Things you need to know before having Body Contouring Surgery

Things you need to know before having Body Contouring Surgery

by Neha | Jan 12, 2024 | Obesity

There is no doubt about the fact that obesity remains a crucial health concern today. It has been reported that in places like Delhi and Mumbai, obesity is slowly on its way to assume the shape of an epidemic. 

Now, there are times when it becomes impossible to address obesity by any means—not even exercise or diet or an overall healthy lifestyle helps. This is when surgery emerges as the only possible obesity treatment that you can access. However, you need to keep a few factors in view before opting for obesity surgery. Here are details. 

What is obesity? 

To start off with, let us tell you that obesity has its roots in genetics. It is generally characterized by a strong desire to consume food. Now obesity surgery is no long-term solution. It works by controlling your hunger, thereby helping you gain control over your weight. But under no circumstances should surgery be treated as a magic potion which will literally turn you from an obese into someone with a svelte frame. 

You need to have realistic expectations from surgery. A credentialed surgeon will never give you false hopes regarding the results. As you go further through the post, it will help you understand better – exactly why we are saying this. You should have Practical Expectations from the Surgery At the onset, you should know that though obesity surgery is the last resort to weight loss, it cannot work in isolation. You would still require that gym membership in order to enjoy the benefits of the surgery in the long term. Your doctor would definitely recommend the right diet and the lifestyle changes that you should implement post surgery. However, you should be prudent enough to include exercises in the new regime as well. 

Once you are cleared by your doctor, you can start off with the low-intensity weight loss exercises. Walking, climbing up the stairs instead of taking the lift etc are just a few changes that can help you experience long-term benefits of the surgery. The Process is Long-Drawn Please understand the fact that obesity surgery is not an overnight process. It implies that once you reach out to an obesity clinic in Mumbai your doctor will clear you for the surgery only when he is convinced that diet and exercises will not be of help. You will be required to furnish a substantial record to prove that exercises and diet have not been of help. 

You need to be Emotionally Stable You need to take the emotional considerations into account as well. Don’t be surprised or shocked if your friends or family end up questioning your decision. 

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After all, there are people who refuse to believe that exercises and diet are not infallible. They work for most of the people out there – but there are exceptions to the rule as well. There are people who are just not aware that such exceptions exist as well. 

So, instead of bowing down emotionally make sure you are actually standing up for yourself and explaining your situation on the basis of Science.