Know More About Hair Regain Therapy With Dermaroller for Hair Growth

Know More About Hair Regain Therapy With Dermaroller for Hair Growth

by Neha | May 28, 2023 | Hair Treatment

Normal and balanced hair growth and replacement involve the loss of hair. This is completely natural during the growth procedure. The hair follicles have the tendency to undergo growth and resting cycle in a non-synchronized way. Losing hair or facing baldness depends a lot on the genetics in both males and females. Several other factors like stress, diet, medications, illness, and much more have a great role to play in affecting hair growth.

People tend to go for various treatments to regain hair but often fail to see the reasons behind it. A hereditary condition known as male-pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness is responsible for causing hair loss. The reduction in the size of hair follicles is also among one of the common reasons for your hair loss. An individual needs to be aware of the possible treatments that are available in the medical field.

What are the reasons behind hair loss?

There are a lot of reasons that an individual goes through while dealing through hair loss issues. Some of them are mentioned below.

Hormonal Changes

If you tend to take a lot of stress or are undergoing hormonal changes then the chances are high that the rate of hair fall will increase. Factors like pollution and hereditary issues also play a great role in affecting your hair growth.

Drugs Consumption

Consumption of several medicines can also lead to hair fall. The medicines and therapies used to treat health issues like heart problems, cancer, high blood pressure, etc. can lead to baldness. It is most commonly visible through radiation and chemotherapy treatments.


As difficult as this process sounds, so are its consequences. In the majority of the cases, the women undergo temporary hair loss after giving birth to a child. Sometimes, a condition named trichotillomania may arise where it becomes a necessity to get the scalp hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows removed.

Alopecia Areata

This is an autoimmune disease where the cells of growing hair bulbs are attacked by the immune system and it results in hair loss. The reason behind this condition is not known and has most chances of occurring if it runs in the family history. It can occur in cases of rheumatoid arthritis or also in cases of Type 1 diabetes.

What is hair regain therapy?

Hair regains therapy refers to a non-invasive treatment that aims to use a dermaroller for hair growth and helps to accelerate blood circulation. Now, you must be thinking what a dermaroller is? Well, it is a device that requires a roller, a handle, and some fine needles.

The length of the needles ranges between 0.25 to 2.00 mm.

The main purpose of hair regain therapy is to promote the production of collagen and stimulate hair growth in areas that have become prone to baldness. The microneedles present on the roller helps in developing tiny punctures that require stimulation and enhanced penetration of the nutrients being used with the roller. This procedure is performed

until the small bleeding points become visible to you. To seal or conclude the procedure, the hair growth specialists perform laser therapy for around 25 minutes.

How is the procedure carried out?

Several steps are involved in the procedure to regain hairs with the help of a dermaroller. It is necessary to know about them before you proceed with this treatment option.

● Initially, you are made to undergo a hair stimulation massage for a time period of 20 minutes or as advised by the doctors.

● Once this is done, the hair wash is performed and the area to be treated is cleaned properly and thoroughly. The dermaroller is made to roll all over the surface that helps in sectioning the area properly.

● This device is moved in a back and forth motion that forms the small bleeding points and allows for the better penetration of the solution present in the dermaroller.

● Once the rolling is completed, the specialists perform icing and apply an antiseptic cream to avoid any kind of side effects. After this, low-level laser treatment is also done for a time period of 25 minutes.

● While undergoing this treatment, the patients feel minimum to no pain during the entire procedure. The patients get to go home immediately once the treatment is performed.

Consult the doctor in advance

It is necessary to consult your doctor in advance and know you can regain hair based on your medical condition. The doctors will give solutions to your every query and will tell you about the risks involved as well. The doctors have the vision of providing you with the best result-oriented treatment. They help you in every way possible and give consideration to your concerns as well.

The use of dermaroller for hair growth is quite a common one and is being used by a lot of doctors to treat patients. The treatment is decided after carefully examining the patient and checking their family history as well. Based on your medical health, the doctor will select the right treatment for you. The examination involves everything ranging from diet, medications, genetics to surgical history.

What benefits are offered by dermaroller?

● Dermaroller is highly beneficial for stimulating hair growth and it helps you to see the desired results. This therapy induces cell formation in the body and directly stimulates hair growth. Undergoing this treatment will also help you to strengthen your hair and also improve the thickness of the existing hairs.

● This treatment proves out to be effective for everyone and is considered to be a safe process. The patients have observed the visible effects and have made it possible for patients to develop confidence in them regarding their aesthetics.

● With the help of a dermaroller, collagen production is enhanced in the body and its synthesis occurs at a better speed. Collagen is a protein element that is present in the body and helps in hair growth. Apart from this, dermaroller therapy also causes an increase in blood flow. This is an additional benefit that the patients experience through this treatment.

● This process helps in getting the desired results and the application of low-level laser therapy is helpful in sealing the procedure. This step aids in invigorating the circulation and stimulation. The laser contains photons that are absorbed by the weak cells present on your scalp as they encourage hair growth.

● To promote hair growth, a variety of solutions can be used in dermaroller like minoxidil and various hair boosters. These help in the better stimulation of hair growth. Further, it advised undergoing at least two sessions per week to see the effective results.

If you have visited several doctors and have tried a variety of medications and none of them has worked for you then the doctor himself might advise you to go for hair regain therapy. It becomes necessary to undergo anti-hair fall treatment and get your medical history checked to find out the proper solutions. It is important to undertake appropriate treatments for yourself.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to find out the possible solutions to your condition and make sure that you visit the best doctor for your treatment. This will help you in avoiding any kind of complications later. It is important to go ahead with any treatment only after you have conducted proper research on the treatments