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How to Fight Against Teenage Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are caused when you gain weight rapidly. Our skin is elastic but if there is rapid weight gain, the collagen fibers get damaged which causes stretch marks. The areas most prone to get stretch marks are thighs, shoulders, breasts and hips. Stretch marks during teenage years are common in both boys and girls. They both gain weight rapidly during puberty.

For a teenager, dealing with stretch marks can be a big problem. The best way for stretch marks treatment is to treat it promptly. The sooner you start the treatment, the better. Here are 5 basic ways to fight against teenage stretch marks.

Regular exercise: This can be an effective way to prevent stretch marks in teenagers. During puberty, they gain weight rapidly. Exercising regularly can help burn the excess fat and keep the body toned. This is a natural way to treat stretch marks.

Stay hydrated: Drinking minimum 8 glasses of water helps in keeping the skin soft and supple. Well hydrated skin means stretch marks can be treated easily.

Eat Healthy: It is important that your teenager does not binge on junk food else it will lead to weight gain and ultimately result in stretch marks. Controlling diet is an important part of controlling teenage stretch marks. Including foods rich in vitamins A & C will help the body make more collagen and elastin. These are vital in healing stretch marks. These can be found in fruits like oranges, peaches, grapes and other vegetables and fruits. Milk is also a good source to produce collagen and elastin.

Anti-stretch marks creams: If the stretch marks are taking longer to heal, you can also consider applying anti-stretch mark creams available in the market. These creams contain elastin and collagen which help in tightening the skin. Most of these creams are tested by dermatologists and considered safe to use. However you can consult a skin specialist in Powai Mumbai before using them.

Massage Oil: Vitamin E is the best tonic for treating stretch marks. Regularly massaging with vitamin E rich massage oil will help in getting rid of stretch marks. However you need to be patient with this method. You need to massage the affected area gently everyday and the results will slowly be visible. You can substitute the massage oil with a moisturizer. Basically it makes skin more elastic thus controlling stretch marks.

Remember that stretch marks are perfectly natural and let them not affect your confidence. They take time to heal but that is something you shouldn’t feel bad about. They are part of the growing up process and nothing to be ashamed about. Even adults get stretch marks. By following the above tips you too can fight against teenage stretch marks. Our website has more tips regarding dealing with stretch marks. Since the growth rate in teenagers is quite rapid, stretch marks are common amongst teenagers. Nobody likes stretch marks but with a little help and guidance you can easily treat your teenager’s stretch marks.

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