair loss is a big problem that occurs mostly in men though women also suffer from pattern hair baldness. This condition decreases confidence and reduces the excitement and enthusiasm to live life fully. People get depressed with such conditions and lose their grip on the completeness of life. Several effects of hair loss are recorded in the personality of a person and it takes huge courage to go with it. There are a few successful doctors for hair loss in Navi Mumbai who are treating hair loss and giving new confidence to their clients.

People who are suffering from hair loss are opting for hair loss treatment in Navi Mumbai and are getting the best results. They are cured with quality treatment methods with zero side effects. Today, technology has invented such processes for treating hair loss that are worth investing in and giving life back to the sufferers. They are smiling wider today just because of such treatments and living their life with full self-confidence.

Generally, hair doctors in Navi Mumbai have their own recommendations for opting for hair loss treatments from the array. Here are a few of the latest hair loss treatments:

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Lotions and Pills:

There are two drugs that are allowed by the FDA that can be used for the treatment of pattern baldness in men and women. These are Rogaine and Propecia. Propecia is the first pill that is approved to be successful in treating baldness in men. Many doctors recommend this tablet to cure hair loss though it is effective until it is taken. It doesn’t impact the body for longer with positive results. Rogaine is a solution that is used to rub at the affected area and it is also preferred to use under doctor’s prescription only. It slows down the hair loss process but can’t give a hundred percent results.

It is better to go for cosmetic procedures for hair loss as they have permanent solutions and successful hair doctors in Navi Mumbai recommend them as well.

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Hair Transplant:

Also known as hair grafting, this procedure is done by a dermatological surgeon. It is purely a dermatological procedure. Local anesthesia or sedation is provided to the scalp and then micro grafts are transplanted into the scalp. These micrografts have higher hair density and appear like natural human hair without giving any hint of hair loss. There are many kinds of grafts with varied hair density for example slit grafts hold four to ten hair strands and strip grafts can hold thirty-forty long thin hair. The whole procedure is time-consuming and requires special supervision. 

It is recommended by experts to go for the best hair loss treatment clinics in Navi Mumbai if such procedures need to be done. Poor-quality clinics can worsen the conditions. Also after treatment care is very important and maintenance suggestions must be followed.

Scalp Reduction:

Scalp reduction is the method of shrinking the scalp by removing the bald scalp area and stretching the scalp with hair to give it a full hair scalp. This method also requires the injection of sedation into the scalp. Then the dermatological surgeon goes for the surgical treatment of the scalp. Best Trichologist in Mumbai apply this technique to their clients.