Laser Treatment for Hair Removal – Flaunt your Smooth Skin

Laser Treatment for Hair Removal – Flaunt your Smooth Skin

by Neha | Feb 16, 2024 | Laser Treatment

Having smooth skin is not a miracle and with proper care and methods, you too can achieve it. While many people think you need to spend thousands of bucks just for good-looking skin, it is not true however you should not fall prey to the cheap offers available online. Instead, go with a renowned clinic with experience in skin and laser treatment in Delhi and Mumbai. Proper Laser Treatment For Hair Removal is done via a diode laser is much better than any other hair removal treatment, especially for Indian skin. Laser hair removal is one of the most sought-after methods to get rid of body hair. Nowadays many people opt for laser hair removal instead of waxing as it is much better in the long run in terms of no hassle, no pain factor, less time, no downtime and good value for money. For a better explanation, we have written the major benefits of laser hair removal treatment down below:

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Benefits of Laser hair removal treatment:


The lasers will surely not miss any spot and will give you smooth skin. There are no ifs or buts in this case. Laser hair removal is many times more accurate than the traditional hair removal treatment, as it only removes the hair without damaging the skin surrounding the hair. A focused beam of light is directly aimed at the hair follicle, destroying the melanin in the hair follicle and preventing it from growing any further. The hair on our skin surface grows in 3 stages namely anagen, catagen and telogen. Laser hair removal is the most effective on hair which is in its anagen stage(growing stage ).

Smooth Skin:

Laser hair removal is a perfect way to get smooth and toned skin. It leaves your skin silky and soft post-procedure, causing a great improvement in the appearance of the skin. You can wear anything you like and don’t have to bother about thinking if you have waxed your arms or underarms for instance to wear a particular dress.

Time saver:

If you are used to waxing your skin for removing hair, then you must know how time taking that procedure is. But with laser hair removal, you will not have to worry about time because it is extremely fast. A pulse of a laser can clear a lot of hair. And a pulse of the laser takes only a couple of milliseconds to take place.

Overall, Laser Hair Removal Treatment will not eat up your time schedule. It takes around 2 minutes to treat the upper lip and say about 1 hour to treat the whole of the upper body and somewhere between 2.5- 3 hours to treat the whole body. There is no downtime post-procedure and you can resume your daily activities immediately post-treatment. Since time is such an important factor these days, less number of laser hair removal sessions eventually means more time for you.

Saves Money:

Laser hair removal will be one of the most cost-effective decisions you would ever make, you will end up saving tons of money in the long run. Repeated waxing for a lifetime is much more expensive than a few sessions of Laser Hair Removal in a lifetime. It is a one-time investment and will save you multiple salon trips. The average cost of 10 years of waxing in a salon is Rs 4 lacs, whereas the average cost for laser hair removal for 10 years in a reputed clinic is 1.5Lacs. That is more than 2.5 lacs of savings along with having zero side effects.


Everyone knows how painful waxing and plucking the hair is, but luckily laser hair removal is not that painful. You will feel some tingles here and there, or a slight pinching sensation or maybe a rubber band snap feeling depending upon an individual’s pain threshold but it will not hurt. Many people avoided waxing because of the pain but with laser hair removal technology, they can too enjoy silky skin.

Confidence booster:

As discussed earlier it is a great investment in your skin. You have a more well-groomed appearance at all times.


As per the norms of the FDA, permanent hair reduction is defined as a long-term stable reduction in the number of hairs that regrow after treatment. When laser hair removal targets the hair in the anagen stage it can permanently reduce the hair. This is why it is extremely important to undergo a laser hair removal session once in every 4 to 6 consecutively for the first 6 to 8 sessions(to understand the exact number of treatments suitable for you, it will be elicited after seeing your hair type and skin type). After this, there is an excellent reduction in the thickness of hair and hair tends to be much finer and lighter and will just require maintenance at much longer intervals.

Reduces ingrown hair:

This is a very common problem which occurs post-shaving or post-waxing. This is caused when the hair is broken in an uneven manner. Undergoing laser hair removal you have very low chances to develop ingrown hair, in fact, you will see a reduction in pre-existing ingrown hair as the hair is targeted in a precise manner. Also the texture of hair changes as you undergo laser hair removal which further reduces your chances of having ingrown hair. You will also avoid any additional skin irritation that is caused due to regular shaving and waxing.

No scars:

Laser hair removal leaves no side effects that occur with waxing (painful burns) or shaving (cuts and bruises). It is a non-messy procedure which can be done on any part of your body without any inhibitions or worries.

Versatile treatment:

The laser treatment is suitable for the whole body and face, as well as smaller areas like the bikini line, near the nose, and ears. This makes it one of the most popular aesthetic treatments today.

Permanent treatment:

There is a permanent reduction of unwanted hair. After the full course of your treatment, approximately 80-95 % reduction occurs in the number of hair. You will just need a touch-up once or twice a year to maintain the results.


Before getting a laser hair removal procedure done you should undergo a thorough consultation with a doctor who will check your hair and medical history. Do check what machine the clinic is using, as it is important to get treated from an FDA-approved laser which renders no side effects.

Pre Treatment Instructions to keep in mind before undergoing Laser Hair Removal:

  • You need to avoid tanning for at least 4 weeks before your session as the tanning will cause your cells to pigment in your skin and will compete with the melanin in your hair (which is the target for laser hair removal).
  • You must avoid bleaching, plucking, and waxing at least 4 weeks prior to your laser hair removal procedure. Melanin-containing hair needs to be present in the follicle as they are the target for the laser beam.
  • Stop the use of any exfoliants or irritants such as benzoyl peroxide, retinol-based products or any products which cause dryness, redness, or irritation for 3 days prior to your laser hair removal appointment.
  • Do Not apply any creams, deodorants, or lotions on the area to be treated on the day of your laser hair removal appointment, except for the face as that is easy to wash.
  • Laser hair removal cannot be performed over a tattoo, so this is something you have to keep in mind.
  • You must avoid chemical peels/microdermabrasion/microneedling or any other laser and aesthetic procedure in the area to be lasered for 1 week prior to your treatment and for 1 week after.
  • If the majority of your hair is grey or blonde you will not be an ideal candidate for laser hair removal, as the laser doesn’t work on these hair colours.


Before starting the procedure the hair to be treated will be cleaned gently with a cleanser. The area is then shaved. The doctor will check your skin and decide the parameters at which the laser intensity will be given. The laser is then targeted onto the skin surface. The laser beam is then absorbed by the pigment(melanin), it destroys the hair follicle and inhibits its growth. It is important to know that hair in the anagen(growing phase ) will be targeted by the laser. The laser beam is only absorbed by the follicle so the surrounding skin is left undamaged. The laser probe has an inbuilt cooling mechanism which will ensure to leave your skin is cool and smooth. Post-procedure some creams are applied which will prevent redness and sunscreen is applied which is a must.

Post-treatment instructions to keep in mind after undergoing Laser Hair Removal:

  • You must not scrub the lasered area for 1-week post-treatment
  • Avoid direct sun exposure, direct steam, heat, sauna, hot bath for a few days post-procedure.
  • Use sunscreen liberally and moisturise your skin thoroughly. Usually, sunscreen with SPF of 30 and more and PA +++ is best for our skin type.
  • You should not apply products or cosmetics except a mild cleanser and sunscreen for 48 hours post-procedure.
  • If you think you would get incidental sun exposure(eg: driving to and from work, walking from your car to the office or house etc), it is recommended that you wear full-sleeved clothes and a hat to protect yourself.
  • Avoid picking or scratching the lasered area.
  • Do Not use any other hair removal treatments or products (such as waxing, electrolysis or tweezing) that will disturb the hair follicle in the treated area for 4 to 6 weeks after the laser treatment is performed. You can shave the area instead.
  • Between the 5th and 14th day after the treatment usually shedding of the treated hair may occur and this appears as new hair growth. However, this is not new hair growth. You can clean and remove this hair by washing or wiping the area with a wet cloth. This hair will be removed very easily.
  • If you have undergone underarms laser hair removal then you must not use a deodorant in the axillary area for 24 hours post the procedure. The powder can be used instead.
  • Although rare, you may experience a slight sunburn, razor burn feeling and redness after the treatment. You may also develop some swelling in sensitive areas, again this occurs rarely. To prevent this you can apply ice packs, aloe vera gel and calamine lotion for the first 3 days.

While there is an abundance of benefits of Hair Removal Laser Treatment In Mumbai and Delhi, you need to take note of some things before you book your session. As laser hair removal requires a certain amount of precision and skill, in other words, the doctor who performs the treatment should be an expert. Otherwise, you might face some bad consequences like unwanted permanent hair loss or permanent scars on the treated area.

Laser hair removal treatment in Delhi and Mumbai is certainly the best in the market. And if you want to get rid of the unwanted hair on your body, then this might be the best thing you can do. However, you must ensure to comply with the post-procedure instructions. But the reward is worth the work, as then you will not have to worry about unwanted hair on your body anymore.


The cost of the treatment will depend upon multiple factors such as:

  • Size of area to be lasered(larger areas such as legs are more expensive than smaller areas such as face or chest).
  • A number of treatments to be undergone(this varies as per the individual’s requirement and hair, skin type, colour etc).
  • Type of hair(coarser hair take more time )
  • Colour of hair( darker hair colours require fewer sessions than light coloured hair).
  • Men vs women (men require more sessions than women).
  • The laser technology is used( for more superior and pain-free the technology the cost is higher)
  • The part of the country you are getting it done.
  • At an average cost for a full-body, laser hair removal session is between RS 7000-RS 18000 per session depending upon the technology and other factors.
  • You will also benefit more if you book a laser package rather than going for individual sessions as many clinics offer a further 20% off on laser hair removal packages.

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Anyone who wants to get smooth and silky skin should certainly check out laser hair removal clinics near their location. There are dozens of benefits of Laser Treatment For Hair Removal and it is clearly better than any other hair removal treatment available in the market. Metamorphosis Clinic is present across 7 locations in Mumbai and 2 locations in Delhi and is an excellent choice for the best, value for money and pain-free laser hair removal experience. Metamorphosis Clinic has already treated more than 5000 laser hair removal clients full-body successfully.