How the Colors of Holi Can Affect Your Hair?

How the Colors of Holi Can Affect Your Hair?

by Neha | Feb 3, 2024 | Hair Treatment

The colorful powders used in Holi are called Gulal. Centuries ago, when Holi began to be celebrated and became one of the most popular Hindu celebrations, Gulal was made of organic things.

Holi is one of the most beautiful and joyful celebrations there are in India. People from all over the world usually come to this celebration in order to have a brand new experience full of colors, music, happiness, and emotiveness. Enjoying love, the victory of good over evil and the beginning of spring is definitely something worthy of admiring, but there is something people do not know but should about Holi: the colors used in Holi can affect your hair.

During the last decades, many industries developed Gulal made of chemical elements, that, even though were as colorful and vivid as they have never been, they were also as dangerous and harmful as ever. Despite since a few years ago many companies and groups have tried and have started developing and selling organic Gulal, there are still many Gulal brands that can affect your hair in terrible ways.

Non-organic Gulal can affect your eyes, skin, and hair in many ways: your eyes can be irritated, your skin can suffer allergic reactions, and your hair can get fissures. People always recommend going to Holi wearing sunglasses, so Gulal does not get into your eyes, and wearing a hat, so your hair does not get affected by it. But what if your hair already got damaged by Gulal. What can be done?

Well, you just have to contact Metamorphosis Clinic to get the Hair Specialist In Delhi. Metamorphosis Clinic offers many hair treatments developed and performed by specialists who count with many years of experience in the business. The best treatment you could get at Metamorphosis Clinic for hair damage due to the non-organic colors used in Holi is the keratin spa. The main goal of our experts when they perform this treatment is to restore the natural condition of hair by repairing it with keratin. Keratin restores hair and grants it the soft, nourished, smooth and healthy aspect it should always have.

With the help of Metamorphosis Clinic, an affordable and high-quality Hair Specialist In Mumbai Is at hand. Besides the keratin spa, we offer one treatment based on the dermaroller technique, which stimulates blood circulation in certain areas of the head to stimulate the regeneration of hair. In order to prevent breakage, we also give a hair nourishment treatment which is the ideal one to restore the normal level of moisture your hair should have.

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It does not matter what treatment you choose, Metamorphosis Clinic counts with the most advanced technological equipment to make sure all the procedures we perform are as effective and successful as they are meant to be. Enjoy of Holi as you have never done it before. Protect yourself during this beautiful celebration of love, goodness, and the beginning of spring, and then get the hair treatment you need to restore it and make it shine as it should.