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Body Contouring In Andheri At The Metamorphosis Clinic!

Non-surgical body contouring is a quick, effective, non-invasive procedure to eliminate stubborn fat pockets when no diet or exercise works.

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    The Cryosculpting Procedure For Melting Fat Pockets Away!

    It’s time to stop all your searches online for body contouring treatment near me and invest in the best body contouring treatment in Andheri!

    Metamorphosis brings the cryoscultpting procedure, also known as cryolipolysis, which involves freezing the fat cells at low temperatures that cause their breakdown.

    The procedure is carried out via the cryosculpting applicator, a vacuum applicator that uses controlled cooling for freezing targeted fat.

    In a pain-free treatment, you might only experience a tugging or pulling sensation during the treatment.
    After several weeks of your treatment, the frozen, dead fat cells are eliminated out of the body through the liver.

    You will be able to notice the full results of the fat loss within approximately 3 months.

    Body Sculpting Bandra


    Step 1

    Your Measurements Are Taken Before Starting The Procedure

    Step 3

     The areas massaged immediately after removing cyrosculpting applicators

    Step 2

    Cyrosculpting Applicators Are Then Applied On The Desired Areas

    Step 4

    The Application Of Post Procedure Cream

    Why Metamorphosis Offers The Best Body Contouring Treatment?

    FDA Approved Cryosculpting procedure

    Hyper-Targeted fat reduction

    Regain Your Lost Confidence

    Visible Results within 8-12 weeks

    Return to your routine activities immediately

    Effectively treats stubborn and difficult fat

    The Consultation Process:

    During the consultation process, our skin experts conduct a physical assessment for creating an individualised treatment plan that states the number of sessions needed for the treatment.

    Your skin doctor will explain to you more about the treatment procedure and other crucial treatment-related elements.

    You must disclose all underlying medical conditions or medicine usages to your doctor.

    The treatment targets fat cells in areas like the chin, abdomen, arms, bra bulges, love handles, inner and outer thighs, under the buttocks.

    Now Losing unwanted fat is easy, all thanks to the body contouring treatment at Metamorphosis Clinic!

    Metamorphosis Clinic’s Cryosculpting Procedure offers just that!

    Don’t waste time searching online for body contouring treatment Andheri and visit the Metamorphosis Clinic to discover affordable body contouring costs in Andheri!

    Testimonials From Our Clients

    Only in about 3 treatments on my underarms the hair is totally gone.The treatment is very comfortable and the staff always makes you feel welcome.I have recommended Metamorphosis to many of my friends and family members.

    Afifa Sayed

    I had heard that laser hair removal is a good option for in-grown hairs,so i went ahead and took the package for 8 sessions at Metamorphosis which was extremely value for money by the way.They had some promotions going on at the time i enrolled.The treatment worked so fantastically for me.The skirts and shorts that i had put away due to my ingrown hair problem , made way back onto the top shelf of my cupboard.Hair removal makes you feel very confident and happy and i recommend everyone who waxes/shave to switch to this method.

    Sonali Seth

    The treatment is true to its name.It was actually pain free with a slight tingle here and there like elbows and knees.I was advised for a minimum of 8 sessions ,which i have now completed.Its been about 4 months and i donot have any hair growth.It is truly one of the best investments i have ever made.I would highly recommend this treatment with this particular diode laser at Metamorphosis.

    Pankti Sharma

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