How To Get Even-Toned, Soft, And Attractive Lips!

How To Get Even-Toned, Soft, And Attractive Lips!

by Neha | Aug 23, 2022 | Skin Treatment

Lip treatments have turned out to comprise a major service sector in the beauty industry. Whether it is about changing the contour of the lips or enhancing its appearance, countless aestheticians are now at work to show how it is possible to cause applaudable transformation through lip jobs.  Over the past couple of years, a new treatment has emerged that’s more relevant to women, rather than men. Welcome to the world of lip lightening, the process of dark lips treatment.

What is lip lightening?

You can hardly find people who don’t love the natural color of lips. However, not all of you are lucky enough to maintain the perfect lip color over the tears. You may develop a darker shade of lip with time owing to certain medical and lifestyle factors.  The process of lip lightening involves performing a non-invasive procedure to restore the lighter natural shade of your lips. It is a safe and precise procedure. But you should know about the process thoroughly to make sure that you are undergoing the treatment with practical expectations in mind. 

Causes of lip darkening

One of the questions that often come from prospective clients to the doctors is, what is the cause of lip darkening? The answer is not a single reason but a collective list of reasons that explain the darkening of lips.  Mostly, it is the result of natural hyperpigmentation that causes the secretion of excessive melanin. The other causes include
  • Lack of hydration to the lips
  • Smoking the cigarettes that expose the lips to nicotine
  • Intake of much caffeine
  • Excessive exposure to the harmful UV rays
  • The tendency of sucking lips
  • Allergic response to lipstick, kinds of toothpaste, and more. 
It’s possible to address many of these causes by changing your lifestyle and activities. For instance, wearing sunscreen, limiting the intake of caffeine, controlling cigarette smoking, and changing the toothpaste brands, are some of the many reasons that can stop further darkening of the lips.  There can be medical reasons for lip darkening too. For instance, 
  • Prolonged chemotherapy will cause darkening of lips.
  • Anemia is another cause. In fact, doctors suggest a blood test for anemia by seeing the lip color sometimes. 
  • Excessive use of fluoride can darken the shade of natural lip color
  • Vitamin deficiency is another cause. 
These are all the causes of the darkening. But it is also necessary to know how to control the damage. 

How to lighten the lips

Planning to treat hyperpigmentation of lips is mostly a cosmetic decision. You can undergo chemical treatments or laser treatments for the process. The use of hydroquinone and kojic acid is common when it comes to treating lip hyperpigmentation. Some treatment plans work by inhibiting enzymes that produce more melanin. 

Effective methodology

If you are consulting with the top cosmetic specialists, you will be glad to know that the standard dark lips treatment is a matter of 15 to 20 minutes. Wondering how is that possible? Continue reading to know what happens in this short duration.
  1. The doctor will cleanse the lips using some gentle cleanser, most probably the medicated ones. 
  2. The specialist will perform a patch test on a small section of the skin to determine whether your skin shows any adverse reaction to the chemicals present in the peel. 
  3. If your body does not show any allergic reaction, the professional will apply the peel to your lips. The peel is in the form of a gel, that the doctor will apply with the help of a brush. 
  4. You have to keep it on the lips for at least 5 to 10 minutes.
  5. The professional will clean off the peel and neutralize the skin to avoid deep penetration. 
  6. The doctor will also apply an adequate quantity of sunscreen to avoid exposure of the skin to UV rays. 
  7. The specialist will pat dry the lips and you can leave.
Yes, the process is as smooth as it sounds right now. 

Why undergo the lip lightening treatment?

If you have understood how simple the process can be, you are certainly more eager to know about the rest of the benefits of the treatment process.

Softer lips

Whether your lips have darkened owing to medical reasons or lifestyle issues, you will agree that the lip turns harder with the darkening. Once you undergo this procedure, you will feel that the lips have turned softer. Also, they look supple, which makes the lips more attractive than ever. 

1. Nourish the lips

There is no better way to provide adequate nutrition to the lips other than the dark lips treatment. If you are visiting the best clinic, you will get complete care for the lips where the peel will contain the nutritive factors that enhance the skin quality. 

2. Adequate moisturization

As you already know, dehydration can be a significant reason for the lips to turn darker. But the above treatment plan is the best way to provide moisture to the parched lips. The penetration of moisture will hydrate the cells of the dermal layer, making the lips softer. 

3. A quick remedy

The process is a very precise one. Naturally, the time consumption is minimum. Even if you have a very busy schedule, you can manage at least 15 to 20 minutes, which is enough to complete the treatment, if you have booked the slot.  However, you need to consult first and allow the skin specialist to assess your lips. The doctor can even run some tests to confirm whether you are an appropriate candidate for the treatment. The short duration of the treatment process is one of the prime reasons for its increasing popularity. 

 4. Safe process

If you have gone through the steps stated above, it should be clear by now that the process has no safety issues. The allergy patch test will be another safety measure that will help in avoiding any allergic reaction in the sensitive skin of the lips. If you are looking for a safe and effective procedure, this is the one to avail yourself of. 

5. Quick outcome

It is innate human nature to expect immediate transformations after undergoing any procedure. The dark lips treatmentis not also an exception in terms of the expectations of the clients. And the best part is, that the process truly shows the results within a short time.  The doctor will tell you how many sessions will you need to make sure that the lip darkening has reduced to the maximum attainable level. As the session is quick and at frequent intervals, you can see the transformation in minimum time. 

Choose the specialist carefully

The only thing that you have to be careful about is the choice of the clinic for the process. Many skin care clinics offer treatment facilities nowadays. But do all of them have expert specialists who can do the job flawlessly?
  • Inquire about the experience of the specialist who will be your consultant for the procedure. If the professional does not have many success stories to share, you may not prefer to be the guinea pig in this regard. 
  • Knowledge of the specialist is also a considerable factor. Without the right knowledge, the specialist won’t be able to handle the case if you are allergic to any component of the peel.
Moreover, the skin clinic should have the right setup for performing the treatment procedure. 

Be ready for the results

In most cases, the visible change is noticeable since the second session. The standard gap between the consecutive sessions is 20 days and this will go on for 3 to 5 months, depending on the nature and extent of the darkening.

Decide after discussion

There can be two methods to follow for dark lips treatment. 
  1. Lip peeling lightening treatment
  2. Lip laser treatment for lightening
A thorough discussion with the doctor is necessary before deciding which one will be more suitable in your case. Usually, the doctor will suggest a better option after analyzing the cause and extent of the hyperpigmentation. 

Get complete support

If you choose to go with the laser treatment process, then you will certainly need the infrastructure with advanced technology. Laser treatment will need the use of the latest laser equipment that will maintain safety and improvise effectivity to the maximum level.  Get recommendations from friends or family if someone has already received the treatment. It is also crucial to read the reviews of the clinic before deciding to undergo treatment there. Hence, you have to do a little bit of research before proceeding with the plan. 

Check the images

When you are discussing the various aspects of lip-lightening treatment, you are just visualizing something in your mind. But it is important to know what sort of change can you expect from the procedure.  It is worth viewing the images that show “before” and “after” pictures of the clients. It helps you to visualize what can be the expected outcome in your case. Once you can perceive the change, it becomes easier to call the clinic immediately for the consultation.