Do You Get Pimples in the Same Spot? Know the Shocking Reasons!

Do You Get Pimples in the Same Spot? Know the Shocking Reasons!

by Neha | Dec 28, 2022 | Acne Treatment

Nothing looks awful than unending acne and pimple marks on your flawless skin! Even a little zit can degrade your entire style, causing you to lose your self-esteem big time. There are so many over-the-counter creams and lotions available as part of the acne treatment plan. Sometimes, basic creams won’t work and you need to opt for laser treatment, especially to get rid of the unwanted scars.

No matter what the situation might be, it is quite irritating when the acnes start to form again and in the same place as before. What will you do during such instances? Have you ever wondered why you get pimples in the same spot? Some of the points mentioned below can help you understand the issues from their core.

It is hard to avoid acne formation all the time but you can take some measures to get desirable results. But, first, even before you opt for any acne treatment, it is time to focus on the reasons behind the acne and pimple formations in the same spot.

Recurring pimples on your jaw and chin areas:

There are times when the deep and painful cystic acne returns at the same time and is placed on your chin and jaw areas. If that’s the case for you, then it is because of hormonal changes your body is going through.

  • Hormones can cause an increase in the production of oil, leading to acne formation. That’s why it is called hormonal acne.
  • The reason for such acne to come up is because of the cystic type. Also known as blind pimple, it is difficult to get these issues treated in the first place because it is deeper than an average pimple.
  • Our team from Metamorphosis would like to provide you with the ultimate solution here. We won’t provide topical spot treatments for such issues but much more than that.
  • Our doctor will consult his team to help treat your hormonal acne. It helps in determining if we need to offer occasional cortisone injections or move on with an internal treatment like birth control, antibiotics, and more.
  • While you wait for an appointment with our team, we will recommend you apply a warm compress to your acne. It helps in reducing inflammation.
  • After that, you can stick to a hydrocolloid patch. It prevents you from picking, touching or looking at the pimple even. It won’t get rid of the acne but will prevent you from making it worse.

Acne that forms on your T-zone:

Well, as you can understand from the name itself, T-zone is the oily part of your skin, which most people suffer acne and pimples from. These areas tend to get oilier than the rest of the parts on your face. Our team from Metamorphosis offers the best acne treatment, covering oily-prone areas with ease. So, trust us for the process, and we won’t let you down for sure!

  • The oily sebum that your skin makes to lubricate itself will collect and then form sebaceous filaments.
  • Later, these filaments get mixed up with dirt and dead skin cells, which result in blackheads, clogged pores, whiteheads, and cysts to a certain extent.
  • As your skin is constantly creating sebum, that’s the main reason for your skin to fill up the pores unwantedly.
  • To help prevent breakouts in these regions, we will advise you to add regular exfoliation as part of your skincare routine.
  • Get in touch with the exfoliation process either by using a topical retinol treatment or you can opt for the acid-based peel for keeping the pores clear, all the time.

We have some of the best acid peel treatments to give out a try. We have all the processes dermatological tested by our team of extreme professionals. So, once you have chosen us for such peel-off treatments, you can rest assured of getting the best results from our side, in no time always!

Acne that keeps on forming on your forehead:

Much like the chin and the T-zone areas, your forehead might be the victim of recurring acne and pimple marks all the time. If you are one of those sweaty people and it is the sultry summer month, then you will see breakouts in areas, where sweat tends to accumulate. The forehead is one such platform to consider, then.

  • If you are into wearing hats or sweatbands or have bangs at the front, then you are always messing around with your forehead. So, you are creating the much-needed environment for the breakouts to take place.
  • These hats and bangs will introduce more and more bacteria and oils to your skin through dirty materials and fingers. So, recurring acne on the forehead becomes a common phenomenon.
  • Focusing on us and our laser treatment for acne from Metamorphosis might be a great solution during such instances. Here, you get the best ever treatment plan, designed to cover similar issues like the one you are facing right now.
  • You can also try to confront the summer acne breakouts by using a gentle face wash to clean off your face from time to time.
  • This cleaning technique helps in removing bacteria and sweat. Apart from that, you can use any foundation designed for acne-prone skin for covering up the blemishes.
  • Use the power of oil-blotting sheets to help matte out your skin. Sometimes, we will recommend you use gentle spot treatments on any of the existing zits to avoid spreading out infections.

Pimples can recur on the scalp as well:

Most people are always concerned about their facial skin and the pimples taking place over there. So, they hardly realize that even your oily scalp can attract acne and pimple formation. Much like acne on your face, we have dealt with patients suffering from breakouts on their scalp from the same causes, like clogged pores, hormones, and genes.

  • Treating such acne as a result of hormones and genetics will always call for professional help, and that’s when our team from metamorphosis comes to the rescue.
  • In case the cause behind recurring pimples on the scalp is clogged pores, it is simple to get the issue all fixed up.
  • You have to wash your hair quite often using a pore-clearing shampoo. It helps in removing the product build-up and will help in dissolving the gunk as well!
  • Try any one of those shampoo formulas, which are free from sulphates and full of zit-fighting and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It is always recommended to use a gentle shampoo because you don’t want any harsh chemicals on your scalp.
  • Make sure to massage the shampoo gently onto your scalp. Too much pressure will cause the pimples to tear up, causing a little bit of bleeding and pain.

Pimples on your chest:

There are some other places in your body parts where sweat tends to accumulate, resulting in recurring zit formation. One such common area will be the chest. Sports bras are known for trapping sweat against your skin.

  • As per some of the well-trained dermatologists from Metamorphosis, avoiding taking a shower right after you have sweat up a lot can be one of the major reasons behind recurring chest acne and pimples.
  • We will recommend you use an antibacterial body wash for bathing right after you are through with the workout of the day!
  • Even taking a simple shower right after your exercise can prevent such issues big time. If you don’t have a shower near hand, try wiping off the sweat using a face or body wipe. Later, rinse off the sweat properly when you head back home.

We have worked with multiple patients suffering from recurring chest acne. Following the points mentioned above helped them to get rid of the acne count big time. So, we will recommend you do the same!

Acne on your shoulders or back:

The same old sports bras are also the main culprit behind back and shoulder recurring pimples. You can prevent such situations from taking place by keeping your skin free from oil and sweat as much as you can. Sometimes, too much showering can be yet another cause behind recurring pimple formation!

  • For some acne-prone people, the moisturising ingredients in hair care items can clog the pores on your shoulder and back, resulting in pimple formation.
  • To be on the safer side, rinse your shoulder and back thoroughly after you are done shampooing your hair. Keeping the product out of your skin is one way to say goodbye to pimples!

Now you know!

The points clearly portray the reasons behind recurring acne in the same spot. Our laser treatment for acne scars will help you to get rid of the nasty pimple or acne marks on your skin. Visit our centre at Metamorphosis to learn more about laser treatment plans and packages. Call us at +91-77383 66708 or email for a detailed query.