Laser Treatment For Hair Removal – The Solution That Will Last Forever!

Laser Treatment For Hair Removal – The Solution That Will Last Forever!

by Neha | Feb 13, 2024 | Laser Treatment

Laser treatment for hair removal is a non-invasive method for reducing or removing unwanted facial or body hair permanently. The treatment leaves your skin smoother as compared to waxing, razors, or electrolysis methods. It can be carried over large areas with the help of minimal discomfort and with no downtime. Today laser hair removal has become one of the most preferred aesthetic options among people to treat their unwanted hair on the body or face. With the treatment, you can easily flaunt your smooth silky skin!

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Let us go into the details of Laser hair removal treatment in this blog.

The Process

Before the treatment protective eye shields will be kept on your eyes to prevent any discomfort to your eyes. First of all ,the hair that will undergo the Laser hair removal treatment will be first zero trimmed at the skin surface to protect the outer layer of your skin.Then a cold gel or a cooling device will be used that will make the treatment even more effective by allowing laser light penetration into your skin.

The most important lasers for hair removal make use of a low-energy laser beam that will be adjusted into your skin as per the colour thickness and the location of the hair. The energy laser beam is then passed through the skin and will be absorbed by the pigment of the active growth hair follicles and this area will be observed to make sure that the process is correct and there would be no adverse reactions of the treatment.

Once the procedure is completed, you may be asked to treat that area with ice packs, cold water, or some anti-inflammatory creams as redness can occur transiently. During the treatment the laser technician will also address any further questions that will help you take better care of the treated areas while removing any discomfort.

However, to get the optimal results multiple sessions may be required. Your dermatologist will guide you about the number of sessions to be required as per your hair growth.

Most dermatologists recommend the Laser hair treatment interval of 4 to 8 weeks that depends upon the area of the body that will be treated along with the gender, age, and hair growth pattern.


In all cases, you may get back to your work and can perform other daily activities right after the treatment. However, it becomes very important that you follow the instructions provided by your dermatologist. Right after the treatment, you can experience smoother skin and a tremendous reduction in the number of hair in the area that was treated with the laser. There might be some minor skin irritation after the treatment but that won’t take much time to resolve.

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The Final Results

Laser hair removal is permanent but it may take 4 to 8 sessions to ensure that all active growth hair follicles have been removed accurately.

However, to get the best outcome, it is highly recommended to take the follow-up evaluation sessions of your dermatologist and do not hesitate to discuss the issues whenever you find any changes in the treatment.

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