Tips For Choosing Best Facial Treatments For All Skin Type

Tips For Choosing Best Facial Treatments For All Skin Type

by Neha | Jan 15, 2024 | Skin Treatment

There are so many skin types and colours. However, each of them is special in their way. What is better than having a facial done to rejuvenate and pamper your skin as well improve your skin quality at the same time? Experts are of the opinion that regular facials fight all signs of aging. After all, it helps in accelerating the blood circulation.

Finding the best facials in Mumbai is challenging. You must know your skin type and what it demands. Hear out what experts have to suggest. Hopefully, this blog shall help you to gain immense knowledge on choosing the best
facial treatments for all skin types. Keep reading!

What Is Your Skin Type?

To find the best facials in Mumbai you have to first understand your skin type. The following section talks about different skin types.

  • Normal Skin – 

If you have this type of skin type you would feel dryness on the cheek region. Usually, you have a well-balanced t-zone. Products with a gel-based texture go best with this type of Skin.

  • Dry Skin – 

Your skin may appear flaky and rigid if you have a dry skin temperament. Under such a situation you have to always keep your skin hydrated. So, water-based products are right for you.

  • Oily Skin – 

Those with oily skin there is good news for you. Your skin is going to look younger even if you age. However, you may experience clogged pores and pigmentation. To get rid of tough dark spots, you should opt for the best facials in Mumbai.

  • Sensitive Skin – 

This is one skin type which demands critical care and frequent pampering. Inflammation and irritation are common. Therefore, there is no scope for experimenting. Be very careful in choosing cosmetics as well.

These are the 5 major skin types. Each type calls for different facials. The next section will guide you to pick the best facials for all skin types.

Find The Best Facial Treatment For All Skin Type

Picking the best skin clinics in Mumbai will no more be tough. Once you visit a professional make sure to review your options once again. Let them analyse your skin and requirements. Take their suggestion and match it with your research. 

To make your job a smidge easier we have discussed a few facials for all skin types.

  • Classic MediFacial – 

This facial works best to reduce acne problems. Not recommended for dry or sensitive skin. It begins with steaming followed by exfoliation, massaging with some great hand strokes. And, finally a mask. The mask depends on your skin requirement. The result is a healthy glowing skin with unclogged pores.

  • Microcurrent Oxy LED Facial (OML) – 

In this type, an electronic device is used. It is applicable for all skin types. If you want to fight wrinkles and give yourself a defined look, this is the one for you. There is no need to panic. It is not painful in the least bit. The additional benefits of the facial include toning, upliftment of your skin, and skin firming.

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  • Hydrating facial – 

To keep your skin hydrated is a great idea. Hence, not only dry skin but everyone else can try this out. It follows the steps of a classic facial only the products are different and more advanced. The result is a supple skin that looks fresh and moisturized. Also, you will observe that after this facial, make-up products will tend to leave a long-lasting impact.

  • Oxygen Facial – 

To cure the problems of open pores an oxy facial is the best option. It will nourish your skin and it will appear bright and glowing. Regular oxy-facials will help to treat open pores.

More such facials go with all skin types. Find the best facials clinic in Mumbai and take the utmost care of your skin.