Hair Transplant – Best Non Surgical Hair Regrowth Treatment

Hair Transplant – Best Non Surgical Hair Regrowth Treatment

by Neha | Jan 30, 2024 | Hair Transplant, Hair Treatment

Did you know that 99% of people face the problem of hair fall and hair loss at some point in their life? It can happen due to your genes, hormones, health, stress, some chemical hair treatments, or medications. It can happen to both men and women, however, it is more common in men. Some people hide their hair loss by changing their hairstyle or by wearing hats whereas others choose to opt for hair restoration procedures. Androgenic alopecia has influenced 85% of men across the globe. Hair loss is known to cause drastic and damaging emotions in people which can have a very negative impact on their lives which is why it is important to address hair loss at the right stage. It is also true that there are non-surgical hair treatment methods that restore falling hair. Solutions that save the day when you begin to worry so don’t panic. There are various ways to reverse hair loss and thinning in India.

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Some Signs and Symptoms of Hair Loss Precipitate as:

  1. Thinning around the vertex area
  2. Receding hairline that becomes more visible every year
  3. Scaly patches across the scalp
  4. Sudden loss of 300 hair strands per day(telogen effluvium)
  5. Widening of the central part

You should consider seeing a Hair Specialist In Mumbai if you have any of the above changes. A doctor or clinic who doesn’t just conclude that every patient needs to undergo a Hair Transplant because in clinical cosmetology, first understanding the root cause of hair loss matters? By being open in the conversation, you can also help your physician gather detailed information to verify and determine if you are a good candidate for any surgical or non-surgical procedure. Consider that there is an advantage to it because even after deliberation on various treatment options, surgical or non-surgical decisions still lie in your hands.

Now let’s talk about the most common causes of hair loss.

Common Causes of Hair Loss in Men:

  1. Genetics-most common cause usually starts with a receding hairline and bald spots in the crown area.
  2. Medical reasons-anemia/thyroid problems/obesity/insulin resistance.
  3. Medication related-chemotherapeutics, antidepressants, some cardiovascular and hypertensive medications.
  4. Stress.
  5. Infections such as ringworm.
  6. Lifestyle habits such as obesity.

Common Causes of Hair Loss in Women:

  1. Hormonal imbalances such as PCOS
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism
  4. Stress
  5. Menopause
  6. Excessive use of styling products

Depending upon the grade of the hair loss at the time you see your physician the right treatment modality is outlined for you such as Medications, Mesotherapy, Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy, LLLT, or Hair Transplant. If your hair loss has started recently your doctor should be able to just control and reverse it with the help of the right medication.

The first non-surgical option for hair loss is advanced Mesotherapy. As prevention is better than cure, this procedure helps prevent further hair loss by preserving the existing hair follicle and reversing the bald area. It is deemed suitable for a male with pattern baldness or men and women who suffer from alopecia and hair thinning. It also strengthens the hair root, improves the texture and quality of your existing hair as well as stimulates blood circulation.

What exactly is a Mesotherapy procedure about?

Mesotherapy for hair involves delivering small doses of vitamins and nutrients to the scalp using fine needles. It nourishes the scalp and accelerates cell metabolism. It also helps to inactivate the Dihydrotestosterone hormone (DHT).

Advantages of Hair Mesotherapy:

  1. Safe technique.
  2. No downtime.Quick recovery.
  3. Virtually painless.
  4. No side effects.

Besides this option, there is Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy which is as simple as drawing a patient’s blood and sending it to the lab for processing. During a process where Autologous Platelet Gel is separated and drawn from other blood components. The processed Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy is then injected back into the scalp to stimulate hair follicles and enhance growth. It is considered one of the safest procedures by top dermatologists across India. However the technique and Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy kit used in this procedure is extremely important as that indicates the success rate post-procedure.

The most common Hereditary or androgenic alopecia occurs due to follicle miniaturization. Due to the DHT hormone, follicles reduce in size and are incapable of sustaining the hair growth cycle, so these follicles fail to enter the anagen phase and end up entering the shedding phase. Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy helps to push the follicles into the growing stage by treating follicle miniaturization.

The procedure of Hair Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy:

A blood sample is collected. It is then centrifuged at a specific rpm. A topical anesthetic cream is applied to the scalp. The prepared plasma is then injected into the scalp. Like mentioned earlier on the technique and use of the right tubes and kit are of utmost importance here.

Advantages of Hair Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy:

  1. Excellent results in hair thinning by increasing the hair shaft size.
  2. Increases blood supply to the follicles.
  3. Decreases hair loss quickly and effectively
  4. Minimal discomfort
  5. No downtime

Low-level laser therapy for hair loss(LLLT):

It is a popular treatment option, completely non-invasive. It uses painless light therapy, helps to reduce inflammation, and improves blood circulation. Advantages of LLLT:

  1. Safe and effective
  2. No needles, cuts, or scalpel
  3. Ideal for those who are against needles and surgical procedures
  4. A proven method to increase hair density

Hair Transplant:

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that involves taking micro follicular units from the back of your scalp (occipital region) and transplanting it to the affected areas. The procedure is done under local anesthesia.

Advantages of Hair transplantation:

  1. Permanent solution
  2. Natural-looking results
  3. Covers bald spots almost completely
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Well distributed hair

Mesotherapy VS Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy?

Mesotherapy involves injecting nutrients and vitamins into your scalp, while Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy involves injecting a concentrated plasma from your own blood into the affected areas of hair loss. Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy is a quicker and faster method for hair restoration as compared to mesotherapy. Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy is completely safe and does not cause any side effects. Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy can be used post-transplant as an adjunct treatment to stimulate hair growth as well.

Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy VS LLLT?

LLLT involves the use of low-level lasers to increase blood circulation. Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy involves using your own blood cells to minimize miniaturization. Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy involves the use of needles whereas LLLT doesn’t need any needles. Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy is more effective than LLLT as a standalone therapy to treat hair loss and increase density.

Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy VS Hair Transplant?

Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy is a non-surgical procedure whereas hair transplantation is a surgical procedure. Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy is like putting a fertilizer whereas hair transplant is putting seeds. Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy is effective where there is reduced density. In areas of complete baldness and hairline loss, Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy will not work much, Hair Specialist In Mumbai is the ideal choice in these cases. Hair transplant one session can give desired results whereas multiple sessions of Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy are required. Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy is still an excellent non-invasive procedure to reverse hair thinning, treat hair fall or minimize the development of bald patches.

MesotherapyAutologous Platelet Gel TherapyLLLTHair Transplant
Time30 minutes1 hour30 Minutes5-6 hours
CostRs 2000 to 8000 per sessionRs 5000-15000 per sessionRs 1000-3000 per sessionRs 50,000-2,00,000
PainPain while injectingLesser pain than mesotherapyNonePostoperative pain
ResultsPrevents baldnessPrevents thinning, helps in hair growthImproves blood circulation and hair densityTreats hair loss
RiskSwelling and inflammationNo side effectsNo side effectsScar, infection

Now we will talk about some ways where you could prevent hair fall on your own:


  1. Avoid keeping your hair in tight hairstyles such as braids or ponytails.
  2. Avoid pulling or rubbing or twisting your hair.
  3. Be gentle with your hair while washing or brushing. Using a wide-toothed comb is better than a skinny comb. Avoid brushing wet hair.
  4. Regular wash hair with a pH-balanced shampoo.
  5. Avoid chemical procedures such as perming or heat treatments such as ironing or hot curls.
  6. Try to avoid any medication or supplement that could cause the hair to fall. Notice the trend in hair fall, if it happens after starting a new supplement or medication.
  7. Try to protect your hair from direct UV light. You can wear a bandana or scarf to prevent this.
  8. If you are a smoker, there are higher chances for hair to fall, so you can limit the amount you smoke.
  9. By increasing protein, in your diet, you can help strengthen your hair
  10. Keep yourself hydrated.
  11. Make time for physical activity every day.
  12. Don’t let sweat accumulate in your hair.


  1. Make a list of all the lifestyle changes, a list of medications, complete medical history.
  2. You can ask your doctor multiple questions including What could be the most likely cause of my hair fall?
  3. Should I be doing any blood investigations?
  4. The hair that has fallen, is it likely they would grow back?
  5. Should I be doing any necessary lifestyle changes that could help?
  6. Can we treat the hair fall without having to take any medications?

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There are a lot of non-surgical options when it comes to finding the correct treatment for your hair loss. The Hair Specialist In Mumbai are effective for both men and women. The cost of the treatments varies upon the grade of hair loss and the extent of the area involved. You don’t have to settle with that receding hairline or bald spots. We have laid out the differences and tentative costs between 4 different treatment modalities of hair loss and regrowth. You can consult your doctor and start the right choice of treatment indicated for your condition. Metamorphosis Clinic has 7 branches across Mumbai and 2 branches in Delhi. It is a trusted brand to help reverse your lost hair. After all, isn’t a full-covered scalp is what all of us want? Now u know there are both non-surgical and surgical methods available to reverse hair loss.