Healthy Winter Skin Tips by Dr Neha | Metamorphosis Clinic

Healthy Winter Skin Tips by Dr Neha | Metamorphosis Clinic

by Neha | Nov 28, 2022 | Skin Treatment

Winter is here, and you must be gearing up for the Christmas celebrations. But have you looked at your skin in the mirror? The cold climate and dry weather must have already started to take their toll on the skin. Visit the best skin clinic in Mumbai to get interesting suggestions about skin care. 

Tips for winter skincare

Winters always wreak havoc on the skin, and you may feel there is no escape. But the truth is, you can save your skin.

We always find our skin red and saw once we are outdoors in cold and windy conditions. Once indoors, the heat will absorb the moisture from the skin, and you will feel the dryness on the skin immediately. 

Fortunately, Dr Neha from Metamorphosis, the best skin clinic in Mumbai, can share with you some vital skin care tips. The tips can save your skin from damage owing to winter conditions. 

1: Invest in the humidifiers

During winter, the outdoor air will be dry and cold. And according to our board-certified dermatologist, this dry weather condition is the reason for the deterioration of the skin condition.

  • Installing humidifiers at your home will help to restore the lost moisture in the indoor air.
  • The skin will absorb this moisture and remain hydrated.

Run the humidifiers in 

all the rooms or the room where you spend maximum time. The indoor humidity levels should range between 30% and 50%.

2: Use natural oils and moisturizers

The only things that can keep your skin glowing and supple even in the harsh wintertime are moisturisers and natural oils. Do you know that your body secrets natural oils that can go a long way in saving your skin from the dry winter conditions?

  • Avoid taking long showers, as washing your body frequently will eliminate the natural oils that keep your skin hydrated.
  • When you take a shower, avoid the hot water. Use warm water that never damages the skin. Hot water can cause more harm than good.
  • Once you finish bathing, pat yourself dry. And immediately apply the moisturisers to your damp skin. It maximises the absorption of moisture.

Using an expensive moisturizer is not enough if you don’t know the facts.

3: Don’t forget the sunscreens

Just because the sun’s rays are not as strong as in summer does not imply that you are not exposing yourself to the sun’s UV rays. And Trust me when I say that UV rays never fail to harm your skin.

Being worked at the best skin clinics in MumbaiI can assure you that using sunscreen is as important in winter as in summer. If you live in mountainous regions, then the snow reflects the sun’s rays, adding to the angles of exposure to UV rays.

So, don’t let your guard down. For you need to protect the skin from sunburn and skin cancer. 

4: Maintain cool temperatures indoor

You aren’t treating your skin fairly if you get indoors and immediately turn on the room heater to warm up the space. Instead, you are inflicting more harm with this sudden temperature change to dehydrate the skin further.

Instead, the best skin clinics in Mumbai suggest you maintain a cool temperature inside that won’t allow the indoor air to get drier. So, do make sure that you maintain a comfortable temperature indoors, which will help to retain the moisture inside the skin. 

5: Choose the gentle cleansers

Bar soaps can deteriorate the dry condition of the skin as it strips the natural oils from your skin. And it disrupts the microbiome too. So, according to the experts at metamorphosis clinic Mumbaiyou should get cleansers that are for sensitive skin. 

  • For dry skin, cleansers devoid of dyes are the best
  • Fragrance-free cleansers work the best. 

The absence of drying ingredients and fragrances makes sure that the concentration of ceramides, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and oils is higher in the substance. 

6: Modification in the skin regime is essential

It’s not uncommon to have dry and itchy skin in winter. And that leads to an important suggestion from the best skin clinic in Mumbai. You need to stop using skin care products for the face that contain alpha-hydroxy acids and retinoids. 

The above elements can lead to further skin irritations and may even lead to irritant dermatitis. It is a kind of skin reaction that happens with the prolonged use of a skin irritant. 

Once your skin heals, you are good to go back to the older skin care products. Also, you should avoid using products that contain alcohol and fragrances. These will help the skin to retain the natural oils. 

  • Toners may cause dryness. So, apply moisturizer on top of the toner. 
  • Use the richer moisturizer at night, as this can seal the moisture in your body. 

The products contain shea butter, petrolatum, and squalene for a protective shield on the skin’s surface to lock the moisture inside the skin. 

7: Skin care treatments at the best skin clinics in Mumbai

It’s essential to mention that Metamorphosis offers a plethora of skin care services that aim to make your skin healthier in winter. It’s not possible for most of you to pamper the skin often.

But let us remember that pampering is important, especially when the outside weather is not friendly to the skin. You should visit the metamorphosis clinic Mumbai at regular intervals to allow our experts to offer the perfect nutrition to your skin.

We believe that the skin is mostly like a sponge. So, if we can provide the right nutrients to the skin during winter, we can stop the dryness and roughness. 

8: Make an intelligent choice of clothing

You may be surprised to know that the choice of clothing can also affect the quality of your skin. For instance, if you keep wool very close to your skin, it’s common to feel skin irritation. 

That is why you need to keep the cold-weather fabrics at a safe distance from direct contact with the skin. Also, prefer the light layers that comprise soft and breathable materials like cotton or silk. 

And don’t forget mittens and gloves for they protect the hands from the cold. Wool gloves can cause itching. You can always try the leather one. 

The best skin clinic in Mumbai will request you to wear appropriate and comfortable clothing in winter to avoid skin irritations. 

9: Moisturize from within

Finally, maintain a healthy diet with lots of fruits and water to make sure that you are hydrated from within. The skin will get the necessary water from the water you intake daily. 

The metamorphosis clinic Mumbai is a place where you will find not only the experts at work on practical treatments but also the experts offering valuable suggestions for perfect skin care. 

We believe that skincare begins at home. So, we always suggest everyone take minimum care of the skin, especially in winter. And leave the rest to us. 

For we love to take care of your skin in the best way possible.