Advance Hair Care Treatments to Make Your Hair Strong and Healthy

Advance Hair Care Treatments to Make Your Hair Strong and Healthy

by Neha | Feb 9, 2024 | Hair Treatment

Hair is undoubtedly one of the most crucial parts of anyone’s appearance and a lot of effort goes every day into making it look just right. At the same time, people invest a lot of time and effort into not only making it look good but also keeping it strong and healthy. While everyday care, like proper drying, regular oiling, etc. does the work for some people, others need a more advanced hair care treatment to achieve and maintain those perfect locks.

Our Hair Specialist In Vashi at Metamorphosis presents some of the more advanced hair care treatments that you can opt for if you wish to make your hair stronger and healthier.

  1. Hair Spa: With the advancement and approachability of people towards hair care treatment, Hair Spa has not only become common but also very versatile. Most of your hair problems can be solved by regular spa treatments required for your hair type. From strengthening hair roots to normalizing oil secretion, there is a hair spa for almost every common problem.
  2. Hair Growth Treatments: Like Hair Spa, hair growth treatments are also available in many different types for many different problems. If you see excessive hair loss or notice your scalp holding a progressively thinning amount of hair, hair growth treatments are must options that can provide an effective solution.
  3. Advanced Treatments: For people who have severe and permanent hair loss or damage, due to any number of causes, there are several medical or surgical options, like Hair Autologous Platelet Gel Therapy, hair transplant, scalp micro-pigmentation therapy, hair loss therapy, etc. All of these aim to provide long-term, effective, and to a great extent, permanent solutions to give you a great head of hair.

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Our Hair doctors in Navi Mumbai and at other branches of Metamorphosis are highly qualified professionals who carefully analyze the current state of your hair and design a customized treatment plan best suited for you. Apart from counseling and thorough care, they can advise you on the best surgical and non-surgical hair care treatments that you can opt for so that you get only the best of the services available.