Hyperhidrosis Treatment – This Summer Get Rid Of Excessive Sweating Problem For Sure

Hyperhidrosis Treatment – This Summer Get Rid Of Excessive Sweating Problem For Sure

by Neha | Dec 22, 2023 | Skin Treatment

Sweating too much is the last thing you want to face if you are trying to impress someone. Whether it is a job interview that you are on or on your first date, those sweat stains under your arms will definitely blow off your confidence to a great extent. But, there are some unfortunate people who can’t control their sweating even if they try to. They are suffering from hyperhidrosis, which is when you sweat a lot. But, there is nothing to worry about as the team from Metamorphosis has the best hyperhidrosis treatment for you.

They have the best skin specialist in Delhi, who has been associated with hyperhidrosis treatment for a long time and has served multiple patients. So, getting you the best help won’t be a tough call for the team to handle. 

Learn about hyperhidrosis first:

Before you proceed further with the treatment, it is important to learn a bit more about hyperhidrosis first. Hyperhidrosis is an excessive sweating condition, which is not quite related to exercise or heat. You might end up sweating so much that sweat will start to drip off your clothes. 

  • This problem not just disrupts any of your normal daily activities, but can cause some serious embarrassment and social anxiety among individuals.
  • The hyperhidrosis treatment from Metamorphosis will mainly help by starting with prescription strength antiperspirants.
  • In case these antiperspirants fail to offer the right solution, you might be asked to go for other kinds of medicines and therapeutic sessions.
  • In some of the severe instances, some doctors might suggest you to go for surgery either to remove the sweat glands completely or just to disconnect nerves, which are the main culprits for producing excessive sweat.

Get along with the symptoms:

Most of the time people sweat when they are going through some rigorous exercise routine or exerting themselves. Maybe you are within a hot environment or under too much stress or pretty anxious, then it is inevitable that you will start sweating. 

Excessive sweating that you experience because of hyperhidrosis will exceed far from just regular sweating. This form of hyperhidrosis will affect your feet, hands, face and underarms, causing one episode every week. Usually, the sweating takes place on both sides of your body. Now, you must be wondering when the right time to see a doctor is. Let’s find out more!

  • At some point of time, too much sweating is a sign of serious conditions. So, seek medical attention almost immediately when you are sweating heavily, followed by nausea, chest pain or lightheadedness. 
  • Make sure to visit the doctor if your sweating is disrupting your daily work or causing you too much emotional distress or even social withdrawal.
  • Maybe you can feel that you are sweating more than you usually do. If so, then that means you need to seek doctor’s attention right away!
  • Some patients might even experience night sweats but without any reason. If so, then that’s a sign to visit the best skin clinics in Mumbai immediately.

If you are looking for the best doctor, who has years of experience with hyperhidrosis treatment, then you are most welcome to come and give Metamorphosis a try. This centre is willing to help out individuals by keeping their sweating under control and check. 

The best part about this clinical centre is that it uses the most effective and scientifically proven treatments for its patients. So, you won’t be facing any kind of side effects once you have given the hyperhidrosis treatment a try from this source. So, let’s not waste any more time and get a booking right away!

The treatment procedure to follow:

Before you enrol your name for the hyperhidrosis treatment, it is important to check out the procedure in details. It will help you to realise what you are getting yourself into and what to expect from the whole treatment.

  • At first, the team of doctors and skin specialists will come together to check the condition of your skin and level of sweating you are going through.
  • After the initial examinations, they will apply a numbing cream under your arms. It helps you to feel nothing when the entire procedure is going through. So, that makes hyperhidrosis treatment from Metamorphosis a painless process.
  • After the area has been completely numbed, the doctors will create marking in a grid manner. It helps them to determine the spot where they are going to inject the solutions to keep sweat under control.
  • Once the marking has been properly done, anti-sweat injections are given right across the area. You might think that it will be painful, but the reality is completely opposite. As you can understand from the name itself, these anti-sweat injections will keep your sweat control under check and prevent excessive sweating.
  • Finally, the doctors will apply cold compression to ease out the redness, after the injection has been used. A little bit of redness is common as the underarm skin is pretty sensitive. With proper cold compression, the redness will disappear within a bit.
  • Lastly, the doctors will apply an antibiotic cream under your arms just as a preventive measure that no rashes or irritations can take place later. It is a quick and easy procedure that won’t take more than a few minutes to complete.

Metamorphosis is always super busy with new clients looking out for hyperhidrosis treatments these days. So, if you want to get the best treatment for yourself, make sure to book a slot first. It might take some time to get an appointment because the centre is super busy with new patients all the time. But, if you are fast enough, you might get a consultation with the team right away!

Proper consultation is always necessary:

It is highly advisable to get proper consultation all the time before you proceed further with any kind of treatment and the same rule is applicable for hyperhidrosis treatment as well. Metamorphosis knows the value of consultation and you will be asked to join one before even getting the treatment.

  • During the consultation period, the doctor will ask you everything about your medical history and the symptoms of excessive sweating you are facing. 
  • In case all of your symptoms are suggesting a secondary cause then the doctor will ask you to go for further investigations before moving on with the procedure.
  • The doctor is here to ask you certain questions like the first time you experienced excessive sweating, if anyone in your family is sharing the same traits, where do you feel sweat the most, and so on.
  • Make sure to answer all these questions truthfully if you want to get proper results from the treatment. It might seem a bit embarrassing at first, but there is nothing to worry about. The team from Metamorphosis is not going to judge you.
  • If you are taking any kind of medical pills or going through some treatments for other medical conditions, make sure to mention that as well during the consultation period. It helps the doctors to take necessary precautionary measures accordingly.

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The benefits of hyperhidrosis treatment:

Metamorphosis is known for presenting the best and top-notch hyperhidrosis treatments with positive results all the time. What are the benefits of using these anti-sweat injections? Well, check out the beneficial list below to help get your query answered.

  • First of all, if you are looking for a quick hyperhidrosis treatment without wasting much of your time, hyperhidrosis treatment from Metamorphosis is the one for you to give out a try.
  • It has already been proven to be an effective and safe treatment. The team of doctors have applied this same treatment on multiple results and not even one of them complained later. It shows the positive aspect of hyperhidrosis treatment.
  • With the help of these anti-sweat injections, patients have seen 85 to 90% reduction in sweat formation. With proper sittings, they are able to control their sweat better these days.
  • As you get to control sweat by going through proper hyperhidrosis treatment, you don’t have to worry about foul smelling underarms anymore. It is one clever way to boost your self-confidence to an all-new height.
  • You can immediately return to your daily activities after you have gone through the hyperhidrosis treatment. As there is no surgical method involved, you can get back to your office desk immediately after the treatment.
  • You will see noticeable results within 2 days after getting your hyperhidrosis treatment from Metamorphosis. That’s how fast the service is!

With one treatment, the results are subject to last for around 8 months. However, it varies, depending on the sweating condition. It is highly recommended to go for a follow-up treatment after 6 months.

For some more details on the hyperhidrosis treatment and the values related to it, you are cordially invited to visit the team from the Metamorphosis clinic now. The team knows how to treat you well!