Which Hair Removal Method is Better? Hair Removal Cream Vs Laser Hair Removal

Which Hair Removal Method is Better? Hair Removal Cream Vs Laser Hair Removal

by Neha | Sep 28, 2023 | Hair Treatment

Men and women nowadays prefer to get rid of unwanted hairs from the body through various methods. But the demand for Laser Hair Removal in Mumbai has increased significantly over the past few years. 

There are several methods like waxing, trimming, shaving and using hair removal creams to eliminate unwanted hairs. Still, Metamorphosis has been performing a lot of laser hair removal procedures.

And this shows that people have finally perceived the significance and advantages of laser hair removal. But if you still have doubts, it’s better to delve deeper. 

Breaking the conventions

Waxing, shaving and using hair removal creams have been the conventional choices for people all across the globe. But as people are getting busier, you don’t get to spend much time on waxing or cream application regularly. 

For the convenience of the customers, Metamorphosis brings you effective Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Mumbai. If you are looking for a solution that can keep hair growing for at least a few months, you know where to go now. 

Laser hair removal: A safe process

The process of laser hair removal aims to remove unwanted hairs from your body. It is a non-invasive process. So, don’t worry about any possible cuts on the skin. 

The most common areas where you can undergo Laser Hair Removal in Delhi include

  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Face
  • Underarms
  • Bikini area

If you are unhappy with the traditional forms of hair removal, we will always suggest undergoing the laser hair removal treatment for the safe elimination of the hair. 

How does the process work

We precisely use selective photo-thermolysis for laser hair removal. 

  • The laser will emit a light that the melanin pigments present in your hair can absorb.
  • The light energy transforms into heat energy.
  • The heat energy can successfully destroy the tube-shaped sacs present in the hair follicles. 

The hair follicles must be in the growth stage or anagen if you want the expected outcome. 

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Disadvantages Of Hair Removal Cream

One of the primary reasons why people visit our best laser hair removal clinic in Delhi is the problems that are faced with the use of hair removal creams. 

The common issues involve

  • Skin irritation and burn

You may not know that there are chemicals present in hair removal creams, especially harsh ones. As a result, you will suffer from skin irritations, burning sensations, and rashes, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

  • Allergic reactions

There is no guarantee that the hair removal cream will suit your skin type, even if you have bought the best one. For instance, if you are already suffering from some skin ailment, you can suffer from more severe symptoms. 

Also, owing to the high chemical concentrations, the creams may affect your private body parts. 

  • Foul odour:

And how can you tolerate the pungent smell of hair removal creams for a considerable period? The irritating smell can last longer than you think, which can cause discomfort. 

  • Temporary solution

Don’t expect smooth skin for a long time when you choose hair removal creams. Hair growth will start within 12 to 15 days. Moreover, the cream will make your skin dry and rough.

So, you will feel tired applying moisturizers to hydrate dull skin. 

That is why we suggest opting for Laser Hair Removal in Mumbai, which is a better option anytime if you compare it to using hair removal creams.

1. Prolonged impact

The foremost and popular reason why most of you will prefer the laser process for hair removal is the longevity of the solution. 

  • Laser removal offers a permanent solution to hair removal. 
  • We usually suggest six to eight sessions of the laser hair removal process. 
  • The average gap between the sessions is six to eight weeks. It helps to cover and remove the hairs at different stages of growth.

Most of our clients notice a hair reduction by at least 10% to 25% after the first session.

And once we complete it, you won’t notice any hair growth for months or years. 

2. Minimum chances of side effects

The laser treatment for hair removal is a completely safe process. The conversion of light energy into heat energy is a natural process happening through technology.

Unlike creams, there is a minimum chance of skin irritation or discomfort. Even if you have sensitive skin, your skin won’t suffer owing to the procedure.

3. An approved process

Dermatologists all across the globe have approved the Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Mumbai. But the creams are still a DIY method. 

It implies that the doctors have established that laser treatment is a safe process of hair removal while the creams are still not the approved substances for hair removal.

This fact is essential when you need to get rid of the pubic hairs, and skin irritation in the private parts is the last thing you may want. 

4. Less expensive than other methods

While some of you may argue that laser treatment is an expensive process, we would say that it isn’t. 

If you compare the price of the creams to one session of the laser treatment, then the amount will always be way higher for the laser procedure. 

But if you calculate the number of creams you need every year and multiply it by the number of years you will need them, the total expense is much higher than the total cost of laser treatment for hair removal. 

Thus, try to look beyond the upfront charge, and you will realize that you are saving a considerable sum. 

5. No ingrown hairs with Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

The ingrown hairs are so unsightly. Yet, you can’t avoid them, especially if you are using hair removal creams. 

But if you try our laser treatment for removing body hairs, you will realize that the process can both prevent and eliminate the ingrown hairs permanently. 

6. Ideal for sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, then using hair removal creams can call in further problems. And why not? The harsh chemicals present in the creams will always cause rashes and redness. 

But here, at Metamorphosis, we take great care to analyse your skin, check the hair growth pattern and then plan the laser treatment session.

We don’t believe in plunging into the procedure without any prior examination. It helps us to avoid causing any discomfort to our skin. And that is one of the many reasons why our customers have a deep faith in our work.

Get a glowing skin

Why use hair removal creams that can make your skin appear dull and dehydrated? You can get smooth and glowing skin after hair removal if you undergo laser treatment. 

The process is not time-consuming at all. Metamorphosis is the best laser hair removal clinic in Delhi, according to critics and clients. It has encouraged us to be more careful about our examinations and treatments. 

We make sure that you are comfortable and in no pain as we proceed with the laser treatment. Just don’t forget the maintenance sessions, and we can guarantee that your session will show the best results.