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Say No To Hair Loss With PRP Hair Treatment

Human blood is composed of red and white blood cells but it is the third component of blood that has aroused scientific interest for years. Red blood cells are important for the supply of blood, and white blood cells act as antibodies, but the platelets are valued for their healing properties. When we get a small cut on our skin, we notice it dries up quickly. This is due to the clotting property of blood, which is primarily due to platelets. Our blood platelets also contain proteins which help in the healing of wounds. That is why a healthy human body is required to have more than 150000 platelets.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP is a sample of processed blood plasma in which there is a high concentration of platelets. PRP is created by rotating a blood sample at very high speed using a specialized device like a centrifuge. This separates the red and white blood cells from the platelets, and the platelets can be separated in a collection of plasma that has a high concentration of platelets. This PRP has been found to have beneficial effects in a number of areas. PRP has been used after plastic surgeries to give a quick healing to tendons, ligaments and muscles. Some people suffering from osteoarthritis have reported good results by using PRP, and the positive impact of PRP on controlling inflammation have greatly reduced stiffness and pain. But one of the most talked about areas in which PRP is being used with great effect is in hair fall control and encouragement of hair growth.

PRP for Hair Growth

Because of the high concentration of platelets in the PRP sample, the scalp gets an enhanced hair follicle function when it is injected with PRP. This would include the healing of inflamed portions of the scalp, promote faster regeneration of tissues, and speeds up the rate of hair growth in those areas of the scalp it has been applied to. These positive effects of PRP in promoting hair growth are being utilized by some high-quality clinics to provide good hair treatment in Delhi, where patients are reporting good results in hair loss control and hair restoration. Metamorphosis is one such clinic providing high precision and high quality PRP hair treatment in Delhi. The well trained and highly experienced doctors and technicians ensure that your procedure is error free and provides positive results.

Basic PRP Hair Treatment Procedure

The doctor who would be handling your treatment would first have a detailed discussion with you regarding the medical and nutritional history of your family and you. The medical team would also list down all medications you are taking on a regular basis currently. This would help them prescribe a diet chart for you in the lead up to your PRP procedure. On the day of your PRP treatment, the affected area of your scalp is marked out by the doctor and then anesthetized and disinfected. With the help of an injection, the required amount of PRP is injected into your scalp. Depending on the course prescribed, you would need to return for 2-4 more injections.

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