Bridal Makeover – Be The Best Glowing Bride

Bridal Makeover – Be The Best Glowing Bride

by Neha | Dec 27, 2023 | Skin Treatment

What Should The Best Pre-Bridal Packages Offer You For The Dream Day Of Your Life 

Marriages as they say are made in heaven but the celebrations are all here. This is a special day in the life of every girl about to tie the knot. 

A lot of preparations go into the planning of the makeup and ensemble of a bride and the kind of look that will be done for the special day in her life. 

The final look of the bride on the wedding day is the result of step-by-step planning of several processes and is not just about the makeup, clothes, and accessories. 

Prepping The Skin

a healthy skin tone is the first thing you need to look beautiful. To ensure that you take care of all those breakouts before the wedding day, there are a few steps that will have to be followed. 

  • Make a dedicated effort to watch your diet. No more sweets, ice creams, oily snacks, and aerated drinks before you exchange vows. 
  • Drink plenty of water and follow a healthy diet of balanced food.
  • Light exercises daily like brisk walking would be a bonus. That blood circulation will work wonders for glowing skin. 
  • Follow a daily skincare regime like cleansing, toning, and moisturizing; a facial mask would be an added benefit. 
  • Go for a detox treatment along with an intense clean-up of all breakouts and pimple marks left behind. 

This is the basic that needs to start as soon as the dates are set. These are mostly natural skincare that takes some time to show results. 

The Look 

Creating a look is one of the most important steps for the bride. Every bride deserves to look her best on this special day in her life. They have specific thoughts on the kind of look they wish to create for the day. 

  • They can opt for natural-looking makeup and a simplistic hairdo that will highlight their natural features and make them look divine
  • They can opt for a more dramatic look that will include a heavy makeover and styled hairdo making them look stunning
  • A third option can be a balanced look between natural and heavy makeup that will be a bit of both. Natural features will be highlighted and makeup will be used to create a special look as well

Pre-Bridal Treatments

It is common knowledge that the biggest secret to looking good is beautiful skin and a glowing skin tone. While natural methods can be followed at home, there are professional treatments and makeovers available for brides to look their best. 

Beauty Salons

There are salons and beauty parlors that offer some of the best packages for treatment and care. This is a combination of natural methods along with the use of laser technology and the latest equipment to enhance the process of looking good. 

Skin And Beauty Clinics 

If you have a history of skin problems and have undergone treatment for skin-related issues, it may be a safer idea to go to a reputed skin clinic near you. 

Various types of clinical treatments available will not only give you immediate relief and cosmetic remedies for all kinds of problems but help you achieve good skin in the long run as well. 

Here you will get the added advantage to consult with certified and qualified dermatologists and skin specialists who can give remedial solutions to skin problems. 

Bridal Skin Makeup Preparations

Several parts of a pre-bridal makeover are put together to ensure you look your best as a bride. It is not just about the makeup on a special day or even for parties and celebrations. 

There is holistic planning of a bridal package that is offered by salons and beauty clinics. If you search online for pre bridal packages near me, there will be several offers that will range from 7 days to as much as 15 to 25 days even. 

This is the time needed for the systematic preparation of treatments and trials for the final look on the big day. 

Detox Treatments 

A lot of our external disturbances occur due to internal imbalances. These are often created due to irregular lifestyle habits and eating or dietary habits. If you have a special celebration coming up, there are detox treatments available that help to flush out the toxins from the body, making you look and feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Tan Removal 

Many girls love a tanned look on them, and then many regrets that tone as it limits the glow on their skin as well. If you have a tan set on your skin due to excessive outdoor exposure, there are ways of removing the same. 

Most bridal packages have a Tan removal procedure included within them. The Tan removal also helps to bring out the beautiful natural tone of your skin beneath it. 

Hair Removal

There are many ways to remove the unwanted hair from your hands and legs along with the underarms. But that’s not all, as bridal packages also remove excess facial hair and the fine growth of hair that may be present on your neck and the back area as well. 

Facial Skin Care

This is a mine of options available for the bride. The first few sessions will take care of the skin problems and breakouts that can get in the way of beautiful-looking skin. 

A wide range of options is available to take care of every aspect of the face. 

  • Facials and face masks
  • Pore cleansing 
  • Pimple and breakouts clean-up 
  • Skin patches and white spots
  • Blackheads and whiteheads removal 
  • Eyebrow enhancing treatment 

These are some of the basic plans for the bride. Several other treatment options are available for specific issues related to the face and the skin. 

Hair Care

Nothing looks better on the bride than her lustrous locks of shiny hair. There is a whole lot of work that is involved in achieving such results. 

A planned program for hair care is also set up days before the big date of the wedding. 

  • Hair fall prevention packs and treatments 
  • Hair regrowth treatments and therapies
  • Hair nourishing and rejuvenation packs
  • Special haircuts to give a beautiful look and leave those split ends out

Weight Management

This is a much bigger issue that requires more time to be managed and controlled. However, within the time of the bridal packages, there is a close watch on the diet of the bride to ensure she is eating the right things to keep her weight in check. 

There are light regular exercises planned as well, that will help in blood circulation and help her feel fit. All this effectively helps the skin and hair look healthy as well. 

Laser Treatments 

Many salons and beauty parlors have included the use of various laser treatments for different kinds of hair and skin issues. 

There are hair removal laser treatments available that promise permanent removal of underarm hair or the same on hands and legs. 

Skin brightening and pimple treatments are also available with laser treatments. These are usually safe and allowed to be carried out only under qualified supervision. 

There are laser treatments for a mole or tattoo removal procedures as well. 

However, it would be advisable to consult your dermatologist in such cases and verify. It may also be more useful to take such treatments at skincare clinics where certified doctors supervise such treatments. 

Clothes And Accessories

This is again one of the most critical parts of a wedding day’s preparations for the bride. 

Ensembles of clothes and accessories will depend on the number of celebrations and gatherings that will be held both before the wedding day and days after the exchange of the vows. 


  • There is a wedding day dress that is usually the heaviest of all with intricate embroidery, use of lace, and embellishments like sequins, pearls, and beads. 
  • Dresses for get-togethers and pre-wedding parties can be made with lighter fabrics and tasteful use of embroidery or light embellishments. 
  • There are honeymoon clothes too, that are packed with wedding ensembles. These include a mix and match of ethnic and contemporary clothing for a more relaxed and comfortable time spent during the honeymoon.  There may be a few special garments for those special romantic dinners and night outs too. 

Clothes are not a part of the bridal packages but there is a detailed discussion of the same as well. The use of colours in the makeover and final day makeup will depend largely on the colour of the dress and the accessories used. 


Several items are categorized under accessories. These help to bring out the final look and keep it all together. Some of these things are even supplied as part of the bridal package for the final makeup and hairdos on the big day. 

Brooches, hair pins, and hair accessories come with the makeup and hairdo part of the bridal package.  

Packages For Men

The man is also the other half of the journey of the bride and the wedding day is a special occasion for both of them 

Understanding this, salons and beauty clinics come up with packages for men as well. 

  • Skin care and maintenance
  • Hair care and maintenance
  • Shaping and trimming of hair and beard 
  • Final day look and makeover 

These are some of the package details for men if they choose to go for one. There are more treatments and maintenance packages available for specific skin and hair-related problems present in a person.