Discover the Secrets of Body Contouring: Procedure, Recovery and Beyond

Discover the Secrets of Body Contouring: Procedure, Recovery and Beyond

by Neha | Oct 3, 2023 | Body Contouring

There is a new solution to weight loss in the market and it’s called Body Contouring. In other words, body sculpting is a surgical procedure where excess fat in any part of your body is eliminated through cold, heat, or lasers. There are various procedures for changing your body as per your will, and the advancement of science has played a role in this field. 

People turn to this procedure after they have tried to lose weight naturally. According to Global Data, it started in 2015 and is common in the Middle East, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and South Central America. Currently, the market size is valued at 696.8 Million Dollars. 

And going to Mordor Intelligence, the body contouring devices market is expected to grow by 17% by the year 2027. It is understandable to undergo the surgical process of removing fat from your body when nothing has worked. But you need to complete your research while considering body sculpting.

Metamorphosis Clinic is the right place to start your transformational journey. We offer weight loss, cryo-sculpting, inch-loss, skin tightening treatment, cellulite reduction, fat-dissolving injections, and non-surgical mommy makeovers. Let us know more about these procedures in detail to help you make informed decisions.

Different Types of Body Contouring Procedures

Whether you want to shed your fat because of obesity or are suffering from the New Mommy Body weight, these procedures are the solution for you. Attested as the best body contouring services offered in Delhi and Mumbai, there are personalized treatment plans for individual needs. 

  • Weight Loss

Metamorphosis acquires a great asset when it comes to body sculpting treatment. A dermatology and cosmetology specialist who helps you attain your dream body. One can now focus on body parts to remove the fat with weight loss treatment.

These treatments include tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, liposuction, arm lift, thigh lift, breast lift, and lower body lift. These surgical processes involve incision to remove the excess fat in the said region. This process is invasive and requires recovery time after the process.

  • Cryo-Sculpting

Another medical treatment to burn those stubborn fats is Cryo Sculpting or CoolSculpting. It is a non-invasive process to freeze the fats and then eliminate them. It has recently become a popular body contouring treatment to get rid of extra weight.

In this process, a specialized applicator is rubbed on the targeted part to freeze the underlying fat in your skin. This is repeated until there is no excess fat left in multiple seatings. The skin is not harmed in any way during this treatment.

  • Inch Loss

This is another non-invasive treatment that requires body wraps and compression garments to eliminate inches off your body. It also involves detoxification and the application of topical products provides short-term benefits. 

  • Skin Tightening Treatment

With this body contouring plan, your body is not just losing fats but also making your skin look healthy. These treatments are further branched out in various methods, depending on your case.

Metamorphosis offers micro-needling, radio frequency, Ultrasound, and laser skin tightening methods. Thread lifts, dermal fillers, and platelet-rich plasma therapy are also rendered in the clinic. 

Benefits of Body Contouring

It is no surprise that body sculpting has become a phenomenon since it has entered the market. The beauty and wellness industry has a boon with body contouring devices that serve the purpose of a healthy life. Let us know how these treatments help transform lives.

  • Improves Body Shape

Who does not want a fit body? With body sculpting treatment, one can achieve the body one desires. Eliminating excess fat from your body gives you a great shape. Additionally, it also motivates you to lead a healthy life.

  • Enhances Self Esteem

Often people choose to neglect themselves when they find themselves out of shape or ugly. But with the great shape, it is a different story. You love yourself more when you like what you are. With this treatment, you become comfortable in your skin and motivated towards positive thoughts.

  • No More Sagging Skin

After undergoing the treatment, your skin looks super firm and gives you a youthful experience. It is common in old age and the post-pregnancy phase. But this condition can be rectified with skin tightening treatments.

  • Reduced Health Risks

People who are suffering from obesity, heart disease, and diabetes are advised to lose weight. But when the keto diet, exercise, or gym does not work, body contouring helps you out. It does not just make you look pretty but helps you stay healthy for a longer period.

What To Expect During Body Contouring 

The whole process of contouring starts with consultation, process, recovery, and risks involved. The generalized time for the contouring procedure takes about 60 minutes per session. It depends upon the desired treatment plan for you to know how many seatings you will have to undergo.

Doctors at Metamorphosis Clinic are highly professional skin specialists and will explain the procedure and risks related to it. Let us go through the process in detail.

Preparing For Body Contouring Procedure

While getting ready for the surgical operation, you will be requested to make a few changes to your lifestyle. These modifications in particular include eating healthy meals, everyday exercise, and preventing the intake of alcohol. Smoking and medicinal drugs can interfere with the restoration system, so you’ll be asked to refrain from it. 

Also, before the surgery is that you need to submit your blood samples, imaging scans, and a clinical test-up. This is meant to decide whether you are fit for the surgery or not. It also reduces the risk of feasible contamination during the surgical procedure system.

Body Contouring Procedure

On the day of the contouring procedure, you will be given particular commands concerning fasting, medicine, and apparel to wear. Depending on the procedure, it will be performed under general anesthesia for sedation. 

Your healthcare professional will make incisions in strategic places to get entry to the targeted areas, and extra fats or pores and skin will be removed. The incisions will then be carefully closed, and you’ll be taken to the recovery room to begin the healing process.

The duration of the body contouring process can vary depending on the extent of the surgical treatment and the regions being dealt with. It is essential to have realistic expectations regarding the healing process, as it can take several weeks to months for desired results. 

During this time, it is critical to follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations concerning post-operative care. You will have to wear compression clothes, take prescribed medications, and attend follow-up appointments. By doing so, it will ensure a smooth and successful healing.

Recovery and Aftercare for Body Contouring 

The recovery after the contouring surgery is a crucial time for your body to heal and alter to its new form. It is important to prioritize self-care and comply with your healthcare provider’s instructions to minimize soreness and optimize the healing. 

Initially, you may experience swelling, bruising, and soreness in the targeted areas. Your healthcare provider will also prescribe painkillers to reduce any soreness and antibiotics to save you from infection. 

Wearing compression garments will assist in reducing swelling and offer support to the treated parts. During the recovery period, it’s important to keep a healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet and everyday workouts. 

Risks and Complications 

As with any surgery, body sculpting includes some risks and possible headaches. It is crucial to be aware of those before you decide. Common risks include infection, bleeding, scarring, and long-term reactions to anesthesia. 

Additionally, there’s a possibility of asymmetry, wound recovery, or adjustments in sensation within the treated areas. It is important to talk about those risks along with the doctor during the consultation procedure to ensure you understand the potential results. 

Choosing a skilled skin specialist, with years of experience and high education can minimize the dangers related to body contouring. 


Body sculpting offers a transformative solution for individuals in search of the perfect body. At Metamorphosis you can rest assured that the service and aftercare are satisfactory. Your experience with treatments and recovery will be carried out seamlessly and with personalized care.

We have a track record of happy customers with elevated confidence and physically fit bodies. Our healing hands help you get in better shape with minimally invasive procedures. Remember to seek advice from the best contouring treatments available in Delhi and Mumbai at Metamorphosis Clinic. 

For personalized advice on your particular desires, you can visit their website at With the right plans, realistic expectancies, and diligent aftercare, you may embark on a journey in the direction of accomplishing the ideal transformation you’ve constantly desired.

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