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What Is The Vitiligo Treatment?

Vitiligo is a condition in which the skin develops white spots due to  lack of melanin pigment. It is a persistent and usually long-term illness.
The illness arises when the body’s immune system damages melanocytes (skin cells that give color to the skin).

If the white patches are mild, dermatologists may offer topical creams, or oral medicine to help restore skin color and stop them from spreading. You can also choose advanced therapy Allopathy  for Vitiligo treatment.

What Do Our
Services Mean

Metamorphosis has qualified dermatologists to examine the white spots during consultation and deliver an ideal individualized treatment to get a clearer, even toned skin color with long lasting results. Medications and surgery would help in skin color restoration but the results may vary.

How Metamorphosis
Deliver this

Patients who have long lasting stable vitiligo can consider the Surgery. The surgery known as Melanocyte-Keratinocyte Transplant surgery. In the surgery the white skin layer (white spots) are removed and is replaced by melanocyte or skin cell from another healthy area of the body. Later on after few months the replaced melanocyte starts developing fresh pigments that gathers on the surrounding skin resulting in the disappearance of white spots.

Benefits and Results

Restores skin pigmentation
Gives you an even skin coloured tone
Builds Self-confidence
This is a safe procedure done under local anaesthesia
The most effective modality for stable vitiligo.

Results: The outcome of treatment will differ from one patient to the next. After a few months, the visible results of any Vitiligo Treatment will be visible.

Treatment Procedure

Consultation to qualify for Melanocyte surgery

Taking melanocytes from hip or thigh and transferring onto visible areas

Skin healing takes place gradually

The skin colour is restored to a great extent in stable vitiligo

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Synopsis of treatment

Procedure time-4 hours


Full recovery- 6 months

Male or female - Both

Synopsis of Melanocyte Transplant

Risks and complications-depigmentation, wrinkling, graft displacement, graft rejection.

Back to work-in 48 hours

Duration of results-permanent

Session required-usually 1 is enough



Treatment FAQ’s

What Treatment Is Better For Vitiligo ?

Allopathy is a far more advanced treatment for treating vitiligo as compared to alternative medicine. At Metamorphosis we recommend Melanocyte surgery for stable cases as well.

Can Vitiligo Be Cured In Its Early Stage ?

Although vitiligo has no cure the treatment would generally help to pause or slow discoloration and work to return some color to your skin thereby making it look less eminent.

Does It Come Back After Getting Treated ?

Vitiligo is generally a permanent condition. For some lucky people the pigment may return on its own and white patches go away. This would be in every 1 patient out of 10. But for most the patches spread or grow larger if not treated.

What Precaution Should A Vitiligo Person Take ?

Avoidance of exposure to sunlight and usage of good sunscreen. Remember that vitiligo patch does not have melanin so they don’t tan but the patch may develop scar or burn and if your entire body tans, then the white patch would appear more prominently .

Can Vitiligo be Prevented ?

No there is no way to completely prevent the condition however limiting sun exposure can prevent further damage. The Treatment will generally help to restore the pigment and prevent the patch from spreading.
Avoid tattooing

Is It Contagious Or Life Threatening ?

No, it is not, but it is more psychologically disturbing as it affects confidence levels.

Are All White Patch An Indication Of Vitiligo

No there are some other conditions which may have white spot as one of its symptoms such as calcium deficiency, post inflammatory hypo pigmentation. For this it is advised to visit a dermatologist to get diagnosed correctly.

Is Vitiligo Infectious ?

It does not spread by touching the affected person as it is not caused by any virus or bacteria.

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