Things To Know Before Laser Hair Removal

Things To Know Before Laser Hair Removal

by Neha | Aug 25, 2023 | Laser Hair Removal

Nothing can be more discomforting than unwanted body hairs. The modern world always seems to flex its flawless skin to put an impact on the surrounding. The laser Hair Removal In Delhi Cost might also differ depending on body type.

But laser hair removal is all in all that works equally in almost all areas. It is no doubt that it is the most popular method for hair removal nowadays. But getting into the details is necessary to clarify all the doubts.

What Is Laser Hair Removal? 

You should know about the process first to get into the details. Laser hair removal in Delhi is usually a modern technology. The experts use a beam of light to destroy the hair follicles during the procedure.

The method does not assure permanent hair removal but gives the assurity of a long-lasting result. If hair grows after opting for this technique, the density will be lighter and hair will be extremely fine and translucent.

What To Avoid Before Laser Hair Removal?

Now let’s discuss some of the things you need to follow and avoid before going for a laser hair removal in Delhi to get the perfect results. Below are some factors that can inhibit the laser hair removal process which you should avoid.

Waxing And Plucking – 

You must avoid waxing or plucking any part of your body almost one month before your appointment. It can imbalance the pigment of the roots, which might not let the rays destroy the follicles.

Direct Sun Exposure –   

You should strictly avoid easy exposure to the sun’s rays. Because its exposure can result in an uneven skin tone in the targeted area.

You can try to use the different sunscreens available in the market as per your skin type to protect your skin. Make sure to notice about the sensitivity of your skin while purchasing a product to avoid allergic reactions.

The costs differ depending on the type of skin and tanning. So different places might have different prices. Laser hair removal in Delhi cost around $50.

New Skincare – 

You should strictly avoid additional skincare to your skin care regimen once your appointment is registered. Because it might form a covering that can protect the rays from getting absorbed in the skin.

Thus it should be strictly avoided, and the use of the regular regimen should also be decreased some days before the appointment.

Dirty skin – 

You should strictly avoid dirty skin before your appointment for laser hair removal. Because the trapped dust particles in the pores may also inhibit the rays from complete absorption.

Use of soft face wash and exfoliating creams can be the best options to use during this period to keep the skin free from dirt.

Steps To Do Before A Laser Hair Removal

Now the last thing you should know before getting all set for a laser hair removal is to follow some necessary steps which will make the process faster and easier. Below mentioned are some,

A Free Consultation –

An expert will always give you the best advice regarding you being a suitable candidate for the treatment. People nowadays have different skin textures and the procedure results may vary from person to person.

Thus a discussion with a consultant will clarify your doubts regarding your skin texture, and will also share an approximate result assumption of your treatment.

Opt For The Correct Time – 

Weather also plays a very important role in the success rate of your treatment. It mainly happens because exposure to sunrays is responsible for tanning.

Thus going for the laser hair removal treatment in the seasons like winter or monsoon is preferred, as hormonal changes also prohibit the growth of the follicles during this time.

Regular Exfoliation – 

During the process, the external hairs get removed completely. But some internal roots might remain. Proper exfoliation with the doctor’s prescribed products can give good results.

It mainly eliminates all the hair regrowth chances by removing even the smallest particles of hair trapped inside. Make sure to avoid any type of cosmetic products during this stage.

Use Of A New Razor – 

Using a new razor is strictly suggested before the appointment. Shaving before the treatment promotes the deep absorption of the rays in the skin.

To avoid the burning hair smell during the process, just try to shave two to three hours before the appointment.

Take Regular Treatments –  

The process is a bit lengthier and needs to be done in different sessions. You must attend all the sessions as these repeating sessions will ensure the lightening of the targeted body parts, and the removal of hair follicles.

The above discussed are the significant factors you need to know before going for laser hair removal in Delhi. Make sure to take care of the precautions. You can also go for a discussion with our Expert. an experienced skin specialist to know about your skin type.