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Skin Issues You Have To Deal With In The Monsoon

Talk about the monsoons in India and all you can think of is the long drives in the highway, the roadside tea stalls, the peaceful sleep and fun times. While on the other hand, monsoons bring along problems for the skin where there are excessive humidity levels and moisture formation which makes the skin is susceptible to fungal infections.

Some people ignore the signs of infection on the skin thinking it to be a phase; it is something that needs serious attention. While some think that going to the salon can help, but in reality, a dermatologist in Bandra is the one who can help you.

Here are a few skin issues that you would have to deal with during the monsoons especially which is likely to enlighten you if you witness similar conditions.

Skin Rashes

Redness of the skin, itchiness and red spots is what is a result of the presence of bacteria on the skin that is often left behind by sweat. Not wiping your face well or probably making use of a contaminated towel is likely to give your skin the reddish tinge and spots that fail to go away. Furthermore, using nails on the skin when it itches triggers complications and aggravates the area further. To get rid of this, always make use of a fresh towel to clean your face as well as the exposed areas such as the arms especially when you wear jewelry such as bangles and bracelets.


The areas of the body such as the underarms, neck, the inner areas of the elbow, etc. are prone to sweating and that is where the bacteria resides. Not paying attention to it can lead to complications where you would find blisters, a burning sensation, and a bad odor. Even the best dermatologist in Mumbai agrees to the fact that maintaining the basic personal hygiene such as applying deodorant or possibly taking a bath frequently is likely to keep the bad effects of sweating away from your body.

Pigmentation on the skin

While people believe in the myth that sunscreen should only be applied when going out in the sun and isn’t required when it is raining, they forget that the presence of the harmful UV rays is something that affects the skin in a bad manner. Whenever you step out, there is the need to apply sunscreen all the time. Exposure to the harmful rays is likely to lead to pigmentation of the skin. Dark spots, as well as signs of aging, is what comes to the surface and for those who have freckles on the face tend to have a tough time fighting the darkened spots. Even though cosmetics can help in bringing things back to normal, making use of laser therapies to lighten the skin can be effective.


Several think that hormonal imbalances lead to the formation of acne on the skin, but what they fail to realize is that the excess oil, as well as sweat that stays behind on the unclean skin, leads to the formation of acne. Infection in the hair follicles is also something that is confused with hormonal problems.

While these are common issues faced during the monsoons, letting the professionals for skin treatment in Mumbai help you can bring good results while they would also help you with tips to deal with them even if they aren’t around all the time.

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