Say Goodbye To Acne with The Expert Skin Treatment in Mumbai and Delhi

Say Goodbye To Acne with The Expert Skin Treatment in Mumbai and Delhi

by Neha | Feb 19, 2024 | Acne Treatment, Skin Treatment

Most of us face the problem of pimples (i.e Acne) which doesn’t really go away that easily. However hard we try, we fail to stop the acne from coming back. Acne is generally a skin condition which occurs when the pores get blocked. Pores on our skin help in the breathing of the skin. It is required to keep your skin clean at all times. Most of the teens and adults worldwide face this problem of acne. In most cases, they don’t take it seriously and do something that scars the skin forever. Scars are difficult to be treated, that is why you need to take serious care of it. Without proper care, it might become impossible to get flawless skin. Many of us opt for acne treatment at home without any supervision. But you might be making a huge mistake there.

This is a skin condition that goes on haunting us from the beginning of our teenage years. Some fortunate people are lucky that their pimples resolved on their own while others still continue to bear the brunt of pimples. There can be many reasons as to why people have pimples throughout adulthood too. 
1. The immediate reason can be simply because they have extremely oily skin.
2. Hair follicles being clogged by oil and the dead skin.
3. Bacteria build-up, the presence of bacteria within the pores initiates a response which triggers inflammation.
4. Other reasons can be stemming from diet problems. Often people, who suffer problems because of their digestion, suffer pimple problems.
5. Consuming a large amount of dairy or dairy products can also elevate the problem of pimples.
6. Most common among young girls now is the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Girls having this problem have visibly pimple-prone skin. Here there is an excess activity in the hormonal levels.

Pimples signs and symptoms vary depending upon how severe the condition is :

Mild – Here you will see mostly blackheads(open clogged pores) and whiteheads(closed clogged pores).
Moderate – Here you will see a combination of various lesions such as blackheads(open clogged pores), whiteheads(closed clogged pores), papules(red painful bumps) and pustules(red painful bumps with pus).
Severe-here you will see multiple and large papules(red painful bumps), pustules(red painful bumps with pus), nodules(solid tender lumps under the skin surface) and cysts(tender pus-filled lumps under the skin surface).

There are many ways by which you can say goodbye to the pimples on your skin. Skin specialists in Mumbai are going to take care of that. By going for the right skin treatment in Mumbai you can get the perfect skin. This is nothing new to say that pimples don’t look good. It takes away the whole appearance out of a person. 


1. Hormonal changes-occurring during puberty, pregnancy as well related to menstruation.
2. Exposure to too much oil or grease.
3. Certain medications like lithium, anticonvulsants, barbiturates, DHEA, antituberculous drugs, antidepressants, cyclosporin amongst many others
4. Stress can make your pimples much worse.
5. Diets such as carbohydrate-rich foods or skimmed milk can make the pimples worse.
6. Exposure to oil in skin products.
7. Environmental irritants such as humidity and pollution.
8. Pressure on the skin with helmets, tight pants or other sports equipment.


Nose and forehead – This happens due to excessive production of oil from the glands.
Hairline – Can happen due to the haircare products or due to dandruff.
Cheeks – Can happen due to bacteria on your pillowcase or cellphone.
Chin and the Jawline – This area is usually more prone due to fluctuating hormones.
Upper back and the shoulders – This area is usually triggered due to heat, pressure and friction. It is very common in people who wear tight clothes and workout, it can also happen after wearing a bag on your shoulders for long periods of time.


Some of the treatment methods we provide are—

    • Photo Laser Treatment- This treatment is usually undertaken so that the scarring of the skin is reduced. By Laser, it is quite clear that light energy is passed to the target areas which in turn treat the skin. Effective treatment for mild to moderate pimples.
    • Extraction- of blackheads and whiteheads. Effective treatment for mild pimples.
    • Skin Peels In order to improve the texture of the skin, skin peeling is done. At first, the skin is examined to ensure the most effective method, then accordingly a skin peel is used. Effective treatment for mild, moderate and some severe pimples too.
    • LED Light Therapy- It is quite an effective way of reducing the irritation and redness of the skin. Pimple is caused mainly due to the bacteria that form beneath the skin. The different types of LED therapy are done to treat the pimple preventing further breakouts. A preventive and supportive treatment acts synergistically with other pimple treatments.
    • Micro-needling This method undergoes controlled wounds in the skin with microneedles. This way encourages the natural production of collagen in our bodies which helps to repair the skin. Effective treatment for scars that are produced due to the development of pimples.
    • Skin polishing It uses crystals to remove the stratum corneum(top skin cell layer), causing an improvement in the blood circulation and it also treats the large pores well. Effective for mild pimples as well as pore reduction.
    • Pores cleansing treatment- Skin polishing followed by oxygen infusion and marine mask application helps in providing an additive effect. Effective treatment for mild to moderate pimples.
    • Clearskin laser(erbium glass)- Helps to reduce the appearance of active pimples drastically as the laser energy directly aims at killing the bacteria. Very effective treatment for mild, moderate and severe pimples. Most effective for severe pimples, this treatment can be used as a stand-alone successful modality too in treating severe pimples.

Nodular and cystic acne can also be treated with steroid injections directly into the lesion, this helps to decrease the size and ease out the associated pain.


1. Greasy food or chocolate will cause pimples.
2. Tanning your skin will help clear up the pimples.
3. Picking on the pimples will help to get rid of them.
4. Makeup will clog your pores and cause pimples. This is not necessarily correct especially if you use non-comedogenic makeup and remove it daily with a cleanser.
5. Scrubbing the face will reduce the appearance of pimples. In Fact, harsh scrubbing can make your pimples worse.
6. Pimples will go away on its own. This is still possible with teenage pimples but usually not with other pimples.
7. Pimples can happen overnight-it usually takes weeks in the making of pimples, they only appear overnight. There is a collection of dead skin, overproduction of sebum(oil), growth of bacteria in the pore, then inflammation occurs as a by-product of all the above.


When all the self precautions and care doesn’t help to clear up your acne you should see a doctor. He/she can prescribe you medications and can start you on the relevant procedure which is best suited for your condition. A dermatologist doctor is whom you should seek at this time.

In older individuals, the sudden onset of acne may actually direct towards an underlying disease and require immediate medical care.

In females acne can persist for years, with flaring up just before the menses, these also tend to clear up without any treatment and self precautionary measures. This acne also tends to clear up on their own in women who use contraceptives.


If your dermatologist determines you have pimples, they will at first take your medical information and also ask you:

1. When did you first develop the pimples problem?
2. Is there any triggering or relieving factors associated with your pimples? e.g. stress or menses aggravates acne.
3. What medications are you taking including all over the counter medications as well as vitamins and supplements?
4. For female patients: do you use oral contraceptive pills? Is your menstrual cycle regular? Are you pregnant or are planning a pregnancy?
5. What types of skincare products do you use including cleansers, sunscreen and cosmetics?
6. Do pimples run in your family?
7. So far what treatments or preventive measures have you taken?
8. Do pimples affect your self-esteem and confidence?


1. What treatment will you best recommend for my skin?
2. What are the possible side effects of these treatments and medications?
3. How soon after starting the treatment will my pimples improve?
4. How often do I have to come to the clinic for my treatments and follow-ups?
5. Should I be doing any changes in my diet?
6. What home care regime should I follow?
7. Would you recommend any changes in my cosmetics/makeup products?
8. Would losing weight help my condition?
9. Would exercise make my acne worse or it will help prevent it?


These are minimally invasive treatments to give you long-lasting and safe results. The cost varies from Rs 5000-RS 25000. The number of sessions will depend upon the grade and severity of acne. If you would like to opt for the chemical peel or laser treatments for pimples and scars then you should visit our clinic where a doctor will consult you and make the best treatment protocol suited for your skin.

Consult Our Doctor for the Chemical Peel Treatment for Acne Scars

Newer Ways Of Getting Acne Scar Treatment in Delhi & Mumbai

Today, acne treatment in Delhi and Mumbai is not limited to just face creams and ointments. Mumbai is the hub for a wide variety of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures including procedures for acne. Young as well as adults face these problems and are looking for quick, safe and effective solutions to solve acne. Mumbai has a huge number of clinics for this, like Metamorphosis Clinic, which is spread across 7 locations in Mumbai. So if you are looking for acne treatment anywhere around Mumbai you can visit any of the locations of Metamorphosis Clinic. Modern, up to date technology clinics should be a great choice for you to get rid of your stubborn acne. Let everyone appreciate your hidden beauty by doing the best skin treatments available at Metamorphosis Clinic.

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