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    Hair Loss is not a problem anymore!

    Hair loss is a common problem nowadays, but it can be easily reversed and restored, and it can be done using our own platelets, thanks to GFC treatment. This is essentially blood plasma loaded with platelets and a variety of growth agents that encourage hair follicle regeneration and recovery. This is GROWTH FACTOR CONCENTRATE AUTOLOGOUS PLATELETS GEL THERAPY, a pure, very safe, highly concentrated growth factor preparation for the best hair loss and hair fall outcomes.

    A treatment procedure that promises you a clear result and no pain.

    Collection of 16 ml
    of blood in pre-filled
    growth factor tubes

    Centrifuging to allow
    yield of activated
    plasma and growth

    Resting the tubes for
    30 minutes to
    allow activation

    Injecting the growth
    factor concentrate
    onto the scalp

    Benefits : There are so many endless benefits of Hair Growth Factor Concentrate:
    • Reduced hair fall.

    • Improved hair thickness.
    • Virtually painless procedure.

    • Strengthened hair shaft.
    • No downtime or discomfort

    • Increased hair volume.
    • Rejuvenation of hair follicle

    • Stimulation of hair growth
    Results: Being one of the safest, popular non-surgical treatments, GFC is highly recommended as a hair growth treatment. Consistency is the key to best results. Initially patient observes a decrease in the hair shedding followed by regrowth of hair and then an increase in the volume of the hair. One will experience great results if the protocol is followed properly. Treatment is needed to be done once a month for 3 months to stimulate the hair follicles.
    Synopsis of treatment

    Procedure time-60 minutes

    Anesthesia-topical or none

    Duration of results-long lasting

    Male or female - Both

    Full recovery-immediate

    Risks and complications-tenderness, swelling

    Back to work-immediate

    Results-3 sessions needed usually

    Suitable for - hair thinning/post hair transplant

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    With all the experience and expertise, we promise to deliver you a satisfactory and spectacular result.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    The results last for longer amount of time as GFC needs to be repeated after an year or 6 months to maintain the hair growth effects

    Ideally a gap of 4-6 weeks should be kept between 2 sessions. and entire set can be repeated after 6 -12 months.

    There are no activity restrictions after GFC therapy. you may shampoo, shower, condition your hair normally several hours after the treatment and resume normal day and athletic activities soon after.

    Since GFC is pure and does not contain any rbc’s and wbc’s i.e unwanted cells, risk of pain and inflammation is minimal. The reactions are generally injection related and have a mild to moderate impact which usually resolves in 48 hours.

    Visible and remarkable results are seen in 3-6 months span.

    Yes, medicated hair serums for overnight use and supplements of protein, calcium, and iron are needed.

    Not really,however topical numbing cream is applied to minimize the pain factor.

    Testimonials From Our Clients

    The treatment was very beneficial in treating my hair thinning.My hair became very dense and i saw good regrowth in my crown area which was my major concern.Friendly doctor and good clinic atmosphere.

    Riyaz Patel

    I am suffering from a thyroid disorder,my hair used to be much thicker earlier.I completed the full course of 3 sessions GFC and saw a great improvement in my hair.The doctor made me do my TSH levels also regularly to make sure they are controlled and donot hamper my results.

    Hajra Lakdawala

    I have never been a fan of needles but this treatment was completely pain free, it was an advanced treatment and helped me treat the hair thinning successfully.

    Roshni Bhatt

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