10 Interesting Facts About Laser Hair Removal For Your Face

10 Interesting Facts About Laser Hair Removal For Your Face

by Neha | Feb 11, 2024 | Hair Treatment

Are you confused about getting a laser hair removal treatment for the face?

Thinking about its pros and cons?

Well, it’s time to make the right decision!

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This article lists ten interesting facts about laser hair removal treatment for your facial hair that will help you make the right choice.

Laser Hair Removal For Face Is Safe

The laser hair removal treatment is perfectly safe and benefits both men and women. Today’s technological advancements make it possible to create lasers that have zero negative effects on the skin or cause hyperpigmentation. At Metamorphosis, every client is offered a customized laser treatment plan to prevent skin irritation and reduce any possible side effects. 

Further, the procedure hardly produces any side effects. Some clients might experience redness and swelling, but that too fades away in a few days.

Avoid Tweezing, Threading Or Waxing Between Sessions

Avoid tweezing or threading at all costs in between sessions as these methods directly target the hair follicle’s pigment, and if that’s gone, then the treatment will not be effective. Every session plans to target a specific percentage of hair growth, and traditional hair removal methods hamper the treatment results.

A Painless Procedure

An interesting fact about Permanent Face Hair Removal is that it’s a completely pain-free procedure. It feels like a hot stone massage. We at the Metamorphosis clinic apply a special gel that helps minimize any minor pain.

Time-Saving Procedure

Laser hair removal treatments can be really quick, depending upon the size of the facial area being treated. Facial areas are usually small and require around 10-20 minutes of treatment. It means that you can schedule your laser appointments at your convenience without affecting your daily routine.

It Takes 6-8 Sessions To Notice Visible Results

The number of treatment sessions varies as per the client’s facial hair type. However, the minimum number of sessions required is between 6-8 sessions. The number of sessions needed depends upon your facial hair’s growth and thickness, and the best results are achieved in around 8-12 sessions. Also, maintenance sessions are required once in 3-4 months initially and then every 6-9 months.

Permanent Face Hair Removal After Care

A few aftercare tips need to be followed after the treatment. This involves skipping other facial hair removal methods like tweezing, threading, and avoiding sun exposure as much as possible as this can cause skin irritation. Ensure sunscreen application when exposed to the sun, take cool showers, and avoid hot showers for up to 48 hours after the treatment.

Remove All Your Makeup Before The Procedure

A crucial step before the treatment involves removing all your face makeup. Not removing all of your makeup can intervene in the results of your treatment causing skin burns, pigmentation, irritation and discomfort. Permanent Face Hair Removal treatment must always be conducted on naked facial skin.

You Save Money In The Long Run

You save money in the long run from laser treatments. Although it might seem like a considerable investment at first compared to waxing or threading, the long-run costs will be much lower compared to the long-term costs of traditional hair removal methods.

The Results Are Permanent

The results are always permanent if you religiously attend all your treatment sessions. Missing even a single treatment causes your hair to go through the growth cycle uninterrupted. It means that it cannot be treated again until again the next cycle or can even be missed altogether.

Works Perfectly On All Skin Types & Tones

A significant fact about the permanent body hair removal treatment is that it works perfectly for all skin tones and types. So be it sensitive, dry or dull skin, the treatment is suitable for all skin types giving your skiing a healthy and fresh look!

How laser hair removal actually works?

Laser hair removal is one medical process, which will be using a concentrated beam of light or laser, designed for removing unwanted hair. During this process, a laser will emit light, absorbed by the melanin or pigment in the hair. Then the light energy gets converted to heat, which will further damage the tube-shaped sacs within hair follicles that will produce hair. This damage will either inhibit or just delay the entire hair growth process in near future.

  • Even though laser therapy helps in delaying the hair growth process for a longer span of time, it won’t result in that permanent hair removal.
  • Multiple types of hair removal treatments are needed for that basic hair removal. 
  • Maintenance treatments might also be needed for improving the look and value of the items.
  • Laser hair removal is highly effective for those people with lighter skin and darker hair. However, it is meant to be pretty successful and has proven to be used in all skin types.

Reasons behind its growing popularity:

The main goal of this process is to reduce unwanted hair follicles. Some of the common treatment locations will be armpits, legs, bikini zone, chin and upper lip. But, it is always important to treat unwanted hair in any possible area, except the extremely sensitive eyelid zone or the surrounding spots. Moreover, if your skin areas have tattoos, then laser treatment might not be a good call to address.

  • Now, the success story of laser hair removal will depend a lot on the skin type that you have and the hair colour.
  • The main principle is associated with the hair pigment and not that of the skin, which is used for absorbing the light of the laser beam.
  • The laser is designed to damage only the hair follicle and avoid damage to the skin for sure.
  • So, there remains a complete contrast between the skin and the hair colour. 
  • For the best outcomes, you need to opt for lighter skin and dark hair colour.

The damage risk proves to be a lot greater when there remains a little contrast between the skin and the hair colour. However, there have been some advantages in this field where you have made laser hair removal to be an option for those with darker skin tones. 

However, for coloured hair follicles, laser hair removal is less effective. Gray, blonde, white and red is some of the colours, which won’t absorb the laser beam light well. Experts are still in the development process while focusing on laser treatment options for light-coloured hair follicles.

Get along with the risk factor as well:

Much like with any other treatment, if done incorrectly, that will give rise to the main risk factor related to laser hair removal. The risks will vary depending on the treatment plan chosen, hair colour, type of skin and even adherence to the post-treatment and pre-treatment care. There are some common side effects available with laser hair removal. Understanding those points beforehand is actually a necessity these days.

  • The Laser Hair Removal Treatment can sometimes lighten or darken the affected skin area if not done in the best possible manner. However, these changes are permanent or temporary. 
  • Skin lightening will affect mainly those patients, who failed to avoid sun exposure before or even after the treatment and those with darker skin tones. But with expert guidance, you can avoid being in this situation from the very beginning.
  • Skin irritation is another temporary form of discomfort that you might face over here. You might see redness and swelling, which are some of the common conditions associated with laser hair removal. But, after some hours, the redness or swelling will start to disappear.

There are very rare instances when the laser hair removal treatment might provide blisters, scars, crust or any other form of skin texture damage. No matter what the situation might be, getting the best treatment will always be a good call. With our team from Metamorphosis, you don’t have to bother dealing with the risk factors at all.

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Testing out the skin first:

Before starting off with the laser hair removal process, we will first focus on the skin condition of every patient possible. You will be amazed by the results waiting for you to grab. It is only after testing out the present condition of the skin that we will start with the laser hair removal treatment. Just give us a call and let us serve you with the best treatment plan ever. 

We will further guide you on ways to prepare for the treatment, which will minimize the risk factor to the next stage! So, catch up with us now and you won’t regret making this decision at all.

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