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Enhance Your Facial Beauty With Chemical Peel Treatment

Because of the changes in lifestyle today, including poor and oily diets and a high degree of air pollution, our skin undergoes a lot of punishment. That is why it is common to find people complaining of a variety of blemishes, some of which are :

  • Age spot
  • Freckles
  • Melasma (dark patches)
  • Acne
  • Wrinkles
  • Lines on face
  • Sun damage


What Is a Chemical Peel?

In order to counter the effects of damage to the skin, a chemical peel is a treatment that is becoming more popular and is showing better results. A solution of the requisite chemicals is applied to the skin, and after it dries, it forms a dry layer which is peeled and taken off, to reveal newer skin underneath, which is free of the earlier blemishes. Each clinic would have its special formulation, but the most common ingredients are glycolic acid and trichloroacetic acid.

Before You Start Chemical Peel Treatment

Like we said earlier, the doctors at your clinic would ask many questions and offer several suggestions before chemical peel treatment can be initiated. Some of them are :

  • Examination of existing scars and blemishes and history of earlier ones
  • Assessment of history of medicals taken earlier
  • Listing of present medications
  • Possibility of prescription of certain preparatory medicines before the procedure
  • Specially formulated diet plan for at least 2-3 weeks before the chemical peel treatment


After Chemical Treatment

While going in for chemical peel treatment, it is important that the doctors clearly explain the possible after effects to the patient, because some of those might make the patient needlessly nervous. Usually, your skin would resemble a sun burnt skin once the blisters are taken off. The reddish appearance would be followed by scales which would go off within seven days. Some patients also get small to medium sized blisters on their skin, which would go off within the next seven days. Knowing these possible effects would stop the patient from getting scared after the procedure.

Where to Get a Chemical Peel

The facial skin is the part of your body that the world sees, so any blemishes on it would be detrimental to your self-confidence. That is why you should think long and hard before going in for any kind of treatment for your skin. If you are not sure if a chemical peel treatment would work for you, a consultation with the best skin specialist in Mumbai would help answer some of your queries. You can visit a reputed clinic to get all your doubts clarified and check out the facilities for yourself. One of the best places for skin treatment in Mumbai is Metamorphosis where a tolerability profile is carried out on all patients to determine if their skin is ready for orange peel treatment, and if so, then which peel would be most efficacious. As we outlined above, there might be a few adverse reactions depending on certain skin types. Only a good quality clinic would be able to assess the skin properly and prescribe the right chemical peel for every patient without any unwanted after effects.

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