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Ear Lobe Repair

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Ear Lobe Treatment

Do you have a torn earlobe? An earlobe can develop a tear due to wearing heavy earrings or oversized hoop earrings. They can stretch out your earring hole and then cause a split. With a split or tear, you can no longer decorate your ears with earrings. If your lobe is torn, consider doing a corrective surgery. We provide the best surgical services in Mumbai, and our procedure is performed in the doctor’s office.

How we repair a torn earlobe

The first step our doctor takes is to examine your torn ear. By doing so, they evaluate the extent of damage the tear caused. If they realize that you have more than 60 percent of damage, they provide a treatment method where the whole tear is repaired. Our ear lobe repair surgical treatment is our best solution for you. We offer it because it’s cheap and the most recommended reconstruction methods. It is also a preferable repair method if the split is more than sixty percent large.

Where do we carry out the procedure?

This is a form of operation that is done in an office. The doctor will first numb your ear by injecting a small amount of medicine. In about an hour, maximum, you will be going home. Our ear lobe repair surgical treatment Mumbai doctors know their job well. After they are done, you will be able to go back home or office and none of your activities will be interrupted by the recovery process.

Recovery period

The operated the part will be stitched. After a week, though, the stitches will be removed and the incised areas will be hydrated with an antibiotic ointment. If there are other medicines our doctor will pick for you, they will be provided to you at an affordablecost. About four months after recovery, you may pierce your ears again.



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