Best Ways to Ease up Your Weight Loss

Best Ways to Ease up Your Weight Loss

by Neha | Dec 22, 2023 | Weight Loss

Fitness is very essential; we often tend to ignore the need to be fit and healthy. Considerable thought and efforts should be taken to ensure our body is perfect and energetic too. However, it is not easy to maintain our body, it requires considerable efforts. Utmost cares should be taken to make sure you are not obese and your Body Measurement Index (BMI) is in balance. If the BMI is high it becomes essential for one to think of weight loss. However, weight loss is always easier said than done, many times we try various exercises and diets and still no results come. 

This is why it is most important to understand the reasons behind gaining weight or the reasons for not being your ideal BMI.

The most common factors affecting weight are:

Overeating and absence of physical activity. Excessive weight is also a result of genetics, metabolism, frequency of eating, having associated medical conditions (PCOS, hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, Cushing syndrome). Some medications also tend to cause weight gain which are insulin, thiazolidinediones, sulfonylureas, haloperidol, clozapine, risperidone, olanzapine, lithium, amitriptyline, imipramine, paroxetine and sertraline.

It is therefore very important to understand your body type, your medical history, your goal and then opt for the most suitable and best weight loss treatment. There are various weight loss treatments which are designed by the experts devised to provide you with desired results in just a few sittings. The customized weight loss treatment is offered by most of the professional weight loss clinics. These clinics use the perfect melange of advanced technology and advanced products for all the treatments. They suggest what precautions should be taken care of after the treatment. 

An in-depth one to one conversation is done with the clients wherein, the entire procedure is explained before commencing the treatment. Before starting any body treatment, the experts will take your height, weight and a BCA analysis are done. A detailed medical and medication history is taken at this time too. It is also important that your BCA is taken periodically to keep track of the progress associated with your treatment. Frequent follow-ups should be taken where your health is monitored. Before your first session, your doctor would advise you to drink plenty of water before and after the treatment which eases in the removal of broken fat cells. You must also reduce carbohydrate intake. 

The body treatment specialist offers varied treatments such as weight loss, inch loss, skin tightening, cellulite treatment, cool sculpting or cryosculpting treatment as well as injection lipolysis. They constantly upgrade themselves to find out new techniques and methods to provide their clients with the best possible services. It is very important to find the leading weight Loss clinic with considerable experience in this field for optimum results.

What Is Ultrasonic Lipolysis?

Ultrasonic lipolysis is also known as non surgical liposuction. It is a great non invasive body contouring procedure to reduce the fat on the body and helps you to get rid of the accumulated fats in specific regions of your body such as thighs, abdomen, waist, upper arms, ankles, knees etc.  In this technique, the ultrasound waves transform your fat cells into liquid fat, which your body then disposes of. If you want to reduce weight and inches, then this is the right procedure for you. It is the best way to reduce your weight. 

Ultrasonic Lipolysis is an innovative, gentle non-surgical procedure to remove the accumulation of fat deposits in these specific regions of the body.

How Does Ultrasonic Lipolysis Work?

A transducer is connected to an ultrasound device which is circulated around your desired area. The emitted ultrasonic waves are of high intensity and target the fat cells in a conical manner. The fat tissues underneath the skin are warmed by increased temperature from the ultrasound transducer. It basically heats and vibrates the area of the layer where the fat cells are located. This helps to mobilise and liquefy your fat cells and encourages your body to drain the excess fat fluids.

Many people also wonder how many sessions of these treatments are required. Although this is exactly elicited during the consultation after taking the BCA etc, at an average anywhere from 4 to 12 sessions are ideal.

What Is The Uniqueness Of This Procedure?

A tested and tried version of non surgical liposuction. It removes the fat cells precisely, causing no harm to the surrounding area. Helps to remove the stubborn fat pockets as well. 

Can This Procedure Be Done For Anyone Or Are There Any Contraindications?

On consultation, your doctor will determine if you are an ideal candidate.

You are not an ideal candidate if you are severely obese if you are pregnant or nursing if you have any cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases. If you have any metal implants such as a pacemaker, diabetic pump etc. So please ensure to disclose all relevant medical information past and present to your doctor during the consultation.

We at Metamorphosis Clinic use focused ultrasound waves to break down fat without causing any harm to the surrounding area. This method removes unwanted fatty deposits that can change the shape of our bodies. Ultrasonic Lipolysis treatment does not have any side effects. The highly trained and skilled professionals perform this treatment. The Ultrasound Lipolysis treatment does not require one to follow a special diet, exercise, medication etc. You can also resume your normal routine in just a few hours after the treatment. The treatment is not too long; it hardly takes around an hour to perform this treatment. Ultrasonic Lipolysis is one of the easiest and best ways and is sure to stimulate your weight loss and aid you to achieve your objectives.

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What Can You Expect?

It is mandatory to inform your doctor about all pre-existing medical or health conditions and if you are taking any medications. You cannot take blood thinners or anti-inflammatory a few days prior to the procedure as it interferes with the natural healing process. Avoid wearing tight clothes, cosmetics and makeup in the area to be treated. Post-treatment you can expect a better contoured treated area, a reduced circumference of the treated area.

Is There Any Associated Downtime Of This Procedure?

There is no downtime after this procedure. You can rejoin your daily activities routinely. Rarely mild swelling or tenderness can occur.

What Is The Necessary Aftercare?

Once you have taken your ultrasonic lipolysis session you must ensure to avoid coffee, tea or any other caffeinated beverages post-treatment. You should avoid alcohol for 48 hours post-procedure. You should increase your water intake and eat more fruits post ultrasonic lipolysis procedure. Avoid fatty and fried meals between your sessions.

Does Ultrasonic-Lipolysis Really Work?

Yes, the treatment provides real results that are confirmed by the weighing scale as well as by a measurement tape. Your clothes will also start to fit more loosely than before. But it is best to be patient and keep in mind that you won’t get results overnight.

How Do I Prepare For The First Treatment?

Schedule your appointment at the nearest best obesity clinic. During the consultation, the doctor will explain to you all the procedure details. There is no recovery time and you can resume normal activities immediately. The ultrasound waves penetrate your skin and form bubbles near your fat deposits. Your body’s natural lymphatic drainage system gets rid of the fat cells.

How Long Do The Results Last?

The areas that have been treated will have permanent results. However, maintaining your weight by a maintenance plan of treatment, diet and lifestyle modulation is very important in order to have permanent long-lasting results. You have to be motivated enough to take care of your body.

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What Is The Cost Of Ultrasonic Lipolysis Treatment In India?

Cost of the treatment depends upon the city/locality, what is the experience of the clinic, how updated is the technology, which body part is going to be treated and how many sessions will be required. Please consult an ultrasonic lipolysis specialist doctor to get the exact treatment protocol customised for your unique needs.

Professional Body Treatment specialists also offer several obesity treatments. All the treatments designed at a professional clinic ensures that the clients get a healthy lifestyle and a perfect body. The obesity treatment aims at creating a perfect balance in your body. You can even opt for an inch loss program along with weight loss to give you faster, desirable results. This treatment aims at providing advanced treatment to achieve fitness goals. These are combined with Cavitation, Muscle Stimulation Therapy, Cellulite Heat Therapy for achieving a synergistic effect. However, it is very imperative to choose the right cosmetic treatment specialists to achieve the desired weight loss with the help of advanced Ultrasonic Lipolysis. You can be sure to welcome a healthy and Fit lifestyle with the expert weight loss treatment from a professional weight loss clinic like Metamorphosis.

Ready To Try Ultrasonic Lipolysis?

You will definitely find long-lasting results if you commit to the treatment. Knowing you want to start the treatment, find the best weight loss treatment near you-not the one that is the cheapest! Always look at the experience of the clinic, ask them to share with you successful case studies of their clients. Look at the testimonials. Book a consultation to meet the doctor and make sure all your queries are answered.