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Obesity Treatments

Obesity Surgery

At the Metamorphosis clinic, we acknowledge that obesity is an important nutritional problem. In fact, childhood obesity is on the rise in Mumbai, Delhi, and other parts of the world. Many factors contribute to this disease and we offer many types of treatment. The most effective and long lasting treatment for obesity is changing one’s eating habits. Weight loss can be achieved by creating a negative energy balance by minimizing the amount of food intake at 500 to 1000 calories less than the daily intake. When this does not work, a person can opt for weight loss treatment.

We offer the best treatment for weight loss at the Metamorphosis clinic. One of the treatments we offer is obesity surgery. This procedure is only recommended for severe obesity that cannot be treated with exercise and diet control alone. It involves reducing the size of the stomach or interrupting the manner in which food is digested or absorbed. The goal of this weight loss treatment is reducing the intake of food.

We also offer tummy tucks at our clinic. This procedure is ideal for individuals who are self conscious about loose, drooping skin that is visible around their bellies. Tummy tucks are also suitable for women whose abdominal muscles have been weakened due to the effects of pregnancy. We also offer breast tucks and arm tucks to enhance the appearance of the arms and breasts.

Best Obesity Clinic

At the Metamorphosis clinic, we also perform skin tightening and face lifting procedures. Face lifts are ideal for those who want to look younger. We also offer a double chin reduction for people with excess facial fat. We use various methods to reduce fat round the chin.

Another treatment we offer is celluloid reduction. This procedure is performed using cellulite dissolving oil and bipolar radio frequency. This procedure reduces the bumps and dimples caused by cellulite. We also perform the body wrap procedure. This is an inch loss procedure, which includes a full body massage performed with special fat dissolving oil. After this, the body is wrapped in a foil cling and the patient undergoes a heat session.

At Metamorphosis clinic, we also carry out injection liposuction. This procedure involves injecting a substance known as Phosphatidylcholine, into particular areas of the body to get rid of built up fat. This procedure is effective for fat spot reduction. It also enhances blood circulation and assists the body to burn fat. At our clinic, we also offer diet consultation to assist overweight people reduce their weight naturally. We also offer a diet detox programme for overweight people. By consulting with the dieticians, nutritionists and doctors at our clinic, you will be able to achieve your weight loss goals.