10 Advantages Of Advanced Laser Hair Removal Treatment Offered By Metamorphosis Clinic

10 Advantages Of Advanced Laser Hair Removal Treatment Offered By Metamorphosis Clinic

by Neha | Jul 12, 2024 | Hair Treatment

Body hair has always been a matter of concern, especially for women. When you are searching online for the lowest laser hair removal cost in Mumbai, Metamorphosis Clinic is the name that will surely crop up on your computer screen for this particular treatment.

Pampering yourself is what every lady likes. You are no exception to it and for this, you can think of indulging yourself in the laser hair removal treatment.

We at Metamorphosis Clinic understand your desire to look beautiful by having crystal clear skin that is smooth, soft, and glowing, specifically free from unnecessary hair.

Hence, visit us, the best laser hair removal clinic in Mumbai, and experience the hidden beauty within yourself that we will help you to explore through our specialized services.

Reason For Unwanted Hair Growth

We have interacted with many clients over the years and have understood that unwanted hair growth can be caused due to several reasons.

Women having polycystic ovary issues, hormonal imbalances, and hereditary issues all can contribute to this problem. And we study your body minutely to find the exact reason and accordingly plan for this laser treatment.

Hence, we proceed in an organized and composed manner so that you are not affected in any negative way after getting treated in our clinic.

Metamorphosis Clinic: Why Us?

As a customer, you can question what is so special in our clinic. And our answer would be our dedication to serving you to get the perfect and best result in laser hair removal.

We are a decade-old clinic with highly qualified handpicked doctors and surgeons using US-FDA-approved technologies and treatments which are customized to beautify you in every manner possible.

The laser hair removal cost in Mumbai is the most competitive and pocket friendly for you if treated in our clinic.

Be it our service quality, safety, and hygiene, we do not compromise on any of it. Our friendly and well-trained therapists have been a part of our team which has helped us to retain clients for all these years.

Our humble and simple staff will guide you in the most appropriate way possible so that you get a clear concept of the laser hair removal treatment.

And this very nature has helped us to expand in states like Mumbai and Delhi with a total of nine branches spread across these two major cities.

Our Unique Hair Removal Procedure

Our laser hair removal treatment is an innovative medical procedure aimed to remove unwanted hair using the concentrated beam of light popularly known as laser.

The hair removal process involves targeting the pigment in the hair known as melanin with the laser light that is absorbed by your skin to destroy the tube-shaped sacs present in them that produce hair.

Basically, through this method, the hair growth on your body will get delayed for a long time.

The laser hair removal cost in Delhi might seem to be high, but it is not when you talk to us.

A Consultation Session With Us

Your first session with us is mutually vital. We always ensure that your treatment goals and medical conditions are discussed before the treatment after inspection of your hair growth by our doctors to make you aware of the likely outcomes and risks or complications associated with the laser hair removal treatment.

It is the highlight of Metamorphosis Clinic, the best laser hair removal clinic in Mumbai.

Treatment Procedure In Our Clinic

The area of your skin that is to be treated is cleaned and shaved, after which a multipurpose gel is applied to the area. 

Then our doctors check your skin to determine the required parameters and therapy sessions. Finally, the laser beams are directed to the area to destroy the hair follicles in the anagen.

Once the follicles absorb the laser beams, the growth of hair is inhibited in the specific area without damaging the surrounding skin.

The USP of our laser probe is the in-built cooling system that cools off your skin during the treatment to make you feel relaxed and stress-free. 

The session will be completed, only after a rechecking of your skin is conducted by our doctors after the procedure, followed by the application of creams to soothe the area.

Hence, from the start to finish, we keep a careful watch on your comfort and convenience.

Advantages Of Our Laser Hair Reduction

When compared to traditional hair removal methods, Metamorphosis Clinic, the best laser hair removal clinic in Delhi, emphasizes this cosmetic treatment for various reasons that are advantageous for you. Like:

  • Our laser hair removal is fast

Within a minute, your hair present in the upper lip can be removed, and if the area is large, like your entire back or legs, it will take a maximum of an hour.

Hence, you do not have to wait long to get the hair removed through this procedure.

  • Long lasting result

Since our laser beams specifically pinpoint the area of hair removal and destroy the hair follicles in that area, the hair does not grow for a few months or even years.

Mostly, even if the hair grows back, it will be lighter, less coarse, and hardly noticeable, unlike the rational procedures where your hair would grow within a week or few days.

  • Our procedure is precise

Our experienced and trained technician will focus on the exact area so that your surrounding skin remains intact and undamaged.

This is only possible by us as we are the best laser hair removal clinic in Delhi. 

  • No question of discomfort

Threading and waxing your private parts like the bikini line was a painful experience. But this non-invasive and quick procedure will not make you uncomfortable in any situation.

Be it your legs, underarms, upper lips, or even bikini line, your skin will only feel a quick hot snap for a few seconds until the laser beam moves to a new spot.

  • Freedom of wearing any type of garment

Enjoyment with your friends at a beach party will not remain unattended like before because of unwanted hair growth.

With this treatment, you can freely wear strapless and sleeveless tops, even the corsets kept aside earlier.

The last-minute painful shave to join your peers on a night out or festival can be a matter of the past only through this treatment in our clinic.

  • Boosts your confidence

Facing criticisms for long body hair can no more deter you from going on blind dates or meeting your beloved.

Our laser hair removal treatment is a good solution to increase your confidence and lift your mood.

  • Reduced body odor

As the hair follicle is eliminated from the root itself, hence the bacteria normally residing in those areas also get destroyed. And as a result, your body odor also gets reduced due to the absence of bacteria in such areas.

Hence, this is an added advantage of the treatment in Metamorphosis Clinic, the best laser hair removal clinic in Delhi.

  • Minimal side effects

The best part of this treatment is that it has minor side effects like reddish, bumpy, or raised skin for a maximum of 48 hours after the procedure.

Application of aloe Vera on the skin and the creams that our clinic will roll over the area and also suggest you use will ease these issues within a few days.

  • Cost-effective

Waxing or shaving is a regular process in which you have been engaged to keep off your body hair. You can now say goodbye to the depilatory creams, razors, and costly wax treatments used before for hair removal.

But in this treatment, the upfront cost might seem to be a bit pricey, but after the treatment, when you will have no hair growth for months or even years, then the money spent will be recovered as there won’t be recurring expenses.

The laser hair removal cost in Delhi, especially in our clinic, will leave you spellbound as it is completely affordable for you.

  • Low maintenance

We recommend a minimum of six sessions and a maximum of ten sessions every 4 to 6 weeks. Maintenance sessions can be required once in 3 to 4 months and then in 6 to 9 months.

In short, you will require only two to three visits a year to our clinic, to get the best results from this treatment.

Another striking part of this treatment is that you can get rid of ingrown hair and diminish the skin discoloration that might have occurred due to in-grown hairs.

The most fascinating part of this treatment is that it is equally effective for both men and women. Moreover, full body hair removal is becoming a gold standard for everyone. And you must not leave this opportunity at any cost.

We are not far from your reach in this age of digitalization, where everything is available online. You can easily approach us to avail this hair reduction treatment as we are the best laser hair removal clinic in Mumbai.

For more information, visit our website: 

Or call: 981 180 9112 or 897 676 5661

Or email: info@metamorphosis-clinic.com

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